KRIZIA – 2008 WAHO Trophy Winner – Belgium

KRIZIA,Bay Mare, *1989 (Pedant / Krisella).
Breeder: Eveline Scohier-Geets. Owner: Fages des Iviers – Scohier P.E.
Strain: Kehaileh Moradi (Sahara, ca. 1840).

Because of her great endurance history and great descendants, the Board of Directors of the Belgian Arabian Horse Registry decided to dedicate their 2008 WAHO Trophy to Krizia.

This bay mare, born in 1989, is bred and owned by Fages des Iviers, the Scohier Family. Starting her endurance career in 1996, she went on to become one of Belgium’s best mares in this demanding sport, with a great international record:

  • 1996: the year of the qualification
  • 1997: March: Badajoz (Spain): 160 km; July: Ardennaise (Belgium): winner of the 160 km; September: Pratoni del Vivaro: European Championship, 160 km, first selection for the Belgian National Team
  • 1998: March: Rio Frio (Portugal): 130 km; April: Alcochète (Portugal): 160 km; December: Dubai: World Championship: 160 km and a second selection for the Belgian National Team
  • 1999: April: Elvas (Portugal): 160 km; May: Spa: Belgian National Championship: 130 km and best condition; October: Elvas Badajoz: European Championship: 160 km, 3rd selection for Belgian National Team at a speed record of 17.5 km/h
  • 2000: July: Goettingen (Germany): 160 km

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In 2001, she ended her career after the World Championship for Young riders in Spain. She completed 8 races of 160 km and she was never eliminated.

Krizia then went on to become a broodmare, and is the mother of numerous stars in endurance, including the excellent mare Khiva by Waracz, born in 1993. Khiva won the bronze medal at the Belgian National Championship in 2002, over a distance of 160 km. and was twice in the Top 10 at major rides such as Moulins Engilbert, Florac – Lalbenque – Sommant.

After finishing her sports career, Khiva also became a broodmare and is the dam of potential future endurance horses such as:

  • Krianza: born in 2004, sire Waracz
  • Krézus: born in 2005, sire Djain (Djelfor x Varoussa, world champion in 2002, daughter of Persik)
  • Krypton: born in 2007, sire Pamir El Milora (Milora Park Blue Fire x Movoska: both winners at the 160 km)
  • Krizos: born in 2008, sire Pamir El Milora