KA FERRARI – 2007 WAHO Trophy Winner – Norway

KA FERRARI, Bay Gelding, *1996 (Fynt/Firanka).
Breeder: Krone Araberstutteri. Owners: Miriam and Ellen Kongevold.
Strain: Not Recorded (Family of Ukrainka, circa 1815).

The Norwegian Arab Horse Society is pleased to announce the winner of their 2007 WAHO Trophy winner is one of their best endurance horses, KA Ferrari. Among his most excellent results and titles are that of 2007 Nordic-Baltic Endurance Champion (124 km ride in Denmark) and Norwegian Senior Champion (128 km in Rendalen). In 2008 he completed the Grand-Prix endurance ride at the 160 km FEI-competition in Sweden.

He was also the Norwegian Riding Association’s Championship-winner in 2006 and 2007, this is an annual award to the horse and rider with most points in endurance each season, the points are given for each class, according to the number of competitors and the result.

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KA Ferrari ridden by his owner Miriam Kongevold.

Miriam and Ferrari are now aiming towards European Championship Endurance in 2009 and maybe World Championship Endurance in 2010.

KA Ferrari is also used for therapy-riding for children and youths. He also competes in lower levels showjumping. Ferrari, who is from all Polish bloodlines, is an amazing horse who not only has great athletic abilities, but also an equally great personality.