ARAHI SUPREMO 2023 WAHO Trophy Winner – New Zealand

ARAHI SUPREMO. Grey stallion, 2002. (Waimeha Mandate / Arahi Amiria)
Breeder & Owner: Arahi Family Trust. Strain: Dahman Um Amr of Ibn Hemsi (Dahma, 1876)

Arahi Supremo

Citation from his owners:

Our beautiful boy Arahi Supremo has been on quite the journey with Ken and Melanie at
Arahi Arabians during his 21 years. Now, living on our sixth property since he was born on
our farm at Ngaruawahia. I remember well the day he was born and the moment he stood up
that tail was lifted high! He moved around with us always so calmly and confidently…
humans were a lot more stressed!
As Arahi Supremo was by the legend in endurance, Waimeha Mandate, and we already had
three other full siblings – Arahi Gemm, Arahi Ari, Arahi Ahmaj, that were all fabulous riding
horses the decision was made to keep him as a stallion. How privileged we have been to
have owned, handled and bred with such a beautiful, trusting, kind and intelligent Arabian
Broken in as a four year old the intention was to compete in endurance, but a severe kick to
the stifle by a mare who he was running with ended that dream, the recovery took some time
and he was never 100% sound again. His life as a breeding stallion continued and although
we could not take a lot of outside mares due to our business commitments, we managed to
breed a couple of foals most years.
We purchased the very good endurance mare Cyden Kay to put specifically to Arahi
Supremo and together they produced 10 foals in total for us, we sadly lost two fillies. His
kindness and sensibility impress all who visit or know him. He passes on correctness, lovely
light movement, responsive and generous horses with excellent heart rates. The riding
combinations develop wonderful partnerships due to that strong Arabian horse/human bond.
Arahi Supremo has 24 progeny registered with the New Zealand Arabian Horse Society – 18
of these to date have competed in endurance. In many cases these Arabians win or place at
their very first competitions, such is their natural ability and calm, sensible, trusting natures.
Arahi Supremo has won the New Zealand Endurance Breeder of the Year Trophy for Arahi
Arabians for the last two years. The record to date of these progeny is incredibly impressive:
63 x 1st Placings
15 x Best Managed Awards
31 x 2nd Placings
22 x 3rd Placings
17 x 4th Placings
A total to date of 17,486 qualified kilometres and well over 300 successful completions at
We are honoured that Arahi Supremo has been awarded this prestigious trophy.