VENETSIYA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Kazakhstan

VENETSIYA, Bay mare, *2005 (Benuar – Verhushka).
Owner/Breeder: Rahat Stud Farm.
Strain: Hamdanieh Simrieh (Selma).

The Arabian Horse Society of Kazakhstan has awarded their 2006 WAHO Trophy to the young mare Venetsiya, born at Rahat Stud and considered the best filly in the country. This attractive young bay is sired by Benuar (Negasimyi / Bukva), a stallion imported to Kazakhstan from Russia. Benuar produced many excellent foals and was recognized as the Supreme Champion at the special Horse Exhibition which was held in Kazakhstan in 2003.

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Mr. Oryntai Amirgaliyev, Director of “Rahat” stud farm, with Venetsiya.

Her dam, the lovely black mare Verhushka (Bahrein / Veda) was also born in Kazakhstan, at Rahat Stud, in the year 2000. She took part in racing as a 2 and 3 year old, and won the prestigious “Oaks” prize. At the special Horse Exhibition, she was recognized as a champion among the Arabians of Kazakhstan.

It is hoped that, apart from her beauty, Venetsiya will follow in the hoof-prints of her dam to fulfil all her athletic potential and, in time, to become a valuable addition to the Arabian broodmare band of Kazakhstan.