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Member Report from United Kingdom


Caroline Sussex, United Kingdom: Mr. President, Members of the Executive Committee, Delegates and WAHO Members, the United Kingdom would like to thank His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khalifa Al Thani, Special Advisor to His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of Qatar and the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club for their hospitality once again. My name is Caroline Sussex, and I represent the United Kingdom with my co-Delegate, Mrs Anne Brown.

Here is the UK Report. Registrations for Pure Bred Arabians have declined over the last year. Since the last Conference, we registered 519 in 2011, 554 in 2012 but only 482 in 2013. Breeder numbers continue to decline as the cost of land and administration fees increase. The horse world is changing in the UK and the Arabian horse world is just part of this large change where people just want a horse to ride and fewer are really interested in breeding.

Imports have remained stable. Exports have increased from 199 at the 2011 Conference to 273 in 2013. The UK follows the European and WAHO rules for imports and exports. The latest stud book, AHSB Volume 22, was printed this year and is available on CD which has been sent to all the Registries. 100 hard back copies have been printed as well.

Arabians participate in many disciplines in the UK. Racing is organised by the independent Arabian Racing Organisation, ARO. There are 44 trainers and 43 jockeys listed. There are 12 full race meetings and 9 single races on thoroughbred cards in the season. Endurance is organised by Endurance GB (EGB) in England and Wales. EGB held 5 FEI rides in 2014 and overall a total of 100 ride days all over England but not including Scotland which has their own organisation called SERC. There are over 1,200 horses registered with EGB.

Other disciplines such as dressage, show-jumping, driving and eventing all take place under other societies so it is impossible to say how many Arabians are competing in these. The highest number will be in dressage as this is a very popular sport in the UK, with dressage clinics most weekends all over the country and during the week as well.

Ridden showing is the main ridden discipline for Arabians in the UK with Regional Group shows holding a variety of ridden classes including qualifiers for the Horse of the Year Show. This remains the ultimate goal for a ridden horse. The Arab Horse Society National Show holds halter classes and many different ridden classes, but the title competitors aim to win is still British National Champion in both sections. The Arab Horse Society also runs the British Arabian Championships for Ridden and In hand classes. There is also a new Amateur Show which is becoming popular with our members.

The WAHO Trophy is presented at our National Show each year. The winner of the WAHO trophy for 2012 was the stallion Al Reeh Janoob, a very successful racehorse and endurance horse. In 2013 the Open National Stallion Association Performance tested mare, Kamillah who has competed in eventing and endurance with good success, was awarded the Trophy. In 2014 the winner is AV Kubla Khan, successful at eventing and a very good all rounder. I am not sure if this award has brought new people to the breed but it is a very important award for an Arabian horse owner to win and highly prestigious.

The Arab Horse Society produces a bi-annual high quality magazine to help promote the breed and for the Arabian Enthusiast which is always well received by our members. There is also the Arabian Magazine and the Crabbet Journal produced in the UK and available worldwide which help with promotion. However, these days the internet is the main public relations medium, particularly Facebook where members can post all their news and photos for free.

The Arab Horse Society also operates a Premium Performance Scheme for Stallions and Mares. The National Stallion Association of the UK organises a tough Performance Test for all breeds annually and awards gradings to stallions and mares. Stallions can also attain Premium status through exceptional achievements of their progeny, as can mares. Mares can also be evaluated at grading days organised by other societies. The Society also runs an annual Performance Horse awards scheme.

The Society has a welfare officer who is very well versed in all aspects of welfare and works closely with the various welfare societies in the UK. Information is available from the Arab Horse Society website and is also printed in publications. Seminars for breeding and other horse related matters are run by the general horse population and experience has found that it is better for the AHS members to attend these special events rather than run their own.

The current policy on genetic testing is to inform and educate and thus to encourage our members to test their breeding horses with articles and publicity. The status of stallions on the Premium Scheme are made public if the owner agrees and many owners now of their own accord advertise their stallion’s status. The Society do not hold any records on the genetic status of breeding stock. That concludes the report for the United Kingdom.


Caroline Sussex, United Kingdom: Mr. Chairman, members of WAHO. We are grateful to the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club for the organization of this Conference in the exciting city of Doha. We look forward to the programme of events and wish for a successful Conference. My name is Caroline Sussex, member of the UK Stud Book Committee and my co-delegate is Tracy Phizacklea, our Assistant Registrar.

Registrations for purebred Arabians have declined over the last 3 years from 768 in 2008, to 652 in 2009, and 546 in 2010. This is probably due partly to the recession, the ever increasing costs of registration which are caused by EU and Government requirements, and the cost of buying land in the UK. The latest studbook is volume 21 and was produced in 2010 in hardback and CD format. Volume 22 will be available in 2014.

Arabians participate in many disciplines in the UK. Racing is organized by the Arabian Racing Organization (ARO). Endurance is organized by Endurance GB (EGB). Other disciplines such as dressage, show-jumping, driving and eventing all come under different societies. Just over 200 horses are racing, around 1,000 are competing in endurance, but in other disciplines it is impossible to estimate the number although there are many Arabians out in open competition, or just used as general riding horses. There are around 80 shows affiliated to the Arab Horse Society. The most exciting innovation in recent years for ridden showing has been including 15 qualifying classes at shows around the country for the Horse of the Year Show, which is held in October. This 6-day major Show includes international show-jumping, ridden showing classes for all breeds in the UK, dressage, mini-eventing, Pony Club Mounted Games finals, scurry driving and special demonstrations. The 15 qualified Arabian horses in each section then compete in classes for the separate Ridden Gelding, Ridden Stallion and Ridden Mare of the Year titles. The first 2 in each class then go into the international arena for the Championships, to compete for the overall title of Ridden Arabian of the Year. The British National Ridden Championship at our National Show is the other top ridden title much sought after, ridden classes have also increased the demand for mature Arabians. The Arab Horse Society also runs the British Arabian Championships for youngstock and geldings, in-hand and ridden. Horses also have to qualify for this, under different rules.

The winner of the WAHO Trophy for 2010 was Ibn Ajwad who competes in open competition in various disciplines, and our 2011 winner is Vlacq Gilfea, an endurance champion. The Arab Horse Society produces a bi-annual glossy magazine to help promote the breed. The Horse of the Year Show classes, however, are the best shop window we have in the UK as the general public are there to see the Arabians performing under saddle.

To promote the cross-breeding of Arabian blood in the UK, the Arab Horse Society operates a Premium Performance Scheme for stallions and mares. The National Stallion Association organizes a tough performance test for all breeds annually, and awards gradings to stallions and mares. Stallions can also attain Premium status through exceptional achievements of their offspring, as can mares. Mares can also be evaluated at grading days with other Societies, but with Arab Horse Society judges. The Arab Horse Society organizes a horse marathon, a race over 26 miles, which brings together members of EGB, ARO and the Society, this is a unique event which I have been involved in since 1995. Since its inception in 1974, only twice has a non-Arabian or its derivative won. A midway vetgate checks that horses have a pulse rate of 64 bpm or less and for lameness, failure is elimination. Horses must finish uncompromised before being awarded their prizes and strict veterinary procedures are in place to ensure the welfare of the horses. This year’s event took place on Sunday.

The Society has a Welfare Officer who is very well versed in all aspects of welfare and works closely with the various national welfare societies in the UK. Information on welfare is available from the Arab Horse Society website and printed in publications. Seminars for breeding and other horse-related matters are run by the general horse population and experience has found it is better for AHS members to attend these special events, rather than run our own, although we do run a few seminars. Independent articles provided by the Arab Horse Society are published throughout the year, mainly in monthly magazines and in the country’s biggest equine magazine, Horse and Hound, which is printed weekly. For the Arabian enthusiast there is also the Arab Horse Society News, the Arabian Magazine and the Crabbet Journal, all produced in the UK and available worldwide. That concludes my report. Thank you.


Representing The Arab Horse Society of the United Kingdom, I am Christina Roebuck, Chairman of the Stud Book & Registration Committee, and my co-delegate is Miss Margaret Evans, Stud Book Consultant.

We produced Volume 20 of our stud book in 2007. It is difficult to estimate exactly the number of living purebred Arabians in the United Kingdom, but we believe there are about 20,000. In 2008 we completed the registration of 453 purebred Arabian foals. This number has been declining for several years and is expected to continue to decline due to the world financial crisis.

Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer are permitted in the UK, and microchipping for all foals will begin in 2009. In 2008 we imported 74 horses from within the European Union and 51 from the rest of the world. Also in 2008, we exported 136 to EU countries, and 91 to other countries.

The Arabian horse in the UK is shown in hand and under saddle, and its popularity as a horse for leisure riding is increasing. Endurance riding is very popular, and Le Trec is also attracting Arabian enthusiasts. We have had Arabian racing in the UK since 1980 and its popularity continues under the Arab Racing Organization. The Arab Horse Society itself organizes a National Show, with around 1,000 horses entered, and encourages Arabian classes at many other shows. We organize a 26-mile Marathon race to test our horses for speed and endurance.


We have recently published Volume 20 of the Arab Horse Society Stud Book which covers the years 2002-2006. Our next publication will be due in 2010 and will be available in 2011. The database from which it is produced is computerized.

In 2006 we registered 569 purebred Arabian foals. There were 700 broodmares and 250 stallions used for breeding. We have approximately 25,000 living registered Arabians. We parentage verify all our foals at registration by means of DNA however where the DNA of the parents is not available we use blood-typing to identify and then extract the DNA for use in verifying the next generation. We are not yet using micro-chipping. In 2006 we exported 120 horses to 16 countries, and we imported 114 horses from 17 countries.

We allow the use of Artificial Insemination, semen may be used after the death of a stallion as well as in his lifetime. Semen importation is allowed, as is its exportation. We also allow Embryo transfer but only allow 1 foal to be registered by this method in any 12 month period. We issue registration certificates and passports, which show the UELN number of the animal.

We hold a National Championship Show, there are 11 other regional group shows and very many classes, both ridden and in-hand, at shows run by agricultural societies. In fact showing is probably the most popular use of the Arabian, followed by pleasure riding and endurance riding, in the latter there are 700 separate rides each year. Arabians are also used for racing which is run by the Arabian Racing Organization.

In 2007, the AHS reported 579 foals registered, with 151 exports and 80 imports in the same year.

Trophy Winners

JAMMILAH – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

JAMMILAH , Grey Mare, 1993 (Djammal / Samaseel)
Owner: Mr. Darren Ash. Breeder: Mrs. Wendy J. Carr
Strain: Kehaileh Dajanieh (Dajania, 1876)

The Arab Horse Society is pleased to announce that their 2016 WAHO trophy winner is the mare Jammilah. The WAHO Trophy will be presented in a public ceremony at the AHS National Championships Show at Malvern at the end of July.

(left to right) AHS Council Chairman Mrs. Annette Dixon; Mrs. Rebecca McEvoy representing the breeder – her mother Mrs Wendy Carr; co-owner and rider Mrs. Joanne Woodward; WAHO Treasurer Mr. David Angold; Owner Mr. Darren Ash; Jamillah and Miss Millie Woodward Ash.
Photo: Marilyn Sweet

Jammilah has been awarded the Trophy in recognition of her outstanding show career which spans many years, both in hand and under saddle, as well as for the continued success of her first and second generation offspring. Her show career started as a yearling, when at her very first outing she was overall in-hand Champion. She was Reserve Best two-year old at the AHS National show from a combined year group entry of 70 fillies. In 1996, she went one better, winning the Best three-year old from a combined year group entry of 72 fillies, and took the title of Reserve British National Junior Female Champion.

Brought out under saddle by Joanne Woodward, who was to partner Jammilah to her many successes, she won all four shows she entered in her first season as a novice. Returning to the showring in Open Ridden Classes in 2000, she took many Supreme Championships and the first of her British National Champion Ridden Mares titles. After another two incredibly successful seasons, Jammilah ended her ridden career in the best possible way by taking the second of her British National Champion Ridden Mare titles. Her ridden career culminated in being crowned Champion Ridden Arabian at the Horse of the Year Show in 2003, an exceptional achievement as she was the only mare to have achieved the title since the classes started at Wembley Arena in 1998.

Once retired from showing, Jammilah started a new career as a broodmare. Her first daughter Jumainah by Aazari has achieved many wins both in hand and under saddle and also in dressage, and is now a broodmare herself. Her second daughter Jamissiah, by Narismma, has also had great success in the show ring and is now embarking on what promises to be a successful endurance career. Jammilah is also now the grand-dam of Jumainah’s daughter Maya Joharra by Azteq, also proving to be very successful under saddle including being placed at The Horse of the Year show at only five years old.

Jammilah’s owner and close connections are delighted with the award of the WAHO Trophy to this lovely mare, now living in happy retirement at the age of 23, and say: “We are so proud of everything she has achieved and we have enjoyed every moment that she has been with us. She has proved herself in all that has been asked of her and we believe she knows she is special and our very best friend.”

KAMILLAH – 2013 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

KAMILLAH, Grey mare, *2004 (Imperial Kamilll / Kateefah).
Breeder & Owner: Mrs. Judy Phillips.
Strain: Dahmeh Shahwanieh (El Dahma, 1879)

The Arab Horse Society selected the mare Kamillah as their WAHO Trophy winner for 2013. The award was presented at the AHS National Championships Show. Judy Phillip’s young home-bred mare is of straight Egyptian bred bloodlines, she is a very worthy winner of this prestigious Trophy having repeatedly and emphatically proved her outstanding versatility. She has won in halter classes and also been placed in Novice ridden classes. Away from the show ring she has taken part with success in combined training, show jumping, dressage, and Pony Club express eventing, enthusiastically flying the flag for the Arabian breed in open competition. She has also seen hounds and been ridden side-saddle. Of particular note is her achievemt in attaining Grade 1 status in the National Stallion Association’s Performance Test. She was the first Arabian mare registered with the AHS to take this important test, and as a result she was awarded AHS Grade A Premium Performance status.

UK 2013 Trophy Winner Kamillah and her owner, Judy Phillips. Photo credit Eric Jones.

Kamillah and her owner, Judy Phillips. Photo credit Eric Jones.

Not one to rest on her laurels, this tough, sound and happy little mare has also proved to excel at the demanding sport of endurance. In 2012 Kamillah became Endurance GB’s Reserve Novice Champion, her results included nine rides at Grade 1 and one at Grade 2. Also in 2012 Kamillah was placed third in the Arab Horse Society Purebred Performance Horse awards, having also competed in dressage and show jumping in the same year.

WAHO Trophy presentation to the connections of Kamillah by David Angold, WAHO Treasurer

WAHO Trophy presentation to the connections of Kamillah by David Angold, WAHO Treasurer
photo: Marilyn Sweet

AL REEH JANOOB – 2012 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

AL REEH JANOOB, bay stallion, *1994 (Chatanz / Shuwaimeh Bint Warda).
Breeder and Owner: Mrs. Jennifer Lees.
Strain: Shuwaimaan (Shuwaimeh Warda)

The Council of the Arab Horse Society selected Al Reeh Janoob as Britain’s 2012 WAHO Trophy winner from various the nominations received. He was chosen in recognition of his outstanding performance record in racing and endurance competitions. His race record of 55 runs with 12 wins and 24 places, together with three completions in the AHS Marathon (a race over 26 miles of varied terrain) and his Advanced Endurance status all confirm his exceptional athletic ability. The WAHO Trophy was presented by WAHO Executive Committee Member David Angold in a special ceremony at the 2012 British National Arabian Championships Show at Malvern.

Al Reeh Janoob was the first foal bred by Jenny Lees from her pure Bahraini mare, Shuwaimeh Bint Warda (Jellaby Alahmar Montasir/Shuwaimeh Warda) who was imported to UK in 1993 together with the pure Bahraini colt Krayaan Dilmun, both gifts from HRH Prince Mohammed bin Sulman Al Khalifa. These very rare desert horses have been bred by the Royal family of Bahrain in a closed stud for well over 200 years, they are never sold but occasionally gifted as in the case of the famous foundation mare Nuhra who came to the UK as gift for King George VI in 1938.

Jenny, who had spent some time living in Bahrain where she first fell in love with their unique Arabians, selected Lesley Dunn’s homebred stallion, Chatanz (Bonanza/Chatelaine) – for many years an AHS Premium Scheme stallion – to produce Shuwaimeh Bint Warda’s first foal. Her criteria for the selected stallion included good conformation combined with excellent temperament and proven performance lines on both sides of the pedigree. Al Reeh Janoob which means “The South Wind” in Arabic was named for the legend which says ‘Allah took the South Wind breathed life into it and created the Arabian horse’. Being a first foal, he was quite small at birth and in fact never grew very tall, his final height was to be 14.3hh, but he has tremendous strength and power and that indefinable ‘heart’ that sets some horses apart from others.

Jenny decided to train him herself for the popular sport of Arab racing, which in Britain is still mainly an all-amateur sport. He was ridden and trained at home with the occasional visit to the all-weather gallops where he worked alongside his sire Chatanz ridden by Lesley Dunn. Jenny Lees takes up the rest of his story:

“Al Reeh Janoob thoroughly enjoyed his racing for 5 seasons, taking part in 55 races and achieving 12 wins and 34 places. Included in his wins was the Satank Handicap Stakes 5 furlong sprint at Goodwood and the Deira Championship Stakes over 1 mile 4 furlongs at Lingfield. Longer distances or sprints, all weather or grass surfaces, rain or shine, it was all the same to Janoob he just went out and gave it his all. He was always very relaxed in the race preliminaries, saving his effort for the racecourse itself.

Completing the AHS Marathon in 2005
Photo credit Eric Jones

Al Reeh Janoob winning at Lingfield
Photo credit J.M. Ratcliff
“I decided to end Janoob’s racing career and switch him to endurance after a very naughty display at Newbury on Dubai International Race Day. In a field of 8 runners only 4 were left in the race on the final bend, two horses for HH Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum, one for HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, and Al Reeh Janoob. Janoob took the lead two furlongs from home then inexplicably slowed down to bite HH Sheikh Mohammed’s horse, lost his stride, found it again, got to the front again and then slowed down to bite him again. No-one, spectators, jockey or commentator, could believe what was happening! It all became clear later in the winner’s enclosure when my jockey explained that the stallion Janoob had stopped to ‘fight’ with had screamed a challenge at Janoob from the confines of the starting stalls. It did occur to me later that the horse might have been referring to Janoob’s height in its challenge as he was trained by the person who once told me that Janoob was too small and would never make a racehorse. Al Reeh Janoob had enjoyed his revenge but it was time to move on!

“Over to endurance and within a season, with my daughter-in-law Amanda riding, Al Reeh Janoob had moved up to Advanced Status. To ring the changes he has also competed successfully in showjumping, both locally and at the AHS National Show at Malvern.

“Then he became a film star, having gained the part of the horse on the treadmill in BBC4’s documentary ‘The Real Dick Turpin’. This was followed by a request from an artist to use Janoob as a model for a hologram of a galloping horse that would be displayed in the Tate Modern Museum, so it was back on the treadmill courtesy of Hartpury College.

“We also decided to have a go at the AHS Marathon, a very tough competition which Al Reeh Janoob has completed 3 times, his best position being 4th alongside his half brother, the pure Bahraini stallion Shuwaiman Al Bahrain who came in 6th. There were plans to compete in the 2011 AHS Marathon but after all the training he picked up a virus at an endurance ride and we had to withdraw.

“Among other offspring, Al Reeh Janoob has a son and a daughter competing in endurance, his daughter Bint Al Reeh Janoob is at Advanced level, whilst his son Subah bin Janoob is in his Novice Season. At present Al Reeh Janoob is busy covering mares whilst being ridden with possibly another AHS marathon in mind …well he is only 18 years young!”

Al Reeh Janoob at home
Photo credit: Jennifer Lees.

WAHO Trophy presentation.
Left to Right: David Angold, WAHO Treasurer; Al Reeh Janoob and Amanda May; Jennifer Lees with Amanda’s daughter, Elsie
Photo credit: Sweet Photography

VLACQ GILFEA – 2011 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

VLACQ GILFEA, Bay mare, *1991 (Shah Shadow / Brindisi).
Breeders: Dr. & Mrs. S.V. Pyke. Owner: Mrs. Gail Andrews.
Strain: Kehaileh Rodanieh (Rodania, 1869)

Following nominations from its membership, the Arab Horse Society has awarded their 2011 WAHO Trophy to the successful 20-year old endurance mare, Vlacq Gilfea. The Trophy was presented by WAHO Executive Committee Member Mr. David Angold and AHS Council Chairman Mrs. Joanne Lowe at the 2011 Arab Horse Society British National Championships Show at Malvern.

Vlacq Gilfea is a forward going mare with an extremely good temperament and attitude. Ridden by her owner Gail Andrews, who bought her in 1997, and known at home as “Gilly”, this outstanding mare has completed several 160km rides in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and has been part of the Gold Medal Winning Welsh team five times. In their first season, after they had completed eight 25 mile rides, they were asked to step into the Novice place on the Welsh team. In their second season Gilly moved up to the Gold Standard under the British Horse Society system, completing 8 rides. In 2002 they even took part in the famous Man versus Horse Race in Wales. The pair also competed in the Welsh team again, this time doing the 160km two day ride in Inverness, after having obtained two grade one’s in the 160km two day Cirencester ride. On the second day of the international the partnership were the only competitors to finish and took another gold medal for Wales and Best Condition Award.

Left to Right: Joanne Lowe, Chairman AHS, Vlacq Gilfea and Gail Andrews, David Angold, Executive Committee, WAHO: photo credit Marilyn Sweet www.sweetphotography.com
Her crowning season was in 2006 with 9 rides completed and again a Welsh Team member. At the 160Km two day Cirencester ride she was third in her class, taking the best condition, best mare and best turned out awards. The home international was in Scotland where the pair were third, and awarded the best condition award, along with another team Gold.

Despite their continued success Gail has not entered Gilly in international FEI rides because she considers the weight expected to be carried, 75kg, is too much for her mare. Among her many titles in the United Kingdom, she was National Novice Champion in her first season 1998, Runner up Overall National Champion in 2006 and National Veteran Champion at her first attempt in 2009. In total Vlacq Gilfea has completed an incredible 5,500km in a total of 96 vetted events. She is still competing, at the age of 20, and thoroughly enjoying herself at every ride.

Vlacq Gilfea competing at Cirencester in 2006, when she won the best condition, best mare and best turned out awards. Photo credit: Eric Jones

Vlacq Gilfea competing as a Veteran in 2009, photo credit David Saunders

IBN AJWAAD – 2010 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

IBN AJWAAD, Grey Stallion, 1994 (Arioso / Tecaf Shukran)
Breeder: Mrs. Paula Jones. Owner: Margaret Young, Helicon Stud.
Strain: Kehailan Al Wadnan Khursan (Nuhra, 1936).

The Arab Horse Society presented their 2010 WAHO Trophy to the stallion Ibn Ajwaad in a special ceremony at the 2010 British National Championships Show.

After some successes as a youngster in the showring, Ibn Ajwaad went into race training at the age of 7. He proved very successful in the 2004 and 2005 seasons, winning over distances of 6 furlongs to 1 mile 6 furlongs. Ibn Ajwaad has also completed the tough AHS Marathon in 2004. He also had some fun eventing.

He is a performance tested AHS Premium Scheme stallion with an impressive record in open competition in BSJA-affiliated show-jumping, regularly winning in classes with over 50 entrants in which he is the only Purebred Arabian competing.

His sire Arioso, bred by the late Mr. Ronald Kydd, was also an AHS Premium Scheme stallion. He was by the imported Egyptian stallion Fakhr El Kheil, himself a very successful performance and breeding stallion, out of Andante, a daughter of one of the famous Crabbet “Heavenly Twins”, Dancing Sunlight. From his dam’s side he inherits more well known Crabbet and Old English bloodlines together with a touch of Marbach blood through Melchior.

On pedigree, looks, temperament and performance, Ibn Ajwaad is certainly an excellent example of the best of British Arabian breeding, a big-hearted ambassador for their athletic abilities and a well-deserved winner of the WAHO Trophy.

WAHO Trophy Presentation: L-R: Angela Massey, Margaret Young (owner) & her grand-daughter Ellian, Claire Young (rider), David Angold (WAHO Executive Committee member), Paula Jones (breeder).

Ibn Ajwaad show-jumping with his rider, Claire Young
Photo credit: Sweet Photography. www.SweetPhotography.com

MALEIKERO – 2009 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

MALEIKERO Grey Gelding, 1993. (Dakshah / Mel Queda). Bred by Miss N.J.T. Haworth. Owned by Miss A. Boyle and Miss C. Phillips. Strain: Seglawi Jedran of Ibn Soudan (Ghazieh).

The Arab Horse Society is pleased to announce that the successful ridden show gelding Maleikero has been awarded their 2009 WAHO Trophy. The presentation was made at the British National Championships Show at Malvern.

Maleikero’s titles include European Champion Ridden Gelding, British National Reserve Champion Ridden Gelding, a two-time winner of the Royal International Horse Show and Champion at the Royal Show. With his rider Andrea Boyle he has qualified for the Horse of the Year Show on many occasions, and competes successfully at Elementary level dressage. To add to his versatility, Maleikero has also enjoyed great success in sport horse and in-hand classes.

The Hon. Finn Guinness (Chairman, AHS Council) and
Mrs. Annette Hedley (WAHO Executive Committee Member) present the
2009 WAHO Trophy to Maleikero and his owner/rider, Andrea Boyle.
Photo credit: Sweet Photography. www.SweetPhotography.com

TARAGUN – 2008 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

TARAGUN, Chestnut mare, *1992 (Shogun/Taretta).
Bred by Mrs. Pamela Evans. Owned by Miss Evie Peel.
Strain: Kehaileh Dajanieh (Dajania, 1876).

The Arab Horse Society is delighted to announce that this year’s award goes to Taragun for her outstanding performance in the tough sport of Eventing with her 13 year-old owner/rider, Evie Peel. Eventing combines the disciplines of dressage, cross-country jumping and show-jumping, either all in the same day or, at the larger events, spread over 2 or 3 days. Together, Taragun and Evie’s partnership has proven the versatility of the Arabian horse by competing with success against other breeds and adult riders at the Pre-Novice level.

By the international Show winner Shogun, and of an old English pedigree with Crabbet lines, the very attractive Taragun was originally purchased as a broodmare by Mrs. Peel for her Templars Stud in Lancashire. However, her daughter Evie enjoyed riding Taragun so much and the pair did so well with their showjumping, that her broodmare career was put on hold. Taragun has a wonderful temperament, and is a really excellent ambassador for the Arabian breed.

Photo caption: Evie Peel and Taragun together with their proud family and connections are
presented with the WAHO Trophy at the AHS National Championships Show 2008.

IMAD – 2007 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

IMAD, Grey stallion, *1985 (Golden Cavalier/Ivory Wings).
Breeder: Mrs. Jane Kadri. Owner: Mrs. Diana Whittome.
Strain: Kehailan Dajani (Dajania, 1876).

The Arab Horse Society awarded their 2007 WAHO Trophy to the 22-year old stallion, Imad. From a very high percentage Crabbet pedigree, and with a charming temperament, Imad has proved himself in the showring both in-hand and under saddle. An AHS Premium stallion, performance tested Class One, among many other successes he took several major ridden titles including AHS Overall Ridden National Champion and the very prestigious Ridden Arabian of the Year at the Horse of the Year Show. Just as important, his progeny have had great success in a number of ridden disciplines including endurance and ridden show classes, among them the 2007 UKIAHS ridden champion, Storm Gold, ridden champions Silent Storm, Sarafish, Canzonetta, Imadia and Sorrento, and the advanced endurance winners Imagien, Totem Blue and Ptolemaeus.

Click to Enlarge
IMAD – Photo credit: Scott Trees

FRANZARA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

FRANZARA, Bay mare, *1992 (Bonanza / Treeyews Farona).
Bred by Mrs. Lesley A. Dunn, owned by Lesley & Ray Dunn.
Strain: Kehailet El Sharif (Scherifa, 1896).

The Council of the Arab Horse Society of Great Britain selected the outstanding endurance mare, Franzara, as their 2006 WAHO Trophy winner. Ridden throughout her competitive career by her owner/breeder, Lesley Dunn, Franzara was awarded the Trophy for her achievements in endurance at the highest level.

Click to Enlarge
Lesley Dunn and Franzara are presented with their WAHO Trophy by
Annette Hedley, Chairman of AHS, and John Coward, President of AHS.
Franzara made a special appearance in the Main Ring at the 2006 British National Championships Show at Malvern to celebrate winning this prestigious award. The Trophy was presented to Lesley & Ray Dunn and Franzara by Mrs. Annette Hedley, Chairman of the AHS Council and WAHO Executive Committee Member, and Mr. John Coward, President of the Arab Horse Society.

Click to Enlarge
Trophy winner Franzara with owner/breeder, Lesley Dunn
Photo by Eric Jones.

PHA SILVERN RISALM – 2005 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

PHA SILVERN RISALM, Grey Stallion, 1994 (Silvern Sceptre / Rislina).
Breeder: Mr. David & Mrs. Jean Peck.  Owners:  Tony and Tiffany McCarthy.
Strain:  Kehailan Rodan (Rodania 1869).

The Council of The Arab Horse Society in Great Britain unanimously chose PHA Silvern Risalm as the first British winner of the WAHO Trophy.  This 11 year old grey stallion, of all British bloodlines dating back to the early imports to this country, was chosen primarily for his excellence in ridden competitions.

A very good looking horse with a wonderful temperament, PHA Silvern Risalm is also proving to be an excellent ambassador for the Arabian horse in the UK, having won the major title of Ridden Arabian Horse of the Year at the prestigious Horse of the Year Show, in front of an audience of many hundreds of spectators for whom this may have been their first exposure to the Arabian breed.  Winner of 14 International Championships, 16 National Championships and 38 Regional Championships under saddle, PHA Silvern Risalm is now competing successfully in affiliated dressage, proving that the Arabian horse can compete and win against other breeds in this demanding equestrian discipline.  Already training at medium level, it is hoped that he will reach advanced level dressage training in 2006.

L-R: Mr Tony McCarthy (Owner); Mrs. Annette Hedley (WAHO Executive Committee member and President of AHS); Mrs. Tiffani McCarthy (owner); Darren Crowe (rider/trainer); PHA Silvern Rissalm; Richard Deamer (handler at the stud); Mrs. Ann Crowe (Darren's mother); Jean Peck (breeder); David Peck (breeder).

L-R: Mr Tony McCarthy (Owner); Mrs. Annette Hedley (WAHO Executive Committee member and President of AHS); Mrs. Tiffani McCarthy (owner); Darren Crowe (rider/trainer); PHA Silvern Rissalm; Richard Deamer (handler at the stud); Mrs. Ann Crowe (Darren’s mother); Jean Peck (breeder); David Peck (breeder).