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Dr. Jaber Yahya AlBawab, Applying Member Yemen: (translated from Arabic). In the name of Allah. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to be present here at the Conference for member countries in the World Arabian Horse Organization, WAHO. I want to express our thanks to the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club for their hospitality. My name is Dr. Jaber AlBawab, I am the General Director of the Registration Centre of Arabian Horses in Yemen. On behalf of our Chairman, Sheikh Hashed Al Ahmar, I thank the WAHO Executive Committee for this opportunity that they have given us to report on the activities of the Registration Center of Arabian Horses Centre in Yemen. We first joined WAHO as an Applying Member in which 2009 was the beginning of joining and registration but in a way this was very unfortunate timing. I say very unfortunate for two reasons. First, because the breeding and development of horses came later in 2011, this delay was due to political conflicts in Yemen, but we have managed to challenge the circumstances and have recorded the Arabian horses in our organization, despite the difficulties. But we at the Registration Centre for Horses got the support of WAHO Member countries to train local staff in the registration process, so we thank the Registries of the State of Qatar, Sultanate of Oman and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their assistance. We can confirm that Yemen has many Arabian horses whose owners do not know what value or importance they are, and we were able to take laboratory samples for DNA typing. Thank you for your attention.


GENERAL INFORMATION:  The General Federation for Equestrian & Camel Racing, Registration Centre of Pure Arabian Horses of Yemen became an Applying Member of WAHO in 2009. Their first Arabian Stud Book comprises 11 Arabians, either imported from WAHO approved stud books or the progeny of those imported horses. All registration rules are in compliance with WAHO. The first stud book is intended to be published and distributed in 2009. There is also a large indigenous population of approximately 1,500 local-bred traditional Yemeni Arab horses, which are not included in the WAHO stud book for the country.

Peter Pond, WAHO Vice-President: The Executive Committee held a meeting with senior representatives of the Registration Centre of Purebred Arabian Horses of Yemen, which is part of the General Federation for Equestrian & Camel Racing of the Republic of Yemen. This Federation is in turn affiliated to the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Yemen. Attending the meeting were Sheikh Hashed Al Ahmar who is President of the Equestrian Federation together with Mr. Najib Hassan Al Odhari who is in charge of the Registration Centre, and other members of their Equestrian Federation.
Previous meetings between the Executive Committee and the delegates from Yemen were held in 2007 during the WAHO Conference in Syria, at which the Executive Committee recommended that Yemen should make their best efforts to produce a stud book according to WAHO rules and standards, which would include, and I emphasize this, only those purebred Arabian horses which had been imported to Yemen from WAHO member countries, together with their parent verified offspring. WAHO also offered them any assistance they required in order to attain their goal of becoming a full WAHO Registering Authority Member. Since then the WAHO Executive Committee members Mr. Sami Al Nohait and Mr. Basil Jadaan have remained in close contact with the Federation’s Registry staff who have been creating this first stud book. In addition several visits to Yemen have been made by Mr. Salim Suleiman Al Mahrooqy, from Oman, and also by Dr. Mohamad Machmoum from Morocco, to offer additional practical assistance. At yesterday’s Executive Committee meeting, the representatives from Yemen provided us with the first draft of their stud book, which comprises 10 purebred Arabian horses imported from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, together with 1 foal born of imported parents. Examples of all relevant registration forms were also supplied. This information was sufficient for the Executive Committee to accept the formal application of the General Federation for Equestrian and Camel Racing of the Republic of Yemen to become an Applying Registering Authority Member of the World Arabian Horse Organization.
Over the coming weeks the first draft stud book, supporting documents and associated registration rules will be scrutinized and corrected where necessary to ensure they comply with all WAHO rules and requirements for establishing and keeping a stud book. The Executive Committee is satisfied that WAHO’s high standards will be achieved. We apologize that you have received this report at such short notice, but as I have explained it was only yesterday that the Executive Committee approved Yemen’s application, which as you all know now needs to be approved by vote of the General Assembly.
In view of the above, I am very pleased to ask for a motion from the floor that Yemen’s application to become an Applying Registering Authority Member of the World Arabian Horse Organization should be accepted and that on later approval, publication and distribution of their stud book, that they be automatically be moved to full Registering Authority Membership and acceptance under the WAHO Definition.
In explanation, this means that when the Executive Committee is satisfied that the stud book as presented yesterday in draft form does comply with all WAHO requirements and has been accepted by the Executive Committee, that Yemen’s membership will automatically move to full Registering Authority Membership without requiring another later vote of the General Assembly.
May I have a proposer and a seconder in relation to that motion, please. The motion has been proposed by South Africa and Spain, and seconded by Syria and Morocco. All those in favour say ‘Aye’. (Delegates: Aye). Against? (Silence). Abstentions? (Silence). Thank you, I declare the motion has passed unanimously.
We would like to offer our congratulations to Yemen and welcome them to Applying Registering Authority Membership of WAHO. (Prolonged applause).