MAROKI – 2007 WAHO Trophy Winner – Morocco

MAROKI, liver chestnut stallion, *2002 (Erraad / Bint Yamama).
Breeder and owner: Dr. Azeddine Sedrati.
Strain: Not Recorded (family of Arabka de Pompadour).

The exceptional racehorse, Maroki, has been awarded Morocco’s 2007 WAHO Trophy. Bred and owned by Dr. Azeddine Sedrati, whose Arabian stud-farm, founded in 1986, is one of the foremost private breeders’ establishments since the creation of the Royal Moroccan Association of Arabian Horse Breeders. This farm is highly specialised in breeding, raising and racing purebred Arabians, using a blend of the prestigious French, Spanish and Egyptian bloodlines on which many of Morocco’s purebred Arabians are based. The Sedrati Stud has had excellent success with their horses, having produced many grand-prix winners over the years.

Their 2007 WAHO Trophy winner, Maroki, combines beauty with performance ability, having won several of the major races on offer in Morocco, where Arabian racing is very popular and very competitive. His wins in 2007 include the Grand Prix du Ministere de l’Agriculture du Developpement Rural et des Peches Maritimes; in 2006 the Grand Prix de l’ARMECPSA and the Grand Prix de Son Altesse Royale Le Prince Moulay Abdellah; and in 2005 Maroki won the Grand Prix Haras Nationaux “CP”, the Grand Prix de l Association Royale Marocaine des Eleveurs de Chevaux Pur Sang Arabe, the Grand Prix de Son Altesse Royal le Prince Moulay Abdellah, the Poule d’Essai des Poulains and the Grand Prix del’Association Royale Marocaine des Eleveurs de Chevaux Pur Sang Arabe.

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MAROKI – Moroco 2007 Trophy Winner

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MAROKI after winning, with from right to left: Dr Hamid BENAZOU, Director of Livestock, Dr. Azeddine SEDRATI, the horse owner, Dr. Mohammed EL KOHEN, Head of the Moroccan Studs and Dr. SLIMANI of the Royal Company of Encouragement of Horses (SOREC).

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Dr. SEDRATI receiving the WAHO trophy and certificate from Dr. BENAZOU and Dr. EL KOHEN in the presence of: on the right side Colonel Major Dr. El Habib MARZAK, and on the left side Dr. Lahssen FDAIL, Secretary General of the Moroccan Royal Association of the Arabian Purebred Horses Breeders (ARMECPSA), Dr. MARHABEN and Dr. ZEJJARI.