JERIDAN – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Switzerland

JERIDAN, Chestnut stallion, *1986 (Rihan / Jezabel).
Breeder: Hans und Hedy Hartmann-Schweizer. Owner: The Hossle-Hartmann.
Strain: Hamdani Simri (Selma).

The members of the Swiss Arab Horse Society were invited to choose their favourite horse for the WAHO trophy 2006 out of five candidates who were presented with their life performance in the Society’s periodical. The winner was the breeding stallion Jeridan. He was honoured on the occasion of the 2007 general meeting of the society in Avenches.

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The chestnut stallion Jeridan was born in 1986. His sire is the Egyptian stallion Rihan (EAO) by Aseel out of Hakima and his dam is the mainly Crabbet-bred mare Jezabel CH by Shah Jehan GB out of Winged Hour GB. Jeridan’s grandsire, Shah Jehan, was bred by N. D. Hardcastle at Mill Farm, England, mainly out of Crabbet lines. He was born in 1971, and he had been a junior champion in England before he was imported to Switzerland as a four-year-old by Mr. Hans Hartmann, a founding member of the Swiss Arab Horse Society. Shah Jehan was the first purebred Arab to take part in a stallion licensing at the Swiss National Stud of warm-blooded horses in Avenches. He passed his type and performance to his 68 children. One of them was Jeridan’s dam which was used primarily for breeding.

Jeridan participated in the stallion licensing as a four-year-old where he was classified “A”. As a six-year-old he passed the performance test for breeding stallions in Frauenfeld consisting of free jumping, a cross-country event, an endurance ride of 40 km, and a test ride by a judge. Jeridan took part in official jumping competitions on RI- and RII-Levels and in three-day-events as well as in about 100 jumping and dressage competitions on a club-level. He was placed among the first three horses in jumping and/or three-day-eventing from 1995 to 1997 and in 2002/2003 by the Swiss Arab Horse Society. He won the derby of Trakehner horses in 1997 in Berne, the competition in Oberdorf 2002 and the Swiss National Championship of ridden Arabian Horses of our society in 2002 and 2003 in the category jumping as well as 2003 in dressage, just to mention only a few successful results.

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Till today, Jeridan is the only stallion that has got the highest score “A” for body and movement, performance, and progeny from the Swiss Breeding Society for Anglo- and Partbred-Arabs (ZAM). The classification “A” means that the stallion is recommended as a top-class stallion with respect to all three criterions, and that he lies clearly above the average of the breed.

Jeridan’s offspring is always very correct in body and legs. He passes on his kind character and his abilities as a riding-horse. This is also true for progeny out of warm-blooded mares. Up today he has covered a big number of mares, and more than 62 healthy foals have been born. 16 of these are purebred Arabians and 46 are Partbreds. His children are also very successful in shows and ridden competitions such as jumping, dressage and endurance, and in driving. At the annual big show of the Swiss Breeding Society for Anglo- and Partbred-Arabs in the year 2000, six of his descendants reached an average score of 8.38. Scores of 8 points are usually only reached by 10% of the competing horses. In 2003, 2005 and 2006 he was the sire of the foal champion that was then qualified to participate in the Swiss National Allbreed-Championships competing against Warmbloods.

Jeridan is till today probably the purebred Arabian stallion in Switzerland with the highest performance combining breeding and riding.