Member Report from Azerbaijan

2019 REPORT:

The following information was provided by the Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan Republic. In 2017, 5 foals were registered. There were 16 broodmares and 5 stallions used for breeding. There were 3 horses imported from the United States of America and no exports.


Volume 1 of the Azerbaijan Arabian Stud Book, which covers foals born in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2001-2004 inclusive, was published in 2005. Foals born in Azerbaijan prior to 2001 were registered in the Russian Arabian Stud Book. Supplement 1 of the Azerbaijan Stud Book has also been printed, this includes foals born in 2005 and 2006. Volume 2 of the Azerbaijan Stud Book will be printed in 2009.

There are 16 active broodmares, and 3 stallions used for breeding. The number of foals born in 2005 and 2006 was 4. The number of foals is on the decrease over the last 5 years. The reason for this fact might be that until recently there has been no racing in the Republic of Azerbaijan, nor any show events. The estimated number of horses of racing age in Azerbaijan is about 10 and the number of Arabian horses in the Republic is expected to increase in connection with opening of a new racecourse in Baku in this year.

During 2006, 15 mares were imported from Russia. 2 stallions were imported stallions, one from Russia and one from Turkey.

Beginning from the foal crop of 2005, only DNA parentage verified foals are able to be registered in the Azerbaijan Stud Book. Microchipping is not used. Neither Artificial Insemination nor Embryo transfer are used.

The only activities for Arabians registered in Azerbaijan Stud Book are races outside of the Republic, generally in Russia. The estimated percentage of Arabians which have raced is 40%.

There is a new Race course in Azerbaijan, which we hope will start to function in this year. The Arabian Horse Association of the Republic announced the possibility to race and Racing Rules to all known owners of Arabians in the Republic and in Russia as well. We hope that people in Azerbaijan will buy Arabian horses for races when races started and that as a result, the number of Arabian horses in the Republic will increase.

In 2007, Azerbaijan reported 34 new registered foals, no exports and 18 imports.

Trophy Winners

ERDEN – 2012 WAHO Trophy Winner – Azerbaijan

ERDEN, grey stallion, *2008 (Notarius/Ebru). Breeder and Owner: Mr. Mamed Guseynov. Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869)

The Azerbaijan Republic Equestrian Federation, in charge of the Arabian Stud Book of Azerbaijan, is very pleased to announce their 2012 WAHO Trophy winner. The trophy has been awarded to the 4-year old stallion Erden. Erden has been awarded the WAHO Trophy in recognition of his outstanding achievements as the best Arabian racehorse in Azerbaijan in 2012, where he was unbeaten in all his races with 8 wins.

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Photo of Erden

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L-R: Erden’s Jockey Mr. Habil Mamedov; Erden; Mr. Bahman Mustafayev receiving the WAHO Trophy on behalf of the owner and Mr. Mair Muradov , Vice-President of Azerbaijan Equestrian Federation, making the presentation.

AKPER – 2005 WAHO Trophy Winner – Azerbaijan

AKPER, Grey stallion, *2002 (Piligrim / Anita).
Breeder and Owner: Mr Mamed Guseinov.
Strain: Hadban Enzahi (Elsissa I, 1870)
The Azerbaijan Arabian Horses Club awarded their WAHO Trophy for 2005 to the stallion Akper, one of the earliest Azerbaijan-bred Arabians to be resgistered in the first WAHO approved stud book for this new Registering Authority Member.
The reason for the choice is that Akper shows both the typical Arabian characteristics and is also proving to be an excellent athlete. He won a demonstration race at Bina Racecourse on August 10, 2005 over a distance of 1000 metres in a time of 1 min. 09 sec. His dam Anita was imported from Russia in 2001, she is by Namat out of Amira and was bred by Tersk Stud. Akper is her first foal born in Azerbaijan, he was imported in utero and is by Piligrim (Gips / Postup).
Click to Enlarge - Akper, winner of Azerbaijan's 2005 WAHO Trophy.

Akper, winner of Azerbaijan’s
2005 WAHO Trophy.