Member Report from Bulgaria


Mr. Svetlozar Kastchiev, Registrar: Our current stud book is Volume 2, which covers the period up to the end of 2006. We have approximately 200 living Arabian horses in Bulgaria, of which 35 were breeding mares in 2008, and 6 were active breeding stallions.

In 2007 we registered 30 foals, and in 2008 we registered 28 foals. We issue passports, and all documentation complies with WAHO rules. All our foals are DNA typed and parent verified. We allow, and we do use, Artificial Insemination but as yet we have had no cases of Embryo Transfer. In 2007 we imported 6 horses and in 2008 we imported 1 horse. In those 2 years we exported 12 horses. Microchipping is not yet compulsory but in accordance with European Union laws, from June 2009 it will be mandatory.

We have 6 races annually, and 3 endurance competitions and 1 National Show. Thank you very much for your attention.


The number of Arabian horses in Bulgaria is not big, but during the last 2006 year it has considerably increased. In 2005 we registered 8 breeding stallions, 28 breeding mares and 14 foals. The total amount of living registered purebred Arabian horses was about 160. Last year we printed Volume 2 of our Bulgarian Arabian Stud Book, which includes the records up to 31 December 2005.

All our horses are DNA tested and the foals are parentage verified. The use of microchipping in Bulgaria is voluntary. During 2005, we exported 1 horse and had no imports, however we had a lot of imported horses during 2006 and the breeding has considerably increased. Formerly the majority of Bulgaria’s Arabian horses could be found at the National State Stud of Kabiuk. Now the main amount of Arabian horses is in private hands, and the owners are united in the Bulgarian Arabian Horse Association. In 2006, we had 11 breeding stallions, 46 breeding mares, and 25 foals. The use of Artificial Insemination and Embryo transfer are allowed but neither method has yet been used in Bulgaria. However this year we have started a new breeding programme, using imported frozen semen.

We had one show, one endurance competition and six flat races in 2005, managed by the Bulgarian Arabian Horse Association. However, the amount of events is increasing and this year (2007) we will have 10 races, and 2 endurance competitions. Arabians are also used for leisure riding and for work on the farms.

We are issuing passports and have a computerized database, which this year will be available on the internet.

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