ELEKT – 2009 WAHO Trophy Winner – Poland

ELEKT, bay gelding, *1985 (Palas / Elektra).
Beeder: Janow Podlaski Stud. Owner: Agnieszka Romszycka.
Strain: Not recorded (family of Woloszka, ca. 1810)

The 24 year old gelding Elekt became the winner of Poland’s WAHO Trophy 2009. Elekt gave a beautiful demonstration with his owner riding in traditional costume, and the WAHO Trophy was then presented to him, on August 9th during the Arabian Horse Days 2009 Festival at Janow Podlaski.

Elekt is an excellent riding horse – he is twice bronze medal winner of the Polish endurance championships and a contender of the Polish dressage championships. During his long sport career, Elekt has proved how brave, resilient and universal purebred Arabian horses are. He has earned success both in endurance, which is the crown discipline for Arabian horses, as well as in dressage in open competitions. His successes in endurance were gained under his rider/trainer, the late Mrs. Krystyna Romszycka, and his dressage successes have been in the capable hands of his owner Agnieszka Romszycka, daughter of Krystyna. Unusually, he competed successfully in these two very different disciplines in the same years.

At the age of 24, Elekt as an equine professor and teacher is still to this day participating in endurance and dressage competitions. He is showing wonderful physical form and condition and is often presented in classic pleasure and costume classes, both in historical and native dress. He found in Krystyna and Agnieszka Romszycka a wonderful and loving home for life, and rewarded them with so many successes. Just a few are listed below.

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ELEKT – Poland 2009 WAHO Trophy winner
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L-R: Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka, WAHO Executive Committee member; Agnieszka Romszycka and Elekt; Feliks Klimczak, President of the Polish Jockey Club; Krystyna Karaszewska, Registrar PASB; Dr. Marek Trela, Director Janów Podlaski State Stud
Endurance: (rider: the late Mrs. Krtystna Romszycka)

  • 1991 – 2nd plcae CEI Hungary (120 km)
  • 1994 – bronze medal, Polish National Endurance Championships (162 km)
  • 1996 – bronze medal, Polish National Endurance Championships (164 km)
  • 1997 – First place in ranking of endurance horses in Poland
  • 1998: 5th place CEI-B Belgium (120 km) ; 5th place CEN-A Poland (160 km); best horse in the Polish National team at the Endurance World Cup; First place in ranking of endurance horses in Poland; 12th place in the world endurance ranking (ELDRIC Arab Trophy)

Dressage: (rider: Agnieszka Romszycka)

  • 1996: Silver medal, Warsaw Junior I Riders Championships
  • 1997: Gold medal, Mazury-Warsaw Makroregion Junior I Riders Championships; 7th place in Polish Equestrian Federation ranking of endurance junior riders; 9th place in the Polish National Junior Riders Championships.
  • 1999: Gold medal, Warsaw Junior Riders Championships
  • 2002: 3rd place Mazowsze Cup, Categogy CC; 6th place in Poland’s Cup – Young Riders Round
  • 2003: 1st place regional competition, category CC-4; 6th place Official Riding Hall Regional Championships, Category C-5; 7th place Official Riding Hall Regional Championships, Category C-4
  • 2004: bronze medal, Amateur Riders Polish Championships; participated in Senior Riders Poland Championships in categories CC-4, CC-7 and CC-8.

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Agnieszka Romszycka and Elekt, portrait
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Agnieszka Romszycka and Elekt showing dressage movements