WIELKI PAWO – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Norway

WIELKI PAWO, Grey stallion, 1994 (Pawodok – Wielka Cha-Cha)
Owner/Breeder: Åge Stenumgård.
Strain: Kehailan Dajani (Mlecha)

The Norwegian Arab Horse Society is pleased to announce that Wielki Pawo has been awarded their 2006 WAHO Trophy. This lovely stallion of predominantly Polish bloodlines has been champion several times at international shows as well as gaining Best in Show titles.

He also excels under saddle. Over the last few years he has been trained and ridden in several competitions including dressage, with good results.

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His wonderful temperament has also allowed him to be used for some rather unusual assignments. He has been used by an artist who wanted photos with a horse in different kinds of situations. The first time it was by the photographer Knut Bry who wanted to make a poster for a play. Wielki Pawo was the horse he chose, and he took the horse indoors onto the stage of the Oslo National Theatre to get the poster he wanted. In the summer of 2006 another artist, Kristin Gunter, wanted to show the movement of a horse from a very different viewpoint – from directly underneath. This was a very complicated project because the horse had to trot across a bridge made of Plexiglas which was 15 metres long and suspended 1.5 metres above ground level.

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An Arabian was perfect for this job because the horse could not be too heavy (due to the strength of the Plexiglas), and again Wielki Pawo was chosen. The artist then stood underneath this Plexiglas bridge, filming the horse. Kristin Gunter showed this film at Kistefoss museum with very great success.

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To successfully meet such unusual challenges, a horse must have tremendous trust and confidence in his handler in what he is being asked to do. Therefore, it was considered that for the above reasons, as well as for his beauty and show wins, Wielki Pawo displays the best Arabian attributes to a high degree, and is a worthy ambassador of the breed in Norway.