MILASTICA – 2007 WAHO Trophy Winner – Denmark

MILASTICA, Chestnut Mare, *1992 (Mikado / Tadia).
Breeder: Henrik H. Knudsen. Owner: Anne Marie Rasmussen.
Strain: Kehaileh Rodanieh (Rodania)

The presentation of the WAHO Trophy has become a joyous recurrent event. It offers an opportunity to appreciate the versatility and great qualities of the Arabian horse.

This year – 2007 – the WAHO-trophy goes to a very conspicuous and beautiful chestnut mare. Through a number of years Milastica has been an outstanding representative of the breed. With her owner and rider, Anne Marie Rasmussen, Milastica has been active in the dressage school at various events. This couple has been a loyal participant at our yearly ridden championships and is always a joy to look at!

Without exception, they have been placed at every Arabian ridden show event in the country. A remarkable feat by all accounts! In 2002 Milastica was Horse of the Year in the Danish Arabian Riding Club and at the 2006 Danish Championships they won all four classes they started in, i.e. LA2, LA4, PRT and JRH. Furthermore, Milastica and Anne Marie have proved that the Arabian horse can go up against warmbloods and hold their own! The warmblood horse has been bred with the sole purpose of excelling at dressage or jumping. Consequently they have the advantage when competing in these disciplines. This fact does not, however, deter this bold and beautiful couple. In 2007, they participated at the annual animal fair in Odense, and in a class of 32, of which several were warmbloods, they placed an impressive second. This result is in a class by itself and must be termed outstanding – can anyone imagine a better ambassador for the breed?

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In 2002, Milastica was shown in hand at the National Show in Kgs. Thisted. Here, she proved that she is not all about performance – she is also a beautiful horse. She was awarded a gold medal and placed 3rd in her class.

For some time, Anne Marie had been looking for the horse that could meet her expectations. A beautiful chestnut with sparkle, charisma, and good performance abilities. The first time she laid eyes on Milastica she knew that this was the horse she had been looking for such a long time and bought her immediately. At that point in time, Milastica was considered a problem horse. She had had several homes and not all riding and handling had been as desired. She didn’t like farriers or strangers and preferred to move with her head up in the air. It was a lot of work, but with patience, training, and understanding, she has become the horse we know today! And Milastica is not your average horse – she has got will, spirit, and strength. She loves to work and gives everything she has to please her owner, rider, and friend.

Her sire was the stallion Mikado, who was an excellent racehorse and among other titles was named Arabian Racehorse of the Year in 1992. And there is no doubt about it: Milastica is her father’s daughter. The beautiful copper-red colour, the high tail carriage, and not least the very special personality. Just like Milastica, Mikado had will, spirit, and strength and he loved to work. Milastica is out of the mare Tadia, who is by Touche. Touche was also a fantastic athlete, he jumped MA classes and passed the 30 days performance test, just as he was awarded a big gold medal at the DSAH International B Show in 1999. Milastica reflects her pedigree in the best possible manner.

This amazing mare has yet to deliver a new little wonder to continue this epic. Until this happens, we will enjoy every second that we can still watch Milastica perform the difficult and wonderful art of dressage!

Text by Kirsten Ibsen; Translation by Anne Finnerup