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ZT NAPHL – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Argentina

ZT NAPHL, Grey stallion, 1994 (Imperial Napharr / ZT Difl). Breeder: Count Federico Zichy Thyssen. Owners: Carlos and QuiQui Larrere. Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Nejdme, 1887). The 2006 WAHO Trophy was awarded by the Arabian Horse Breeders Society of Argentina to ZT Naphl. This horse achieved an outstanding racing record in both Argentina and in the […]

CAMALOT LAHANA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Australia

CAMALOT LAHANA, Chestnut mare, 1992 (Arabesque Amon-Ra / Mai-San Marcasite). Breeder: Patricia Dawn Layton. Owners: Janice Hingston & Tony Gifford. Strain: Seglawieh Jedranieh of Ibn Soudan (Ghazieh). The owners of this talented mare, of old Crabbet bloodlines, decided to breed from her after thirteen years of being a valuable work horse, but first they planned […]

AL ALIHA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

AL ALIHA, Black mare, *2000 (DWD Tabasco / Gahari). Breeder and Owner: Gerhard & Michael Huber, Al Hambra Arabians. Strain: Kehaileh Rodania (Rodania 1869) The 2006 WAHO trophy was awarded for the second year by the Austrian Arabian Horse Breeder’s Association (VVÖ). The selection for this special trophy is made at the Annual General Meeting […]

JELLABY BALSAM – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Bahrain

JELLABY BALSAM, Grey Stallion, 2000 (Kuheilaan Aafas Ttaawoos / Jellabieh Awaali). Breeder: The Royal Arabian Stud of Bahrain. Owner: The Royal Arabian Stud of Bahrain. Strain: Kuheilaan Jellaby (Jellabieh Bint Alsadiya Medaayih, 1970). The WAHO Trophy winner for the year 2006 was Bahrain’s Arabian Racehorse of the Year JELLABY BALSAM from the Royal Arabian Stud […]

SPIRIT MB – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Belgium

SPIRIT MB, Chestnut Stallion, *1992 (Pobeg / Daicha). Breeder: MB Arabian Horses. Owner: Claude Tomberg. Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania 1869). The Belgian Arabian Horse Registry has announced that the stallion Spirit MB has been awarded their 2006 WAHO Trophy. This stallion’s pedigree combines a high percentage of Russian lines with old English and Crabbet lines. […]

ARABI – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Belize

ARABI., Chestnut Stallion, *1991 (TS Chac / Louida). Breeder and Owner: Mr. Abdala Bedran. Strain: Managhi Hedruj (Haidee 1869) Arabi was selected by the Belize Arabian Stud Book Committee as their 2006 WAHO Trophy winner. The reasons for this selection include his good conformation, good disposition, and his prepotency as a sire. Arabi has been […]

2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

No report for 2006

EL PEGAS – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Czech Republic

EL PEGAS, Bay gelding, *1995 (Sultan / Egina). Breeder: Vlastimil Smejkal. Owner: Lucie Prikrylova. Strain: Kehailan Moradi (Sahara). The Czech Republic’s Association for Purebred Arabian Horses (ACHPAK) is pleased to announce their 2006 WAHO Trophy winner. The charming gelding El Pegas has twice been the Czech National Champion in both Show Jumping and Dressage, with […]

WASHA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Denmark

WASHA., Chestnut Mare, 1982 (Shalom / Warissa). Breeder: PAJB-Arabians. Owner: Lisa Kiesbuy. Strain: Not Recorded (Family of Murana, 1808) The Danish Society of Arabian Horse Breeding (DSAH) has awarded the 2006 WAHO Trophy for Denmark to the mare WASHA. Now 23 years old, this beautiful mare from the so-called “Danish W” line founded by the […]

FAROUQ SAQR – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Egypt

FAROUQ SAQR, Grey Stallion, *2003 (El Habiel / Desperados Fancy). Breeder: Mr. Omar Saqr, Saqr Stud. Owner: Prince Saud Bin Sultan, Al Mamlaka Stud. Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania 1869) The Egyptian Agricultural Organization was pleased to award their 2006 WAHO Trophy to the beautiful young grey stallion Farouq Saqr. He won the “Most Classical Head” […]

SHAH EL TEMAREEF – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Finland

SHAH EL TEMAREEF, Grey Stallion, *1997 (Shah El Tareef / Tematika). Breeder and Owner: Erkki Kuvaja. Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Gazella). The Finnish Arabian Horse Society selected the stallion Shah El Temareef as their winner of the 2006 WAHO Trophy for Finland. This award is very well deserved. A beautiful stallion, he has competed in endurance […]

LIANA EL BARAKA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – France

LIANA EL BARAKA, Grey Mare, 1998 (Pegase EF / Zora Arabia). Breeder: S.A.R.L. Najia Arabians. Owners: Pascale & Christian Manoha, Haras de la Majorie. Rider: Stephanie Arnal. Strain: Jelfet El Dehoua (Wadha 1874) The Association Nationale Francaise du Cheval Arabe decided that the 2006 WAHO Trophy for France would be again be awarded on the […]

MAYSOUN – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Germany

MAYSOUN, Grey stallion, 1985 (Ansata Halim Shah / Maysouna) Breeders & Owners: Karin & Gunter Maiworm, Maiworm Stud. Strain: Seglawi Jedran of Ibn Soudan (Roga 1882). The Verband der Zuchter und Freunde des Arabischen Pferdes awarded their WAHO Trophy for the first time in 2006. The recipient was named as the 25-year old stallion, Maysoun, […]

SHARIF – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Hungary

SHARIF, Grey stallion, *1997 (Magdan / Blanka). Breeder: Imre Parti. Owner: Generál-Insped Kft. Strain: Managhi (87 Glule, 1852) The 2006 WAHO Trophy is awarded by Society of Hungarian Arabian Horse Breeders Breeding Committee in Hungary during application. The competition can be entered only by purebred Arabian horses bred and born in Hungary, and registered by […]

OSAILAN – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iraq

OSAILAN, Grey Stallion, *2003 (Al-Hassim / Amal Al Thania). Breeder: Dr. Mohammad Al-Nujaifi. Owner: Ahmed Al-Hijia. Strain: Saglawi Jedran (Shohob). The Iraqi Arabian Horse Organization has pleasure in announcing that they have awarded their 2006 and 2007 WAHO Trophies at the same time, seeing this as good encouragement to the Arabian horse owners of Iraq […]

2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Israel

Not awarded in 2006

ARC BLACK SHEIKH – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Italy

ARC BLACK SHEIKH, Black stallion, 1997 (Artistic Rebony/Jarda Anne MRB). Breeder: Alevamento Arcobaleno. Owner: Adriana Belmonte. Strain: Seglawi Jedran (Urfah, 1898). ANICA is pleased to announce that the beautiful 10-year old black stallion ARC Black Sheikh has been selected as Italy’s 2006 WAHO Trophy winner. The award was made at a special ceremony in front […]

HLAYYIL RAMADAN – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Jordan

HLAYYIL RAMADAN, Grey Stallion, *1996 (Kamar El Zaman / Haboub). Owner/Breeder: Royal Jordanian State Stud. Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Freiha). The Royal Jordanian Equestrian Federation has selected the outstanding World Champion stallion Hlayyil Ramadan as their winner of the 2006 WAHO Trophy for Jordan. A happy blend of Egyptian and rare old Jordanian lines, with several […]

VENETSIYA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Kazakhstan

VENETSIYA, Bay mare, *2005 (Benuar – Verhushka). Owner/Breeder: Rahat Stud Farm. Strain: Hamdanieh Simrieh (Selma). The Arabian Horse Society of Kazakhstan has awarded their 2006 WAHO Trophy to the young mare Venetsiya, born at Rahat Stud and considered the best filly in the country. This attractive young bay is sired by Benuar (Negasimyi / Bukva), […]

ABATAS – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Lithuania

ABATAS, Grey stallion, 2000 (Bosas / Alka). Breeder and Owner: Vilnius Stud. Strain: Hamdani Simri (Selma). The Lithuanian Horse Breeders Society is proud to announce that the 2006 WAHO Trophy was awarded to the highly regarded young stallion Abatas, born in 2000 and raised in Vilnius Stud. This stallion participates successfully in many Lithuanian stockbreeding […]

MAGHRIBI – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Morocco

MAGHRIBI, Bay stallion, 2002 (Imperial Mashhar – Khemisset). Breeder: Mr. Amid Abdelhamid. Owner: Mr. Anas Jamai, Haras Al Boraq. Strain: Seglawi Jedran of Ibn Soudan (Roga, 1882). The Royal Moroccan Association of Arabian Horse Breeders and the Division des Haras at the Ministry of Agriculture are pleased to announce Morocco’s 2006 WAHO Trophy winner. Moroccan […]

LE-WARDI DANESKA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Namibia

LE-WARDI DANESKA, Grey Mare, 1999 (Elsabad Habdan / Le-Wardi Tamara). Breeder: Mrs. Lihane M. Esterhuizen. Owner: Mr. Louis De Kock. Strain: Seglawieh Al Abd (Wadduda 1899). The Arab Horse Breeders Society of Namibia is proud to announce that the 2006 WAHO Trophy for Namibia has been awarded to the mare Le-Wardi Daneska. This mare is […]

RIGONA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Netherlands

RIGONA, Chestnut Mare, *1993 (Abakan / Ragonka). Breeder: Mr. G. Struik. Owner: Mr. Luut Schutrups. Strain: Kehaileh Rodanieh (Rodania 1869) Bred by Mr. Struik when he himself was over 80 years of age, Rigona was bought by Mr. Schutrups, the proud owner, as a filly-foal in 1993. In 1994 she won the filly championships in […]

NGAPA JOUSSIF – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – New Zealand

NGAPA JOUSSIF, Grey stallion, 1977 (Grey Swirl / Ngapa Maid). Breeder: Owners: Linda & Stuart Cottle, Delight Arab Horse Stud. Strain: Dahman Um Amr of Ibn Hemsi (Dahma 1876). The New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders Society Inc. have awarded their 2006 WAHO Trophy to the veteran stallion, Ngapa Joussif. A highly valued working Arabian stock […]

WIELKI PAWO – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Norway

WIELKI PAWO, Grey stallion, 1994 (Pawodok – Wielka Cha-Cha) Owner/Breeder: Åge Stenumgård. Strain: Kehailan Dajani (Mlecha) The Norwegian Arab Horse Society is pleased to announce that Wielki Pawo has been awarded their 2006 WAHO Trophy. This lovely stallion of predominantly Polish bloodlines has been champion several times at international shows as well as gaining Best […]

ROKN – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

ROKN, Chestnut stallion, 2001 (Bengali d’Albret / Carthagenna [Al Masarrat]) Breeder: The Royal Cavalry, Oman. Owner: Mr. Mubarek Sanoor. Strain: Jelfan El Dehoua (Wadha, 1874). The Royal Cavalry is pleased to announce that the Arabian racehorse Rokn has been awarded the 2006 WAHO Trophy for Oman. Rokn has won 3 races, and over $9,000 in […]

EMIGRACJA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Poland

EMIGRACJA, Grey mare, 1980 (Palas/Emisja). Bred and owned by Michalow Stud. Strain: Not Recorded (family of Milordka, 1816). The world-famous and much loved Polish mare, 26-year old Emigracja, was chosen to receive Poland’s 2006 WAHO Trophy for her achievements as an important broodmare of world-wide significance. The serenely beautiful flea-bitten “Pearl of Michalow” was presented […]

ASHHAL AL RAYYAN – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Qatar

ASHHAL AL RAYYAN, Grey stallion, 1996 (Safir / Ansata Majesta). Breeder and Owner: HE Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Khalid Al Thani. Strain: Dahman Shahwan (El Dahma, 1879). The 2006 WAHO Trophy was awarded to the champion stallion, Ashhal Al Rayyan, for his exceptional beauty and as a successful sire of champion foals. Ashhal Al Rayyan, […]

COCOR – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Romania

COCOR, chestnut stallion, 1995 (El Iman / 734 Nedjari V-76) Owner and breeder: Mangalia Stud Farm. Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Gazella). The Autoritate Hipica Nationala of Romania are pleased to announce that the stallion Cocor, bred and owned by the State Stud at Mangalia, has been awarded their 2006 WAHO Trophy. This stallion is a champion […]

ANCHAR – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Russia

ANCHAR, bay stallion, 1981 (Moment / Nutria). Breeder and Owner: Khrenovoe Stud, Russia. Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Gazella). The stallion ANCHAR , by the renowned stallion Moment (Salon/Malpia) out of the esteemed broodmare and Russian derby winner Nutria (Topol/Nasturcia), has been recognized with the 2006 WAHO Trophy by RASB, Rosplemkonzavod and the Russian Arabian Horse Breeders […]

NADER – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Saudi Arabia

NADER, Grey Stallion, 1981 (Eidan / Nadra). Breeder and Owner: King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Centre. Strain: Hamdani Simri (Lateefa OA, 1951). For 2006, the WAHO Trophy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been presented to Nader, a 26-year old Pure Saudi Desert-Bred Arabian stallion of the Hamdani strain. His sire, Eidan, another very […]

SAMIR – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Slovakia

SAMIR, Chestnut stallion, *1984 (Hosam / Usajna) Breeder & Owner: National Stud Farm Topolcianky. Strain: Obeyan (Karima) The Slovak Republic has announced their winning horse for their 2006 WAHO Trophy Award. A special commission organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic selected the veteran stallion Samir as the recipient. He was chosen […]

GOLDEN CROWN – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Slovenia

GOLDEN CROWN, Dark Chestnut stallion, *1978 Breeder: Cromes Arabian Stud. Owner: Joze Zver. Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869). The Slovenian Arabian Stud Book Authority is pleased to announce that the 29-year old stallion Golden Crown, owned by Joze Zver, Brezovica, Slovenia has been awarded the 2006 WAHO Trophy for Slovenia. Despite the fact that this […]

SIDI BALLALAIKA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – South Africa

SIDI BALLALAIKA, dark bay mare, 1991 (Laddinn x Sidi Narimaan). Breeder & Owner: Mr. Jack Maritz. Strain: Kehaileh Rodanieh (Rodania, 1869). Sidi Ballalaika has been awarded the 2006 WAHO trophy by the council of the Arab Horse Society of South Africa. Sidi Ballalaika is a consistent winner at halter, ridden and performance championships in South […]

FIOLEK – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Spain

FIOLEK, Grey stallion, *1986 (Zacateco / Rijeka). Owner and breeder: Doña Teresa de Borbon of the Flor de Lis Stud. Strain: Managhi Sbeyli (Beni Kaled, 1918). After the unanimous choice of Zacateco in 2005, Spain has changed its method of selection to a points system, taking into account Show and Sports results of both the […]

PAMIR – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Sweden

PAMIR, Bay stallion, *1984 (Nadejni / Preria). Breeder: Birgitta Fock. Owner: Ingrid Kindh. Strain: Seglawi Jedran (Emese, 1880). The bay stallion Pamir has been awarded Sweden’s 2006 WAHO Trophy in recognition of his superb lifetime achievements as a breeding stallion. Evaluated in 1987 as a breeding Stallion First Class, Pamir is the sire of many […]

JERIDAN – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Switzerland

JERIDAN, Chestnut stallion, *1986 (Rihan / Jezabel). Breeder: Hans und Hedy Hartmann-Schweizer. Owner: The Hossle-Hartmann. Strain: Hamdani Simri (Selma). The members of the Swiss Arab Horse Society were invited to choose their favourite horse for the WAHO trophy 2006 out of five candidates who were presented with their life performance in the Society’s periodical. The […]

KHOOSHMAN – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Syria

KHOOSHMAN, Black stallion, *2001 (Sahab / Al Sahra). Breeder & owner: Nizar J. As’ad, Al Jameel Stud. Strain: Kehailan Armoush. The Syrian Arabian Horse Associated has awarded their 2006 WAHO Trophy to the black stallion, Khooshman, winner of the Syrian National Stallion Champion title in 2006. He traces on his dam’s side entirely to Original […]

KAFKASLI – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Turkey

KAFKASLI, Bay stallion, *2002 (Cas / 18. Malike). Breeder: Karacabey State Stud. Owner: Mr. Remazan Kaya. Strain: Ubeyyan (Malike 1929). A special commission formed by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has selected the young stallion KAFKASLI from a number of candidates as the winner of Turkey’s 2006 WAHO Trophy. They considered that […]

FRANZARA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

FRANZARA, Bay mare, *1992 (Bonanza / Treeyews Farona). Bred by Mrs. Lesley A. Dunn, owned by Lesley & Ray Dunn. Strain: Kehailet El Sharif (Scherifa, 1896). The Council of the Arab Horse Society of Great Britain selected the outstanding endurance mare, Franzara, as their 2006 WAHO Trophy winner. Ridden throughout her competitive career by her […]

MONOGRAMM – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – USA

MONOGRAMM, Chestnut, *1985 (Negatraz/Monogramma). Breeder: Richard G. or Kay E. Patterson. Owner: William J. or Meredith Bishop. Strain: Kehailan Moradi (Sahara, ca. 1840). The Purebred Arabian Horse Registry of America awarded their 2006 WAHO Trophy for USA to the 21 year old stallion, Monogramm, in recognition of his outstanding achievements as a sire of significance […]

H.M. ZAHIR – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Uruguay

H.M. ZAHIR, Chestnut stallion, *2001 (Laman HVP / ON Silsila). Breeder: Pablo Cataldo. Owner: Blue Heaven Stud of Mr. Armani and Mr. Luccini. Strain: Kehailan Moradi (Sahara). The Arabian Horse Breeders Association of Uruguay have awarded their 2006 WAHO Trophy to the stallion, H.M. Zahir. The presentation of the WAHO Trophy which took place at […]

FESTIVAL – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Venezuela

FESTIVAL, Grey stallion, *1996 (Mushir / Khamalita). Breeder: Nicola Cecconello. Owner: Eugenio Caballero. Strain: Seglawi Jedran (Leila I) ASOARABE has announced that their 2006 WAHO Trophy winner is the grey stalion Festival. He had done very well at “Bull Tailing” which is the Venezuelan typical sport, winning several important competitions, and also his progeny are […]