FERDOUS 2023 WAHO Trophy Winner – Slovenia

FERDOUS. Chestnut mare, 2008. (Almonito / Chycoline)
Breeder: Oku Oku.  Owner: Levstek Anze

The Slovenian Stud Book Authority is pleased to award the 2023 WAHO Trophy to the mare Ferdous.

Citation from the Authority:
The mare Ferdous is one of the best breeding mares, who has been producing progeny in excellent type, of proportionate size and great personality. She produced 5 fillies, Lexi bint Lexington L (2022), Fahri L (2021), NN (2020) and Takisha L (2017) by Forelock’s Lexington and Bena (2015) by Nasim. They will all carry the legacy of this great mare. One of them has already been sold to Austria, where the new owners participate in Eventing. Ferdous produces talented, rideable offspring and is passing her excellent dam lines consistently to all her progeny. Producing only fillies, Ferdous is very important for the breeding of WAHO Arabian horses in Slovenia. She passed her appearance, health, character, temperament and movement to her progeny, stamping them with beauty.