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NOPOLI DEL MA – 2023 WAHO Trophy Winner – Italy

NOPOLI DEL MA Chestnut gelding, 2006. (Tidjani / Urania). Bred by Maurizio Muntoni ANICA’s board decided to remember the legendary Italian endurance horse Nopoli Del Ma, bred in Sardinia (Italy) by Mr Maurizio Muntoni and sold to UAE where the horse has had an extraordinary winning life. Nopoli Del Ma is considered by the endurance […]


INVICTUS  Chestnut stallion, 2014 (Cavalli / Althea) Breeder & Owner: Gianluca Oberti, Azienda Agricola Strain: Hamdani Simri (Farja I, 1902) The Associazione Nazionale Italiana Cavallo Arabo is pleased to announce the winner of the 2021 WAHO Trophy is the stallion Invictus. He has been awarded the trophy for his successes in the show ring, which […]

URGE DI GALLURA – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Italy

URGE DI GALLURA Chestnut stallion, 2013 (Caligola/Elettra De Nulvi) Breeder & Owner: Giovanna Picconi Strain: Not recorded, family of Aissa (1870) ANICA has announced that they have awarded their 2016 WAHO Trophy for Italy to the excellent racehorse, Urge Di Gallura. This brave chestnut stallion achieved excellent results, being undefeated in all his five races […]

TORNADO BY ZUCCHELE – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Italy

TORNADO BY ZUCCHELE, Chestnut Stallion, 2012 (Zucchele / Iapomica). Breeder: Societa Agrocila Fratelli Pinna, Owner: Mr. Antonio Efisio Pinna. Strain: Not Recorded (Em-Arkoub). ANICA is pleased to announced that they have awarded Italy’s 2015 WAHO Trophy to the 4-year old stallion Tornado by Zucchele, in recognition of his excellent racing achievements to date. During the […]

CALA MORESCA – 2014 WAHO Trophy Winner – Italy

CALA MORESCA, Grey Mare, *1998 (Queretario / Ewa) Breeder: Antonio Efisio Pinna Owner: Chiara Rosi Strain: Not recorded (family of Woloszka, ca. 1810) ANICA have announced the winner of their 2014 WAHO Trophy, which was awarded in a public ceremony at the 2015 National Show in Verona, is the brave little endurance mare, Cala Moresca […]

DALI – 2013 WAHO Trophy Winner – Italy

DALI, Bay Colt, 2011 (Lazaal / Elektra) Owner/Breeder: Mr. Virga Giorgio, Sicily. Strain: Hamdani (74 Tifle, 1810) The exceptional show colt Dali, bred in Sicily by Mr.Virga Georgio, has been chosen by ANICA as their 2013 WAHO Trophy winner. His many wins include such prestigious show titles as Bronze Junior Male Champion at the Verona […]

BONORVESU – 2011 WAHO Trophy Winner – Italy

BONORVESU, Chestnut stallion, *1997 (Rubis De Carrere/ Elmas III) Breeder: Az. Ag. Deriu Antonio. Owner: Antonio Deriu. Strain: Not Recorded (Family of Em-Arkoub) The excellent racehorse and sire, Bonorvesu, has been awarded ANICA’s 2011 WAHO Trophy in Italy in recognition of his own excellent achievements as a racehorse and for the good results in both […]

ALI MONISCIONE – 2008 WAHO Trophy Winner – Italy

ALI MONISCIONE, Chestnut Colt, *2007 (Psytadel/Alianna Moniscione). Owners and Breeders: Azienda Agricola Buzzi, Mr. Giancarlo Buzzi and Family. Strain: Seglawi Jedran of Ibn Soudan (Ghazieh). ANICA’s Board of Council together with ANICA’s Sport Commission have selected the outstanding yearling colt, Ali Moniscione, as the winner of Italy’s 2008 WAHO Trophy. Born and bred in Italy, […]

Z’TADORE AL MAURY – 2007 WAHO Trophy Winner – Italy

Z’TADORE AL MAURY, Chestnut mare, *1996 (Tidjani / Zid Htatousel). Breeder: Renee Laure Koch. Owner: Simona Garatti. Strain: Not Recorded (Aissa, 1870). ANICA is pleased to announce that Italy’s top endurance mare, Z’Tadore Al Maury has been selected as Italy’s 2007 WAHO Trophy winner. The award was made at a special ceremony in front of […]

ARC BLACK SHEIKH – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Italy

ARC BLACK SHEIKH, Black stallion, 1997 (Artistic Rebony/Jarda Anne MRB). Breeder: Alevamento Arcobaleno. Owner: Adriana Belmonte. Strain: Seglawi Jedran (Urfah, 1898). ANICA is pleased to announce that the beautiful 10-year old black stallion ARC Black Sheikh has been selected as Italy’s 2006 WAHO Trophy winner. The award was made at a special ceremony in front […]

AJMAN MONISCIONE – 2005 WAHO Trophy Winner – Italy

AJMAN MONISCIONE, Chestnut stallion, *2003 (WH Justice / Anthea Moniscione). Owner and breeder: Azienda Agricola Buzzi, Mr. Giancarlo Buzzi and Family. Strain: Seglawi Jedran of Ibn Soudan (Ghazieh). Ajman Moniscione was awarded the WAHO Trophy as a result of being the best show-horse in Italy in 2005. The most important titles he won are: Reserve […]