YAKIMA – 2010 WAHO Trophy Winner – Netherlands

YAKIMA, Chestnut mare, *1991 (Nizjni/Yakouta II).
Owner and Breeder: Kuijf Family, Forelocks Arabians.
Strain: Not Recorded (Milordka, 1816)

The WAHO trophy 2010 for the Netherlands was awarded during the National Championship show 2010 in Ermelo the Netherlands to Yakima, the outstanding broodmare of Forelocks Arabians.

The trophy was given to the owners of Forelocks Arabians, Mr. & Mrs. Kuijf by Mrs. Toto Modderman and Mr. Berend Blaak on behalf of the WAHO trophy committee of the Netherlands in honor of their mare Yakima for creating her own legacy in producing the successful “Y” line for Forelocks Arabians, a family which is now into several generations and which can be found in many countries around the world.

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Yakima with her owner-breeders, Mr. Adriaan Kuijf and Mrs. Henny Kuijf- van der Zwet, at the WAHO Trophy presentation ceremony.

1991 YAKIMA -* STAR *ELITE mare (Nizjni x Yakouta II) – 1991
Direct offspring in NL Grand Offspring in NL
1995 Yarra – *Star *Elite – mare (by Abakan) 1999 Yamesco stallion
2001 Yaris stallion
2002 Yakchina ‘F’ mare
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2007 You-Tou ‘F’ mare
2008 Yokidoki ‘F’ stallion
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2003 Ytadella ‘F’ mare (Psytadel) 2007 Ystan ‘F’ gelding
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2007 Yack ‘F’ stallion (Honorrs)  
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2010 Forelock’s Yessy mare (Psytadel)