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FOUSHA – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Algeria

FOUSHA, grey Mare, 1999 (Nakhtar / Kasbah). Breeder: Haras Nationaux, Jumenterie de Tiaret Owner: Mr. Zerguaoui Abed Strain: Kehaileh Moradi (Sahara, ca. 1840) The 2016 WAHO Trophy winner for Algeria has been proudly announced. It was awarded to the 17 year old mare, Fousha, bred at the Tiaret State Stud and owned by Mr. Zeguaoui […]

DESPERADO – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Australia

DESPERADO, Bay Stallion, *1992 (WN Dasjmir / Bremervale Aquarius) Breeders: G.M., P.W., W.A., D.R. & R.J. Toft & C.L. Burgess Owner: Jill C. Toft, Bremervale Arabians Strain: Hamdani Simri (Sambry, 1904). The AHSA has announced that the winner of their 2016 WAHO Trophy is the veteran stallion, Desperado. The following citation is from Warwick Toft: […]

ESTELLA – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

ESTELLA, Bay mare, 1995 (Mezalians / Edycja) Breeder: Rainbow Arabians Owner: Mrs. Gabriele Wirth Strain: Not recorded, family of Woloszka (ca. 1810) The Austrian Arabian Horse Society awarded the 21 year old mare Estella with their WAHO Trophy for 2016. The very talented Estella, of pure Polish bloodlines, was the ECAHO European Gold Champion in […]

ETERNITY IBN NAVARRONE-D – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Belgium

ETERNITY IBN NAVARRONE-D, Grey Stallion, 1997 (Ansata Sinan/Navarrone “P”) Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. Despeghel-Van Hee, Dion Arabians Owner: Mrs. Martine Van Hee Belgium has awarded their 2016 WAHO Trophy to the internationally renowned stallion, Eternity Ibn Navarrone-D. He was born into the loving hands of Martine Van Hee on 9th June 1997. Observing his first […]

TUZEMEC – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Czech Republic

TUZEMEC, Grey Stallion, 2003 (Madiar / Troia) Breeder: Tersk Stud Owner: Regutec Ltd Strain: Hamdani Simri (Selma) ACHPAK members vote every year about the WAHO trophy winner, and the last awarded horse was stallion Tuzemec who was bred in Russia and imported from Norway. Due to the small number of Arabian horses bred in the […]

WYNJA AF EGGERSMANN – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Finland

WYNJA AF EGGERSMANN, Chestnut mare, 2005 (Wytok / Zariba) Breeder: Denise Tackman, Owner: Emmi Kumpuvaara Strain: Kehaileh Rodanieh (Rodania, 1869) The Finnish Arabian Horse Society has awarded their 2016 WAHO Trophy to the 11-year old broodmare Wynja af Eggersmann, who is of predominantly Polish bloodlines. This mare is B graded for her offspring. With her […]

AL ASHAR – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Germany

AL ASHAR, Grey Stallion, 2005 (Ashur/Aswana) Breeder & Owner: Mrs. Helena Hecker Strain: Kehailan Dajani (Mlecha, ca. 1840) AL ASHAR by ASHUR out of ASWANA bred and owned by Mrs. Helena Hecker was awarded the WAHO Trophy 2016, with the presentation made on the occasion of this year’s All Nations Cup Festival in Aachen. He […]

AL-SHOJA – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

AL-SHOJA, Chestnut Stallion, 1994 (Fallak-Al-Aflak / Ghadam Kheir) Breeder: Mrs. Mary Leila Gharagozlou, Rockbestan Stud Owner: Mr. Mohamad Asayesh Strain: Hamdani Simri Al-e Kassir (Al-Sabah) The 2016 winner of Iran’s WAHO Trophy was awarded to the veteran stallion, Al-Shoja. He was bred by Mrs. Mary Gharagozlou from several generations of the breeding programme of herself […]

ZENA AL BURAQ – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Israel

ZENA AL BURAQ, Grey mare, 2004 (Al Manar / KZ Ruya) Breeder: David Garbe, Owner: Osman El Kasasi Strain: Kehaileh Rodanieh (Rodania, 1869) The Israeli Arabian Horse Society has awarded their 2016 WAHO Trophy to the beautiful mare, Zena Al Buraq. Of straight Egyptian bloodlines, she has graced the show ring with success on many […]

URGE DI GALLURA – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Italy

URGE DI GALLURA Chestnut stallion, 2013 (Caligola/Elettra De Nulvi) Breeder & Owner: Giovanna Picconi Strain: Not recorded, family of Aissa (1870) ANICA has announced that they have awarded their 2016 WAHO Trophy for Italy to the excellent racehorse, Urge Di Gallura. This brave chestnut stallion achieved excellent results, being undefeated in all his five races […]

NURDAN – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Kazakhstan

NURDAN, Bay stallion, 2005 (Dottar / Nupia) Breeder: Rahat Stud, Owner: Elena Garkushkina Strain: Kehailan Moradi (Sahara, ca. 1840) The Kazakh Association of Purebred Arabian Horses has awarded their 2016 WAHO Trophy to the 11 year old bay stallion, Nurdan. Nurdan’s pedigree is rich in famous horses from Russia and many countries around the world. […]

POLIS – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Lithuania

POLIS, Bay Stallion, 2010 (Al Namar / Palanga) Breeder: Vilnius Stud Owner: Ms. Sigutė Lečkauskienė Strain: Not recorded, familyof Milordka (1816) Lithuania’s 2016 WAHO Trophy was awarded to the bay stallion POLIS (Al Namar/Palanga) born in 2010 and raised in Vilnius stud. The present owner of the horse is Ms. Sigutė Lečkauskienė. This stallion, born […]

GÜLILAH NAHGALIT – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Namibia

GÜLILAH NAHGALIT, Bay Gelding, 2007 (Nabilah Nahd / Gülilah Galisa) Breeders: Mrs. Helga Aschenborn, Fritzi & Gisela Uijs, Owners: Reni and Rinus van der Merwe Strain: Seglawi Al Abd (Wadduda, 1899). The Namibian Arab Horse Breeders Society is pleased to announce they have awarded their 2016 WAHO Trophy to the gelding Gülilah Nahgalit. It is […]

OOSTERVELD’S MARSAZ – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Netherlands

OOSTERVELD’S MARSAZ, Grey Stallion, 1978 (Rissaz/Maid Marion) Breeder: J.M.C.G. v.d. Berg, Owner: Alice Westerveld and Eddie Sticke Strain: Seglawi Jedran of Ibn Soudan (Ghazieh) The AVS have announced that their 2016 WAHO Trophy was awarded to Oosterveld’s Marsaz, who was born on the 29th June 1978. He now holds the record as the oldest horse […]

WINDVALE FARAZ – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – New Zealand

WINDVALE FARAZ, 2002, Grey Gelding (Tahira Faris x Windvale Azleta) Breeder: Sue Ferguson. Owner: Ellenna Caudwell. Strain: Dahman Umm Amr of Ibn Hemsi (Dahma, 1876) The New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders Society Inc. is proud to announce the winner of their 2016 WAHO Trophy. Windvale Faraz is a 13 year old gelding, standing at just […]

ASILAT MUSCAT – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

ASILAT MUSCAT, Bay mare, 2013, (Calin Du Loup / Halahel) Breeder: The Muscat Stud Owner: Al Sayyid Munther Bin Saif Al Busaidi Strain: Not recorded, family of Emtayra (1938) The winner of Oman’s 2016 WAHO Trophy has been announced by The Royal Cavalry of Oman. The Trophy was awarded to the excellent race mare Asilat […]

EMANDORIA – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Poland

EMANDORIA, Grey Mare, 2004 (Gazal Al Shaqab / Emanda) Breeder and Owner: Michalow Stud. Strain: Not Recorded (Family of Milordka, 1816). The outstanding mare Emandoria was honoured with the award of Poland’s 2016 WAHO Trophy for her stellar achievements both in the show-ring and as a broodmare of increasing international importance. Both her sire and […]

BORODINA – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Russia

BORODINA, Grey mare, 2000 (Piligrim/Molvina) Breeder and Owner: Tersk Arabian Stud Strain: Kehaileh Moradi (Sahara, ca. 1840) Russia has awarded their 2016 WAHO Trophy to the twice Russian National Champion Mare and outstanding broodmare, the beautiful flea-bitten grey Borodina, a daughter of Molvina by Balaton, thus tracing to the very influential mare Mammona on her […]

FAJJR AL SHAMAAL – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Saudi Arabia

FAJJR AL SHAMAAL, Grey mare, 2013 (Nesj El Khidars Treasure / Jamilat Al Bidayer) Breeder & Owner: Mr. Abdulla Bin Abdul Aziz Al Muqbel Strain: Not recorded, family of Verana (1934) The 2016 WAHO Trophy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been awarded to the lovely young mare Fajjr Al Shamaal, proudly owned and […]

LOTOS – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Slovenia

LOTOS, Chestnut Stallion, 2009 (T.M. Aikonos / T.M. Lawenda) Breeder: Marjan Vrančič, Owner: Marko Vrančič Strain: Not Recorded (Milordka, 1816) The Slovenian Stud Book Authority has decided to award the stallion LOTOS with their 2016 WAHO Trophy. Although still quite young, Lotos has already proved himself to be an excellent breeding stallion, he has also […]

AL GHARBE – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Spain

AL GHARBE, 2003 Grey Stallion (Unicornio/Gujaira) Breeder: Pedro Afán de Ribera y Ybarra Owner: Eduardo Sanchez Delage Strain: Hamdani Simri (Farja I, 1902) AECCA have announced that they have awarded Spain’s 2016 WAHO Trophy to the exceptional endurance horse, Al Gharbe. His pedigree on both sides stretches back in direct lines through generations of the […]

BAJKAL – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Switzerland

BAJKAL Chestnut stallion, 1996 (Balaton / Rishah) Breeder & Owners: Didier & Ivana Thiévent Strain: Hamdani Simri (Selma). Citation from his owners: It is an honour and pleasure to accept the WAHO Trophy 2016 for our stallion Bajkal and we thank the Board of Directors of the Swiss Arabian Horse Society for awarding him this […]

JAMMILAH – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

JAMMILAH , Grey Mare, 1993 (Djammal / Samaseel) Owner: Mr. Darren Ash. Breeder: Mrs. Wendy J. Carr Strain: Kehaileh Dajanieh (Dajania, 1876) The Arab Horse Society is pleased to announce that their 2016 WAHO trophy winner is the mare Jammilah. The WAHO Trophy will be presented in a public ceremony at the AHS National Championships […]