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LUMIAR ETHNA – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

LUMIAR ETHNA, Dark bay Mare, 2012 (RFI Maktub / Evening Star TGS) Breeder: Antônio Carlos Rego, Haras Lumiar. Owners: The Bulnes Family, Haras Panquehue, and Herman Chadwick, Haras Aguas Claras. Strain: Kehaileh Dajanieh (Mlecha, 1957) The 2015 WAHO Trophy for Chile has been awarded to the successful and multi-titled young show mare, Lumiar Ethna, on […]

HP MAHAL – 2014 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

HP MAHAL, Grey Stallion, 2007, (St Synbad / San Jose Josefina) Breeder: Agricola y Haras Panquehue Ltda. Owner: Mr. Guido Zirotti Poseck, Haras Tunquelen Strain: Seglawi Al Abd (Wadduda, 1899) Chile is very pleased to announce that the excellent young stallion HP Mahal has been awarded their 2014 WAHO Trophy. This horse took part in […]

L.C. GHASSAN – 2013 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

L.C. GHASSAN, bay stallion, *2002 (Palissade / GV Kheramenka) Breeder: Los Cedros S.A., Owner: Haras Puquelahue Ltda. Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Gazella, ca. 1840). Chile is delighted to announce the winner of their 2013 WAHO Trophy. This is the stallion L.C. Ghassan, who has many show wins to his credit, including Grand Champion of the Breed […]

L.L. BEAUTY DREAM – 2007 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

L.L. BEAUTY DREAM, Bay Mare, *2001 (Bey Shadow TGS / Touch A Dream). Owner and breeder Mr. Alfredo Hasbun H. Strain: Kehaileh Dajanieh (Mlecha, ca. 1840). The Chilean Association of Arabian Horse Breeders is pleased to announce that they have awarded their 2007 WAHO Trophy to the outstanding mare L.L. BEAUTY DREAM, from Haras La […]

2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

No report for 2006

SGV SALMAN EXPRESS – 2005 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

SGV SALMAN EXPRESS, Dark Bay Stallion, *2003 (Hafati Express / Bint Gaizar). Breeder and Owner: Luis Grez, Haras SanGreVal “SGV”. Strain: Kehailan Dajani (Dajania 1876). The Chilean Arabian Horse Association (ACHCCA) awarded the 2005 WAHO Trophy to the dark bay Stallion SGV Salman Express. He has an impressive show record, having been the 2004 Chilean […]