VALETA ‘F’ – 2019 WAHO Trophy Winner – Netherlands

VALETA ‘F’, Chestnut mare, 2003, (Almonito / Veronia)
Breeder: Adriaan Kuijf, Owner: Aad Oomen
Strain: Kehaileh Moradi (Sahara, ca. 1840)

At the Dutch National Championship 2019 the WAHO Trophy was awarded to the Elite mare Valeta ‘F’. Valeta has a classic Russian/Polish pedigree and comes from a family of great broodmares. Her grand-dam Veranda was imported from Russia and covered by Abakan, also from Russia, to produce Valeta’s dam Veronia. Her sire Almonito is by the Tersk-bred Monitor (Nimroz/Matritsa) out of the Janów Podlaski bred Aldara (Probat/Arra).

L-R: Wendy Delvalle, Aad Oomen, Sandra Boogaard President of AVS, Aad Kuijf and Adriaan Kuijf

Valeta is a mare with a strong deep body, strong legs and excellent movement, with a beautiful type that has earned her past successes in the show ring, which she passes on to her offspring.

Valeta is cared for and ridden by 2 girls of 7 years. Her character is great but she can certainly be naughty. She has had 13 foals between 2007 and 2019, four of which have been exported. Valeta’s offspring do very well in show, breeding and sport, in particular she has two offspring excelling in dressage. Her son Valentin is being prepared for the sport with his half-brother in tandem-driving . Her daughter Vermilion excels in In Hand Trail.

Valeta passes on her willingness to work. Her children cannot be fooled, which can sometimes be a disadvantage during shows. Despite that, they have a huge list of winnings to their name. Because of this, Valeta has been registered by her owner for the Elite predicate.

Valeta F offspring:

  • Amazing 2007 colt, sire Amalfi
  • Valerio ‘F’ 2008 gelding, sire Valerio Ibn Eternity VI
  • Vinc ‘F’ 2009 gelding, sire Kais
  • Vadron ‘F’ 2010 colt, sire Kais
  • Forelock’s Versace 2011 gelding, sire Psytadel
  • Forelock’s Vantastica 2012 filly, sire Psytadel
  • Forelock’s Jawaher 2013 filly, sire Makisa Adaggio
  • Forelock’s Valentin 2014 colt, sire Bashir al Shaqab
  • Forelock’s Viva La Diva 2015 filly, sire FS Reflection
  • Forelock’s Vesper 2016 filly, sire Bashir al Shaqab
  • Forelock’s Vermilion 2017 filly, sire AJ Dinar
  • Tanweer al Shaqab 2018 filly, sire Kahil al Shaqab
  • Forelock’s Valeta Dominica, 2019 filly, sire Dominic M

L-R: Owner Aad Oomen and breeder Adriaan Kuijf of Forelocks Arabians.