SENA 2022 WAHO Trophy Winner – Lithuania

SENA. Chestnut mare, 2002. (Plank / Saule)
Breeder: JSC ‘Vilniaus Zirgynas’ Owners: Jurijus Ozenka & Artur Kondratovic
Strain: Seglawieh Jedranieh (Emese, 1880)

The 2022 WAHO Trophy has been awarded to the 20 year oldĀ  chestnut mare Sena for her contribution to Arabian horse breeding in Lithuania.

Egle Kalinauskiene, Artur Kondratovic, Stasys Svetlauskas, Jurijus Ozenko

She produced 12 foals in Vilnius state stud (Lithuanian state stud) and was purchased by private breeders in 2022. Despite her age, she still produces very good foals. In this year, two of her foals Salvijus and Safyra became champions of Lithuanian annual Arabian horse showing in their age groups. The 3 year old colt Salvijus received the highest score between all age groups in the show, and the 1 year filly, Safyra with the third highest score between all age groups in the show and was chosen as the audience’s favourite.

Despite her age and many foals, Sena has a lot of energy and a lively temperament, and is sensitive. She is a granddaughter of excellent sires Magdan, who is a grandson of famous sires Arax and Aswan, and Prizrak (Kankan / Ptashka), who was three times the race champion. Also, the name of an excellent dam Mammona (Ofir / Krucica) is common in her pedigree.