PIRUNA – 2008 WAHO Trophy Winner – Slovenia

PIRUNA, Grey Mare, *1997 (Piruet / Into My Dream).
Breeder: Julius Fischer. Owner: Gregor Pintar, Sencila Bled d.o.o.
Strain: Kehaileh Jellabieh (Jellabiet Feysul)

The Slovenian Stud Book Authority has decided to award the mare PIRUNA with their 2008 WAHO Trophy.

Though this mare was not born in Slovenia, being an import from Germany and registered in the first Slovenian Arabian Stud Book, her four Slovenian-born and registered foals are of such excellent quality that the Slovenian SBA believe she has more than proved her breeding potential as a mare of signifance to the breed in their country. They expect her contribution to the success of her owner’s stud farm and her ability to improve the quality of the small Slovenian population of Arabian horses will be substantial. Therefore, all these facts were considered to qualify this mare as the Slovenian WAHO Trophy winner for 2008. Last but not least, it also means a recognition of the merits of her owner, Mr. Gregor Pintar, who is undoubtedly one of Slovenia’s most dedicated and competent breeders.