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Member Report from Oman


Sarhan AlZeidi, Oman:  Mr. President, Members of the Executive Committee, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Sarhan AlZeidi and I am working as the Director General of the Royal Cavalry in Oman.  Here with me are Mr. Khalid AlSaifi and Mr. Sulaiman AlHattali from the Omani Horse Registration Office.  It is our great pleasure to meet all of you here in this nice country, Australia.

I would like to present some facts about our horse registration activity in Oman during 2018.  The stud book volume 7 was printed and distributed to the Registrars, and we are working currently on volume 8.  In 2018, 69 horses were imported from United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Tunisia, France, Germany, Poland, the UK and the USA. However, 21 horses were exported to the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and the UK.  181 foals were registered.  In addition, 187 mares were used for breeding and 57 stallions were used for breeding.

Looking to other activities in Oman, 121 flat races for pure Arabians were organized.  Two pure Arabian shows were organized under supervision of ECAHO.

Finally, my colleagues and me would like to thank all of you and the Organizers of this Conference for their warm and generous reception.  Thank you.


Dr. Sarhan Salim Al-Zeidi, Sultanate of Oman: (Translated from Arabic).  Members of the Executive Committee, Delegates, dear audience. Good morning, I am Sarhan Salim Al-Zeidi, Director General of the Royal Cavalry. Myself and my colleagues are happy to meet you in our second home, Bahrain.

I would like to present a report about the Sultanate of Oman’s registration office for the two years 2015 and 2016.  We are working on the 7th edition of the Arabian Stud Book and it was sent to WAHO’s office for review. 193 horses were imported from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Tunisia, France, Germany, Spain, UK, and USA. 16 horses were exported to Bahrain, UAE and Qatar. The total number of registered foals in the period was 245. Mares used for breeding were 260, and 70 stallions were used for breeding.

Regarding our other Activities: The number of flat races in the last season was 180 races. An Arabian Show Championship is organized each year, and we wish to increase the number to three championship shows each year before organizing an international championship show.

Finally, I would like to thank the hosts organizers of this Conference for their warm reception and hospitality.


Mr. Faisal Mahboob Al Raisi, Oman: (translated from Arabic). Mr. President, dear Delegates, ladies and gentlemen. I am Faisal Mahboob Hassan, director-general of Oman’s Royal Cavalry. I am very pleased to meet you all again in our second home, Qatar.

Oman is one of the countries taking care of Arabian horses and devotes attention to its breeding. Our long established registration office is a constructive step in regulating the movement of horses and their breeding in Oman. Since the last Conference, our office successfully completed Volume 6 of our stud book and it was distributed to Members of WAHO. Work is in progress right now to distribute it to a bigger number of members and our office is focused now in the preparation of volumes 7 and 8.

Between 2011 and 2013 more than 300 horses were imported from several countries, and about 150 were exported from Oman. A large Arabian Horse Festival is organized every year in Oman, and many races are organized every year, our racing season runs from October until April. We also organize horse shows.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the organizers of this Conference for their generous hospitality and warm reception and to Miss Katrina Murray for her efforts in organizing this Conference.


Mr. Faisal bin Mahboob Al Raisi, Sultanate of Oman: Mr. President, members of the Executive Committee, honourable guests. I am Faisal Mahboob Hassan, Director General of the Royal Cavalry in the Sultanate of Oman. It is my pleasure to meet you all again at this important Conference. My co-delegate is Mr. Khalid Al-Saifi, Director of Horse Registration.

Oman is a leading country in preserving pure Arabian horses and it is keen to select the best and oldest pedigrees. We also encourage local breeding by giving incentives to horse owners and helping them in selecting the good reputed stallions and increasing the racing prizes for locally bred horses.

We have recently published the 6th volume of our Purebred Arabian Horse Studbook which will be sent to all registration offices approved by WAHO. We are currently working on the 7th volume which will probably be published next year. We have imported horses from the following countries: UAE, Qatar, France, UK, USA, Poland, Germany and Russia. We have exported horses to the following countries: UAE, Qatar, UK, France.

The Royal Cavalry is the only authority in Oman which registers horses. We also organize horses races where purebred Arabian horses compete at Al-Felaij racecourse. This racecourse is constructed to be in line with the international standards, and it is equipped with the state-of-art equipment and prepared in a way that ensures the safety of riders and horses. We give prizes to the winners in these races. We also allocate some races for horses locally bred in Oman aiming to preserve and encourage local people to breed purebred Arabian horses. Furthermore, we allocate a race for Fegentri. Worth mentioning is that we organize seminars for horse owners to raise awareness of how to care for the horses and treat them.

Finally, I would I would like to express our thanks to our hosts, the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani, for their warm welcome and generous hospitality and the good organization of this Conference. I would like also to thank the WAHO President and the Executive Committee and Katrina and her assistant Mrs. Natalie, and the members of WAHO.


My name is Faisal Bin Mahboob Al-Raisi, Director General of The Royal Cavalry and my co-delegate is my colleague Salem Bin Suleiman Al Mahrooqi, Deputy Director General of The Royal Cavalry and General Coordinator of the WAHO Conference 2009 in Muscat whom I think you all know through your communications with him over the past twenty years.

I would like to present you here with a concise report on the management strategy of purebred Arabians that The Royal Cavalry has adopted in the Sultanate since joining WAHO as a Member in 1979.

Our registration season starts every year in January by the Arabian Registry Office in the Omani Royal Cavalry. Throughout this period the office provides breeders with technical advice and helps them in selecting the appropriate breedings. The registration data is recorded on special forms which are then entered in the Registry Office’s Arabian database. The Royal Cavalry has, in fact, mobilized all that is required of both modern technical and veterinary support to ensure successful and safe breeding. Before registering any foal, an official written identification is made of it. A DNA test for parent verification of foals is also used as well as microchips which have a hidden code in compliance with international norms. After that, the foals are registered in the stud book registry and passports are issued for them including information about pedigree, identification, health and administrative follow up.

Every four years a stud book in compliance with the WAHO norms is also issued. The current Arabian stud book is Volume 6 and it’s actually under printing. Every year about 80 foals are registered. We allow the use of Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer.

Oman has witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of private breeders of Arabians which currently exceeds 60 breeders in comparison with the situation at the beginning of the 1980’s when their number was hardly remarkable. We also offer education and seminars on the care of horses.

Concerning exports and imports, we follow all the WAHO rules for this and we exported around 60 horses to Saudi Arabia, to the UAE, to Bahrain and to Qatar, and also to Italy. We imported around 120 horses from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, USA, Germany, France, Denmark and many other countries.

The Royal Cavalry in the Sultanate of Oman has taken special care of purebred Arabian horses, and many activities are arranged for them, such as:

Local and International races: Annually nine race meetings are held on the Omani racetracks. We have National and International racing and we also have races for lady jockeys. Oman is a member of IFAHR and we have also sent our horses to participate in races overseas. These races, indeed, have witnessed the unconditional support on the part of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos who has always showed great interest in the Arabian purebred horses as part of Oman’s cultural heritage.

Arabian horse shows: Omani Arabian horses, in fact, participate every year in a number of International competitions in, for instance, the UAE, Qatar, the UK and France.
Endurance races: A growing interest in such kind of races has recently been noticed in the Sultanate of Oman. This interest has culminated in the Sultanate’s participation in the last World Championship in Malaysia.

We also offer many local activities for horsemanship and we take special care to keep many of our traditions alive. You will see some of our traditional horsemanship displays during your stay here. We also have a website, which we invite you to visit, the text is available in English and Arabic. Last but not least, the Arabian Registry Office in the Sultanate of Oman will continue to attach great care to following all the rules and regulations of WAHO. We also attach great importance to maintaining relations of cooperation and friendship with all the WAHO Registries all over the world, this guarantees the best help to the Arabian horse in order to evolve and to develop the status of the breed worldwide. We will also continue to preserve the purity of the Arabian blood and will contribute actively in promoting the Arabian breed on a national level and also worldwide. I thank you all.


Oman is now working on issuing the next volume of our stud book, in which there are 679 Arabian horses registered. It covers the period since 2000 and it will be printed by the end of 2007.

Between 60 and 100 foals are born each year in Oman. It is worth mentioning in this regard that since 2000 up until now, 32 horses were imported from England, 6 from Qatar, 3 from Denmark, 1 from Australia, 4 from Germany, 2 from Italy, 25 from France, 1 from Lebanon, 1 from Russia, and 1 from USA. 18 horses were exported in this period.

DNA is used to identify and parent verify all the purebred Arabian horses and micro-chipping is also used. The use of Artificial Insemination and transported semen are permitted, also the use of embryo transfer. Racing and endurance are popular activities in Oman, at present there is no showing. Horses from Oman also take part in shows and races in neighbouring countries and have achieved success in these events.

In the year 2007, 80 foals were registered. 24 horses were exported and 7 imported in the same period.

Trophy Winners


AL MUFHAM S.B.  Bay stallion, 2017. (Big Easy / Tabarek A’Rahman)

Breeder & Owner: Saad Bin Suhail Al Mukhaini.  Strain: Not recorded, Family of Emtayra.

The Royal Cavalry of Oman are pleased to award the 2022 WAHO trophy to the successful young stallion Al Mufham S.B. for his successes in racing.

In the 2021-2022 season he was the highest rated Oman bred race horse. He has been lightly raced, only 4 times in Oman, obtaining 3 second places and winning the Oman Derby. He has also been placed in races in the United Arab Emirates.

From left to right: Trainer – Yousuf Al Hajri, Race Patron – H.H. Dr. Fahad Bin Al Julanda Al Said, Director General of the Royal Cavalry of Oman – Dr. Sarha Bin Salim Al Zeidi, Mr. Nasser Awladwodair

MAJD H.S. – 2019 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

MAJD H.S. Grey Stallion, 2013. [Munjiz / Ayun]. Breeder & Owner: Mr. Mahboob bin Mohammed Hashmani. Strain: Not recorded (Family of Szamrajowka)

The Royal Cavalry of Oman has announced the winner of their 2019 WAHO Trophy is the highly rated racing stallion Majd H.S. He has been recognized with this award due to his racing successes during the 2018/2019 season, which included winning the prestigious 48th National Day Cup Prize in 2018.

MAJD H.S. – 2019 WAHO Trophy Winner of Oman

MAJD H.S. – 2019 WAHO Trophy Winner of Oman

KAHAYLA AZ – 2018 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

KAHAYLA AZ, Chestnut stallion, 2014 (Burning Sand / Zornia)
Breeder & Owner: Mr. Qais Bin Saud Al Zakwani
Strain: Kehailan Nawak (M’zeirib, 1891)

The Royal Cavalry of Oman is pleased to announce the winner of their WAHO Trophy for 2018 has been selected. The Trophy has been awarded to the excellent young racehorse, Kahayla AZ, bred and owned by Mr. Qais Bin Saud Al Zakwani.

KAHAYLA AZ, WAHO Trophy Winner of Oman in 2018

Kahayla AZ won 4 of his 6 starts during the 2017-2018 racing season in Oman, including the Al Jalali Fort 47 National Day Cup and the Muscat Gate Oman Derby.

The WAHO Trophy was presented to the proud owner in a public ceremony by H.E. Dr. Abdulla Al Saeedi, The Minister of Legal Affairs.

WAHO Trophy presentation, L-R Mr. Qais Bin Saud Al Zakwani and H.E. Dr. Abdulla Al Saeedi

ASILAT MUSCAT – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

ASILAT MUSCAT, Bay mare, 2013, (Calin Du Loup / Halahel)
Breeder: The Muscat Stud
Owner: Al Sayyid Munther Bin Saif Al Busaidi
Strain: Not recorded, family of Emtayra (1938)

The winner of Oman’s 2016 WAHO Trophy has been announced by The Royal Cavalry of Oman.

The Trophy was awarded to the excellent race mare Asilat Muscat, of all French bloodlines, in respect of her outstanding record during the 2016-2017 season. From 14 races, she won 3 and was placed 10 times.

2016 WAHO Trophy from Oman, the mare Asilat Muscat

After the race.

WAHO Trophy presentation

ARKAN – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

ARKAN Chestnut stallion, 2011. (Sarab / Ghuzlan).
Breeder: Mr. Musabah Bin Ali Al Maamari. Owner: Mr. Mohammed Bin Musaban Al Ma’mari. Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Samaria, 1882)

Arkan, 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner of Oman

Arkan, 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner of Oman

The Royal Cavalry of Oman is pleased to announce that the 2015 winner of their WAHO Trophy has been selected. The winner is the chestnut stallion Arkan. He was awarded the WAHO Trophy in recognition of his excellent racing record. He was in the winner’s circle 4 times in the 2014-2015 racing season, winning the 2015 Oman Derby and the Muhafidah Al Buraimi Finals Cup for horses bred in Oman. He was also placed 5th in the very competitive 2015 Qatar Gulf Cup, an international race for Arabians bred in the GCC countries.

Presentation of the 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner

Presentation of the 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner

HATTEEN MUSCAT – 2013 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

HATTEEN MUSCAT, Grey Stallion, *2010 (Hatteen / Mariloup)
Breeder: Muscat Stud, Owner: Sayed Mundhir Bin Saif AlBusaidi
Strain: Hamdani El Sbaa (Zulma)

2013 WAHO Trophy Presentation in Oman

2013 WAHO Trophy Presentation in Oman

Hatteen Muscat has been awarded The Sultanate of Oman’s 2013 WAHO Trophy in recognition of this young stallion’s excellent achievements in the 2012-2013 racing season. From 6 starts, he won 5 races in succession during the period February 7th to April 3rd 2013. The Trophy was presented to the owner at a special ceremony.

HISHMAH – 2012 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

HISHMAH, Chestnut mare, *2009 (Saut Du Loup/Mukaramah). Breeder: Mr Ali Bin Majid Al Mamari. Owner: Mr. Majid Bin Ali Al Mamari. Strain: Not Recorded, Family of Emtayra (1938).

Hishmah won 3 of her 4 starts in 2011-2012 racing season, and was rated the top three-year old in Oman. She was bred and is raced by the Al Mamari family who have done much to promote and support local breeding and racing in Oman.

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Official presentation of the WAHO Trophy for Hishmah by HE The Minister of Transport & Communications and Brigadier Abdulrazak Al Shahwarzi, Commander of the Royal Oman Cavalry, to Mr. Musbah Bin Ali Al Mamari.

AL HARITH – 2010 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

AL HARITH, Chestnut stallion, *2003 (Daffy Duck / A’Sareeah).
Breeder: Mr. Hamood Saif Al Raqadi. Owner: Mr. Saad Suhail Al Mukhaini.
Strain: Not Recorded. Family of Em’tayra (1938).

The Royal Cavalry, Arabian Horse Stud Book of Oman, have informed WAHO that their 2010 WAHO Trophy has been awarded for the second time to the stallion Al Harith, who first won this award in 2005. This excellent home-bred colt is now a multiple race winner.

MUTAFANI – 2008 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

MUTAFANI, Grey stallion, *2002 (Amer/Cheikha).
Owner and Breeder: The Royal Cavalry of Oman.
Strain: Not Recorded (Family of Emtayra, 1938)

The Sultanate of Oman is proud to announce that the winner of their 2008 WAHO Trophy is the brave racehorse Mutafani. Bred at the Royal Stud in Oman of mixed Saudi Arabian and Tunisian bloodlines, this attractive grey has raced successfully not only in Oman but also in Europe and the UAE. One of his best achievements in the 2008 season was taking second place in the important Al Hai Group 1 Zaabeel Stakes over 6 furlongs at the prestigious international Dubai Day meeting at Newbury racecourse in the United Kingdom. He has also won over 8 furlongs in Abu Dhabi against very strong opposition. He has therefore been an excellent ambassador for Oman’s home-bred horses both at home and abroad.

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Mr. Faisal Bin Mahboob Al-Raisi, Director General of The Oman Royal Cavalry,
receives the WAHO Trophy for Mutafani from Dr. Hans-J. Nagel, WAHO President.

The Trophy was presented by WAHO President, Dr. Hans-J. Nagel, to Mr. Faisal Bin Mahboob Al-Raisi, the Director General of the Royal Cavalry on the occasion of the 2008 WAHO Conference Gala Dinner, in front of an appreciative audience.

ROKN – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

ROKN, Chestnut stallion, 2001 (Bengali d’Albret / Carthagenna [Al Masarrat])
Breeder: The Royal Cavalry, Oman. Owner: Mr. Mubarek Sanoor.
Strain: Jelfan El Dehoua (Wadha, 1874).

The Royal Cavalry is pleased to announce that the Arabian racehorse Rokn has been awarded the 2006 WAHO Trophy for Oman. Rokn has won 3 races, and over $9,000 in prize money. Rokn also won many times in regional competitions such as Al Sharqiya and Al Batina.

Awaiting Photograph

AL HARITH – 2005 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

AL HARITH, Chestnut stallion, *2003 (Daffy Duck / A’sareeah).
Breeder and owner: Mr. Hamood Saif Al Raqadi.
Strain: Not Recorded. Family of Em’tayra (1938).

The Royal Cavalry, Arabian Horse Stud Book of Oman, have informed WAHO that their 2005 WAHO Trophy has been awarded to Al Harith. This excellent home-bred colt is a race winner already. This is not unexpected, as his pedigree contains a wealth of racing talent. His dam A’sareeah was bred by the Royal Stables of Oman, by Tout An Khan (imported from France) out of Tronja (imported from Tunisia). His sire Daffy Duck (Cheri Bibi / Super Nana) was bred in France and imported to the United Arab Emirates. A photograph of the winning horse will be published on the WAHO website in due course.

Awaiting Photograph