TAMON – 2011 WAHO Trophy Winner – Denmark

TAMON, Grey Gelding, 2000 (Wagant / Narissa)
Breeder: Brian Jensen, Owner: Bækbølling Arabians, Family Viuf
Strain: Maneghi Hedruj of Ibn Sbeyel (Ferida, 1886)

The Danish Society of Arabian Horse Breeding (DSAH) has awarded their 2011 WAHO Trophy to the dressage gelding, Tamon. Here is the citation from his owners:

We were so lucky to become owners of Tamon in 2006. He was an unshown gelding by Wagant (El Mokari/Warissa) out of Narissa (Ibn El Mokari/Sophonia), and was only lightly started under saddle at the time. Tamon soon proved to be a special ‘one of a kind’ horse, because in addition to his unrivalled temperament we discovered that he had a real capacity for dressage. In time we realized that we had acquired a truly golden treasure.

Tamon ridden by Shannon Viuf

Tamon ridden by Shannon Viuf

Tamon can be ridden and handled by all, he is goodness itself, although at times he can be a certain gentleman who will only talk when it suits him. He is a horse you can always rely on when ridden, and over the years he has proven to be one of the best all around purebred Arabian horses in Denmark.

Some of his results, ridden by owner Shannon Viuf:


  • Bronze medal EM Classic Pleasure
  • Ext. Club Tournament TBR 1st Place LA4 69.06 %

  • Winner of Arabic Riding Club Dressage Cup
  • DM Bronze Medal
  • All-Nations-Cup riding competition Aachen: 3rd place L2 74%
  • Christmas Event TBR: 1st Place MB1 61.75 %