HAYATIM – 2010 WAHO Trophy Winner – Turkey

HAYATIM, Chestnut mare, *2005 (Sovalye/Zehra 112).
Breeder: Anadolu State Farm. Owner: Mr. Fethi Dogan.
Strain: Managhi (Zehra, 1923).

The Purebred Arabian mare Hayatim has been selected from among all the candidates by the commission formed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs as the winner of the 2010 WAHO Trophy. This mare displays all the phenotypic features of the purebred arabian. She showed a very good race performance between the years 2008-2010, taking part in 55 races, winning 20 including 1 Group I, 4 Group II and 7 Group III races. This is the first mare to win the WAHO Trophy in Turkey, she promises a good future for Turkish Arabian breeding.

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L-R: Deputy Undersecretary and Deputy Chairman of the Board of High Stewards Mr. Erdal Celal Sumaytaoglu; Deputy Undersecretary and Member of the Board of High Stewards Dr. Nihat Pakdil; Owner Mr. Fethi Dogan; General Director of TIGEM (on behalf of breeder) and Member of the Board of High Stewards Mr. Mustafa Erdogan; and Mr. Omer Faruk Girgin, Chairman of the Jockey Club of Turkey

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Hayatim, Turkey 2010 Trophy Winner