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CRAVE FF – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Australia

CRAVE FF, Bay Stallion, 2005 (Mash / Bremervale Charmed) Breeder & Owner: Kate and Doyle Dertell, Future Farm Strain: Managhi Sbeyli (Beni-Kaled, 1918) Citation written by his owners, Kate and Doyle Dertell: The story of Crave FF begins long before he was even born. In 2001 we made the decision to begin breeding purebred Arabian […]

NAIN – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

NAIN, Bay stallion, 2010 (Drug / Niya) Breeder and Owner: Helmut & Elisabeth Chat, Chat Stud Strain: Not Recorded, Family of Murana I (1808). The Austrian Arab Horse Society has awarded their 2017 WAHO Trophy to the stallion Nain, in recognition of his excellent racing results in 17 races over three seasons. Nain started his […]

WIKING – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Czech Republic

WIKING. Grey stallion, 2004 (Ukawango / Worka) Breeder & owner: P. Zástěra Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Gazella, ca. 1840) ACHPAK is pleased to announce that the winner of their 2017 WAHO Trophy is the attractive stallion, Wiking. His sire, Ukawango, is himself a previous winner of the WAHO Trophy. His dam, Worka, was imported from Sweden […]

GALILEO – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Finland

GALILEO, Chestnut Stallion, 2003 (Monograf / Ghana) Breeder: Scanarab Oy Owners: Hanna & Minna Soisalo Strain: Not Recorded (Family of Milordka, 1816) The Finnish Arabian Horse Society has awarded their 2017 WAHO Trophy to the 14-year old stallion Galileo. Galileo is an excellent sport horse, he has competed in both dressage and show jumping at […]

ROGHABIEH SARDAR – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

ROGHABIEH SARDAR, Grey Mare, 2005 (Mobarak / Bahrieh Sepahpour) Breeder & Owner: Mr. Heshmat Hassanzadeh Strain: Hamdanieh The winner of Iran’s 2017 WAHO Trophy has been announced. The award goes to the exceptional and brave mare Roghabieh Sardar, in recognition of her outstanding achievements first of all in 2 seasons of racing, and more recently […]

ALMASA – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Jordan

ALMASA, Grey Mare, 2008 (Monarcos DD / Jawaahir) Breeder and Owner: HRH Prince Hussein Mirza, The Royal Stables, Jordan Strain: KehailehDajanieh (Mlecha, ca. 1840) The Royal Jordanian Equestrian Federation is proud to announce that the winner of their 2017 WAHO Trophy is the graceful mare, Almasa. Renowned in particular for her exceptional movement, she won […]

BERETTA – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Kazakhstan

BERETTA , Grey Mare, 2014 (Kair / Barymta) Breeder: “Ajar” Arabian Stud Owner: R.D. Ismailova Strain: Kehaileh Moradi (Sahara, ca. 1840). The Kazakh Arabian Horse Association has awarded their 2017 WAHO Trophy to the lovely young mare, Beretta. Her sire Kair (Adres/Koldunia) was bred at Tersk Stud in Russia, he was an outstanding racehorse, winning […]

BRITE – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Lithuania

BRITE, Grey mare, 2008 (Grafik / Balande) Breeder: Vilnius Stud Owner: Mrs. Gabriele Mateikaite Strain: Kehaileh Moradi (Sahara, ca. 1840) Lithuania’s 2017 WAHO Trophy was awarded to the grey mare Brite, bred at Vilnius Stud by the leased Polish stallion Grafik (Eukaliptus/Gaskonia) out of the Vilnius-bred mare Balande, who is by Bosas, Lithuania’s first WAHO […]

GÜLILAH NAHGALIT – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Namibia

GÜLILAH NAHGALIT, Bay Gelding, 2007 (Nabilah Nahd / Gülilah Galisa) Breeders: Mrs. Helga Aschenborn, Fritzi & Gisela Uijs Owners: Reni and Rinus van der Merwe Strain: Seglawi Al Abd (Wadduda, 1899) The Namibian Arab Horse Breeders Society is pleased to announce they have awarded their 2017 WAHO Trophy to the gelding Gülilah Nahgalit in a […]

YA KARMA – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Netherlands

YA KARMA, Bay Mare, 1994 (Karnaval / Kormangal) Breeder: Family de Jong-Reijnders, Yaccaranda Arabians Owner: Femke Maat and Frans Mons, F&M Arabians Strain: Kehaileh Dajanieh (Mlecha, ca. 1840) The AVS is pleased to announce that YA Karma, one of the Netherland’s top producing broodmares, was named as their WAHO Trophy winner for the year 2017. […]

ROSEWOOD ZAKEE – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – New Zealand

ROSEWOOD ZAKEE, Grey Gelding, 2008 (Redwood Lodge Calais / Zelina) Breeder: Helen Chambers Owners: Helen & Danielle Chambers Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869) Rosewood Zakee has been awarded their 2017 WAHO Trophy by the New Zealand Arabian Horse Breeders Society. Zakee is the quintessential versatile Arabian. He is an eight year old gelding, standing 147.5cm, […]

PINGA – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Poland

PINGA, Bay mare, 2004 (Gazal Al Shaqab / Pilar) Breeder and owner: Janów Podlaski Stud Strain: Not recorded, family of Szamrajowka, ca. 1810 Poland has awarded their well deserved 2017 WAHO Trophy to the beautiful multi-champion mare, Pinga. After a successful show career as a filly, she then demonstrated her soundness and athleticism as a […]

AYHAM ALRAJHIA – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Saudi Arabia

AYHAM ALRAJHIA, Black Colt, 2016 (Wadee Al Shaqab / Italia PCF) Owner and Breeder: Mr. Hamad Bin Mohammad Bin Suliman Al Rajhi Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869) The King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Centre (KAAHC) is pleased to announce that they have awarded their 2017 WAHO Trophy for The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Ayham […]

JAMIL IBN SHAKLAN P – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Slovenia

JAMIL IBN SHAKLAN P (SI), bay stallion, 2010 (Shaklan Ibn Bengali / Jaribah) Breeder & Owner: Gregor Pintar Strain: Not Recorded (family of Murana I, 1808) The 2017 WAHO Trophy winner for Slovenia has been announced. The Trophy has been awarded to the magnificent breeding stallion, Jamil Ibn Shaklan. In 2016 he participated very successfully […]

SHA MARA – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Switzerland

SHA MARA, Bay Mare, 1997 (Dosator / El Calif Manaba Banat Safin) Breeder: Ursula & Fritz Abbühl, Sha Arabians Owner: Dorina Karrer Strain: Seglawieh Jedranieh of Ibn Soudan (Roga, 1882) The SZAP is pleased to announce the winner of their 2017 WAHO Trophy is the outstanding 20-year old mare, Sha Mara. Having bravely recovered from […]

EASTWORTH AHMOSHINI – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

EASTWORTH AHMOSHINI, Grey Mare, 1998 (Moashiro / Ahmalia) Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. L.S. Coombs Owner: Mrs. Stephanie Zebedee Strain: Kehailet Ajuz (Hagar, 1872) The Arab Horse Society awarded their 2017 WAHO Trophy to the popular home-bred mare, Eastworth Ahmoshini. Much treasured by the whole family, and apart from her duties as a broodmare, she has […]

HLP ARGIANA – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Uruguay

HLP ARGIANA , Grey Mare, 2012 (Justa Magnum / Aqir Janera) Breeder: Carlos Rozner, Haras Los Palmares Owner: Haras Cheval Blanc Strain: Seglawieh Jedranieh of Ibn Soudan (Roga, 1882) The Sociedad de Criadores de Caballos Arabes del Uruguay is pleased to announce that they have awarded their 2017 WAHO Trophy to the lovely young mare, […]