WAHO Memoriam

Since WAHO was founded in 1970, many of the brightest and best Arabian horse breeders, owners, pedigree and history experts, registrars and stud-book managers from around the world have served WAHO as Executive Committee members or as Delegates for their countries, or have steadfastly supported WAHO as Individual Associate Members.  Sadly, as the years pass, we have lost several of these good friends.  At every WAHO General Assembly, it has become a firm tradition that the names of those members who have passed away since the previous Conference are read out and a minute’s silence is held in their honour.  As the late Jay Stream so memorably said at the 2000 WAHO Conference, in his own inimitable style “And you must remember, the day will come when it’s your turn.  The day will come when it’s my turn.  I’d sure as hell like to think you are going to stand up and have a minute of silence for me!

WAHO will never forget any of them, nor the contributions they made to our Organization.  We are privileged to celebrate their lives, both in the longer obituaries at the links below and in extracts from the WAHO Conference proceedings.

Mr Jay W. Stream
Dr Abu Bakre El Arifi
Dr Pesi J Gazder
Mary Leila Gharagozlou
Major Ian Hedley
John Kettlewell
Mr Ronald Kydd
Major P.W.S. (Pat) Maxwell
Mrs. Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka
Dr Eugene Shemarykin
Dr Ibrahim Zaghloul

Remembered in 2020
From our Individual Associate Members, we remember:
Mr. Usamah Zaid Al Kazemi, Kuwait
Mr. Richard (Dick) Archer – United Kingdom
Mrs. Joyce Greenwood – United Kingdom
Mrs. Margreet J. De Ruiter-Floor – The Netherlands

Remembered in 2019
From our Individual Associate Members, we remember:
Mr. Amir Bashir Mardini, Syria
Mr. Wolfgang Eberhardt, Germany
Mrs. Elizabeth Gazder, United Kingdom
Mr. Ryan Jones, United Kingdom
Mrs. Rosemary Archer, United Kingdom

Remembered in 2018
From our Individual Associate Members, we remember:
Mrs. Brita Axelsson, Sweden
Mr. Rolf Axelsson, Sweden
Mr. Kevin Cholmondeley-Smith, New Zealand
Mrs. Wegdan (Dani) El Barbary, Egypt
Mrs. Hanna-Luise (Hansi) Heck-Melnyk, USA
Mrs. Sheila Morgan, United Kingdom
Mrs. Maria Helena (Lenita) Ribeiro Perroy, Brazil
Mrs. Belinda Simons, New Zealand
Mrs. Dorothy Stream, USA
Mrs. Anne Unwin, United Kingdom
Mrs. Azar Bijarchi, Iran

Remembered in 2017
Dr. Manuel Domingues-Heleno, Portugal
Mr. Joe Denham, United Kingdom
Mr. Remazan Kaya, Turkey
Dr. Nasr Marei, Egypt
Mr. Gerd Seidensticker, Germany
Mrs. M.T. Tabernal, The Netherlands
Mr. Herman van der Vorm, The Netherlands, former WAHO Executive Committee Member

Remembered in 2016
From our Individual Associate Members, we remember:
Mrs. Jane Batstone, UK
Mr. W.J. De Ruiter, The Netherlands
Mrs. Margot Dow, USA
Dipl. Ing. Ilse Ent, Austria
Mrs. Irina Filsinger, Germany
Mrs. Gillian Lancaster, United Kingdom
Mrs. Gloria Lanigan, Australia
MR. Norman Laurens, United Kingdom
Mr. Alexander Ponomarev, Russia
Mr. Ali Reza Pourheidari, Iran
Mr. Per Roland, Denmark
Mrs. Elizabeth Salmon-Crabill, USA (formerly UK)
Mrs. Sigi Siller, USA
Miss Sheila Varian, USA
Baroness Ilse von Heske-Bothenwald, Austria
Mr. Larry Wagner, USA

Remembered in 2015
Mrs. Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka, WAHO Executive Committee Member and dear friend.

From our Individual Associate Members, we remember:
Countess Alixandrine Schulenberg, Germany
Mrs. Susanna Santesson, Germany
Mr. Farhad Seif, Iran
Mr. Gianni Giannini, Italy
Prof. Dr. Paul Weirich, Luxembourg
Dr. Anthony Lees, United Kingdom
Miss Patricia Lindsay, United Kingdom
Mr. R.A. Layton, United Kingdom
Mr. Stanley Bunting, United Kingdom
Mr. Moosa Mohammed, United Kingdom
Mr. Daniel J. Gainey, United States of America
Mrs. Ruth Husband, United States of America
Mrs. Gina Smith, United States of America
Mr. William B. Melnyk, United States of America
Mr. Cornelis Vreedenburgh, Uruguay

Remembered at the 2014 WAHO Conference
Mr. Amid Abdelhamid, Morocco, for many years the Manager of the Royal Stud at Bouznika, the organizer of two marvellous WAHO Conferences in Morocco and long-serving Delegate for his country.

From our Individual Associate Members, we remember:
Count Federico Zichy-Thyssen, Argentina
Mr. Leo Campbell, Australia,
Mr. John Roydhouse, Australia
Ms. Svea Deitrich-Ward, Belize
Mr. Stevlozar Kastchiev, Bulgaria
Mr. Jorge Hernandez, Colombia
Mr. Alvaro Giraldo, Colombia
Mr. Hassan Marei, Egypt
Don Diego Mendez Moreno, Spain
Countess Penelope Lewenhaupt, Sweden
Mrs. Britta Fahlgren, Sweden
Mr. Moustafa Al Jabri, Syria
Mr. Norman Angel, the United Kingdom
Mr. James Martin, the United Kingdom
Mrs. Iona McVean, the United Kingdom
Mrs. Jane Pointer, the United Kingdom
Mrs. Gari Dill-Marlow, the United States of America
Mrs. Bazy Tankersly, the United States of America
Mrs. Sharon Gregson-Allcott, Zimbabwe

Remembered at the 2011 WAHO Conference
Major Pat Maxwell, United Kingdom, a member of WAHO since its inception and the first and long-serving President of ECAHO

From our Individual Associate Members, we remember:
Mr. Peter Simon, Australia
HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Sulman Al Khalifa, Bahrain
Mr. Jan Van Nes, The Netherlands
Mr. Wojciech Kowalik, Poland
HRH Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Saudi Arabia
Mr. Tony Day, United Kingdom
Miss Margaret Evans, United Kingdom
Mrs. Christine Laurens, United Kingdom
Mr. Simon McCorkindale, United Kingdom
Mrs. Caroline Murray, United Kingdom
Miss Elizabeth Orr Sutcliffe, United Kingdom
Mr. Ferman Ansel, United States of America
Mrs. Mary Anne Grimmell, United States of America
Dr. Bert Husband, United States of America
Mrs. Betty J. Rider, United States of America
Mr. Patrick Swayze, United States of America
Mrs. Marjory F. Tone, United States of America

Remembered at the 2009 WAHO Conference
Mr. Doug Marshall Jr., from the USA who attended WAHO meetings from the earliest days and was one of the people who fought hardest for the acceptance of the Middle East countries into WAHO.
Mrs. Hannie Wehkamp, President of the Dutch Arab Horse Society, The Netherlands.
Mr. Tore Nikkerud, former President of Norwegian Arab Horse Society, Norway.

From our Individual Associate Members, we remember:
Mr. Sharaf Ahmed Al Alawi, Bahrain
Mrs. Sherry Lynn Morales, Bolivia
Mr. John Coward, United Kingdom
Mr. Ken Durey, United Kingdom
Mrs. Cheryl Logan, United Kingdom
Mr. Alun Prothero, United Kingdom
Mr. Donald Forbis, United States of America
Mr. Jarrell McCracken, United States of America
Mrs. Sharon Patton, United States of America
Mrs. Omia Paul, United States of America
Mr. Paul Polk, United States of America

Remembered at the 2007 WAHO Conference
Mr. Oswaldo Aranha, from Brazil, who was a valued Emeritus Member of our Executive Committee.
His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan, ruler of the United Arab Emirates, one of our very prominent members.
Dr. Oleg Balakshin, another former WAHO Executive Committee member and RASB Registrar, from Russia.
Mr. Peter Absell, former Secretary of the Australian Arab Horse Society.
Mrs. Bibban Blakstad, former President of the Norwegian Arab Horse Society.

From our Individual Associate Members, we remember:
Mrs. Pat Slater, Australia
Dr. Alexander Tubel, Austria
Mr. Essam Attiya, Egypt
Mr. Bruno Parisot, France
Mr. John Jessen, Germany
Dr. June Alexander, United Kingdom
Mrs. Emma Bennett, United Kingdom
Mrs. Monica Calvert, United Kingdom
Mrs. Anne Cumming, United Kingdom
Miss Fiona Wilson-Kay, United Kingdom
Mr. Erich Hagenlocher, United States of America
Mrs. Helen McCoy, United States of America
Mr. Tom McNair, United States of America

Remembered at the 2002 WAHO Conference
Major Ian Hedley
Mr. Ronald Kydd

Remembered at the 2004 WAHO Conference
Mrs. Marta Cossio, from Argentina. She was a happy person who participated in many WAHO Conferences, and we miss her a great deal.
Mr. Peppi Selva, Italy
Mr. Wilfred Brinkhuis, The Netherlands
Mrs. Joan Mullen, United Kingdom

Remembered at the 2000 WAHO Conference
Count Claes Lewenhaupt from Sweden, one of the original founding fathers of WAHO.
Dr. Ameen Zaher from Egypt, who served for many years on the WAHO Executive Committee.
Baroness Karen Billie Brahe Selby, Denmark
Dr. Bob Marshall, United Kingdom
Mr. Michael A. Pitt-Rivers, United Kingdom
Mrs. Barbara Johanson, United States of America
Mr. E. Saunders, Zimbabwe