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CHALDORAN MIR YAZD 2022 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

CHALDORAN MIR YAZD  Grey stallion, 2000. (Barfin / Azizeh) Breeder S. Zia Vakil Saadat  Owner: Mr. Zarabieh Strain: Nesmani (Nesmani S. Karam) Chaldoran Mir Yazd began a very successful racing career at 3 years old. He never lost a single race and after retiring from the racetrack at 8 years of age, he continued as […]

ZOHREH MOJADAM 2020 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

ZOHREH MOJADAM.  Grey Mare, 1988. (Raad / Etrik).  Breeder: Haji Sheikh Abdollah Mojadami.  Owner:  Haji Jamshid Heidari.  Strain:  Kehaileh (Koheile Samer) The 2020 WAHO Trophy winner selected for Iran is the exceptional broodmare, the 32-year old Zohreh Mojadam.  She belongs to an old Khusistani family, and is a celebrated mare, both in her own right […]

BEIROUT – 2019 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

BEIROUT  Chestnut mare, 1995.  (Soveidani / Heileh).  Breeder:  Mr. Ghanad Beiravieh.  Owner:  Mr. Gholam Hossein Bamian.  Strain:  Seglawieh Deheimi. The 2019 WAHO Trophy winner selected for Iran is the splendid 24-year old mare, Beirout.  Descended entirely from old Iranian bloodlines, she is a celebrated for her success both as a racehorse and as a show […]

ROGHABIEH SARDAR – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

ROGHABIEH SARDAR, Grey Mare, 2005 (Mobarak / Bahrieh Sepahpour) Breeder & Owner: Mr. Heshmat Hassanzadeh Strain: Hamdanieh The winner of Iran’s 2017 WAHO Trophy has been announced. The award goes to the exceptional and brave mare Roghabieh Sardar, in recognition of her outstanding achievements first of all in 2 seasons of racing, and more recently […]

AL-SHOJA – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

AL-SHOJA, Chestnut Stallion, 1994 (Fallak-Al-Aflak / Ghadam Kheir) Breeder: Mrs. Mary Leila Gharagozlou, Rockbestan Stud Owner: Mr. Mohamad Asayesh Strain: Hamdani Simri Al-e Kassir (Al-Sabah) The 2016 winner of Iran’s WAHO Trophy was awarded to the veteran stallion, Al-Shoja. He was bred by Mrs. Mary Gharagozlou from several generations of the breeding programme of herself […]

MAHROKH – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

MAHROKH, Bay mare, *1990 (Fakeh / Abr) Breeder: Shahpour Shehabpour, Owner: The Shehabpour Family Strain: Nesmani (Full citation to follow)

NARDANEH – 2014 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

NARDANEH, Grey Stallion, 1991 (Samarquand / Cheharshanbeh). Breeder: The late Mary Leila Gharagozlou, Rockbestan Stud. Owner: Mr. Abbas Amrollahi. Strain: Wadnan Khersan Mir Mostoffi (Khersani b. Mostoffi) photo and citation to follow

ZARRAFEH – 2013 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

ZARRAFEH , Chestnut Mare, 1981 (Insiatur / Piraste). Breeder: Asil Stud Khuzestan. Owner: Mrs. Shery Amir Aslani. Strain: Wadne Khersani Mir (Khersani Mir Sardar I) citation to follow

KOWSAREH – 2012 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

KOWSAREH, Bay mare, *1987 (Dieve/Chechmeh) breeder: Mr. Kowsari. Owner: Mrs. Sharzad Amir Aslani Strain: Nesmani S. Karam. The winner of Iran’s 2012 WAHO Trophy, chosen unanimously, is the lovely 26-year old bay mare, Kowsareh. She has quite a romantic history. No money could have bought her dam Chechmeh, who only changed hands when a big […]

BARFIN – 2011 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

BARFIN, Grey stallion, *1995 (Mobarak / Jem). Breeder: Mrs. Mary Gharagozlou. Owner: Zia Vakil Sadaat. Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Berenji, 1966) The beautiful stallion Barfin has been officially awarded the 2011 WAHO Trophy. He was bred by Mary Gharagozlou, by the imported Straight Egyptian stallion Mobarak bred by Dr. Nagel in Germany, out of a particularly […]

YAFTEH – 2010 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

YAFTEH, Chestnut stallion, *1992 (Fakeh/Bazyafteh). Breeder & Owner: Khosrow Ghazpiaz. Strain: Wadnan Khersan Haji Shehab (Eglim, 1957, tracing to Khersani Mir Sardar II) Yafteh, a stallion of totally Iranian pedigree, has been proudly chosen as Iran’s first WAHO Trophy winner for the year 2010. He was selected not only because he has been a great […]

2005 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

Unfortunately, the WAHO Trophy sent to Iran did not arrive at the Arabian Stud Book Office of the Equestrian Federation of Islamic Republic of Iran. Therefore it has not been possible to award it yet. As soon as the delivery problems have been overcome, it will be awarded and details will be published here in […]