YAFTEH – 2010 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

YAFTEH, Chestnut stallion, *1992 (Fakeh/Bazyafteh).
Breeder & Owner: Khosrow Ghazpiaz.
Strain: Wadnan Khersan Haji Shehab (Eglim, 1957, tracing to Khersani Mir Sardar II)

Yafteh, a stallion of totally Iranian pedigree, has been proudly chosen as Iran’s first WAHO Trophy winner for the year 2010. He was selected not only because he has been a great producer himself, but also because he comes from one of the best dam families in our country.

There is a beautiful story surrounding the birth of his dam, Bazyafteh and how she got her name which means “found again”. Her dam Eglim, one of the best mares of her time, was being offered to the Royal stables by the Bakhtiari rulers. During her journey to the Royal stables, she foaled a stunning and striking filly by Karoun and, as nothing was stipulated on the paperwork, the tribe decided to keep her. In those days, it was not greed or economic reasons that would explain such a gesture but just love for a correct and fine looking filly.

Many years passed until one day, during a visit to her owners, the late Mary Gharagozlou – who knew Eglim and her later progeny very well – came across a beautiful mare which reminded her of Eglim. Puzzled by the resemblance, she kept questioning until finally she was told the truth. She then named her Bazyafteh, found again.

Yafteh himself, now 20 years old (in 2012) was bred by Khosrow Ghazpiaz from the region of Shustar and the family, a branch of the Bakhtiaris, feel it is a big honor for their stallion to be recognized as the winner of the WAHO Trophy. Throughout the award ceremony, which was held during the National show in Kuzhestan, there were mixed emotions of pride and joy as the whole tribe, dressed in their native costumes, followed Yafteh into the ring.

Yafteh has sired many race champions and most of his offspring have also been winning in shows. His son Shaghran has been an undefeated race horse and a show winner in every single show he has been entered in. Yafteh is also father to beautiful daughters that have in turn produced very well.

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Yafteh, Iran 2010 Trophy Winner