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MAJD H.S. – 2019 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

MAJD H.S. Grey Stallion, 2013. [Munjiz / Ayun]. Breeder & Owner: Mr. Mahboob bin Mohammed Hashmani. Strain: Not recorded (Family of Szamrajowka) The Royal Cavalry of Oman has announced the winner of their 2019 WAHO Trophy is the highly rated racing stallion Majd H.S. He has been recognized with this award due to his racing […]

KAHAYLA AZ – 2018 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

KAHAYLA AZ, Chestnut stallion, 2014 (Burning Sand / Zornia) Breeder & Owner: Mr. Qais Bin Saud Al Zakwani Strain: Kehailan Nawak (M’zeirib, 1891) The Royal Cavalry of Oman is pleased to announce the winner of their WAHO Trophy for 2018 has been selected. The Trophy has been awarded to the excellent young racehorse, Kahayla AZ, […]

ASILAT MUSCAT – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

ASILAT MUSCAT, Bay mare, 2013, (Calin Du Loup / Halahel) Breeder: The Muscat Stud Owner: Al Sayyid Munther Bin Saif Al Busaidi Strain: Not recorded, family of Emtayra (1938) The winner of Oman’s 2016 WAHO Trophy has been announced by The Royal Cavalry of Oman. The Trophy was awarded to the excellent race mare Asilat […]


Member Report from Oman REPORT MADE AT THE 2019 WAHO CONFERENCE: Sarhan AlZeidi, Oman: ┬áMr. President, Members of the Executive Committee, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Sarhan AlZeidi and I am working as the Director General of the Royal Cavalry in Oman. ┬áHere with me are Mr. Khalid AlSaifi and Mr. Sulaiman AlHattali from […]