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BELL SIHR – 2013 WAHO Trophy Winner – Denmark

BELL SIHR, Grey gelding, 2007 (WH Justice / Bell Alima) Breeder: Bell Arabians, Anne-Mette Juhl Jensen, Owner: Kirk Arabians Strain: Hamdani Simri (Selma) The Danish Society of Arabian Horse Breeding (DSAH) has announced that the winner of their 2013 WAHO Trophy is Bell Sihr, awarded for his excellence in dressage. Here is his citation from […]

WANILA – 2012 WAHO Trophy Winner – Denmark

WANILA, Chestnut Mare, 1994 (Ansata Nile Pasha / Wanessa) Breeder: Husted Arabians, Gunnar Husted, Owners: Husted Arabians, Niels & Lone Husted Strain: Not Recorded (Family of Murana I, 1808) The Danish Society of Arabian Horse Breeding (DSAH) has awarded their 2012 WAHO Trophy to the successful show and breeding mare, Wanila. She is the grand-daughter […]

TAMON – 2011 WAHO Trophy Winner – Denmark

TAMON, Grey Gelding, 2000 (Wagant / Narissa) Breeder: Brian Jensen, Owner: Bækbølling Arabians, Family Viuf Strain: Maneghi Hedruj of Ibn Sbeyel (Ferida, 1886) The Danish Society of Arabian Horse Breeding (DSAH) has awarded their 2011 WAHO Trophy to the dressage gelding, Tamon. Here is the citation from his owners: We were so lucky to become […]

CA KUPONA – 2010 WAHO Trophy Winner – Denmark

CA KUPONA, Chestnut mare, 1998 (Kupol / Zazada) Breeder: Calbar Arabians, M. & G. Heitmann, Owner: Ulrichsdal Arabians, Judy Oehlenschlæger Strain: Hamdanieh Simrieh (Selma) The Danish Society of Arabian Horse Breeding (DSAH) has awarded their 2010 WAHO Trophy to the outstanding broodmare, CA Kupona, bred by the long established Calbar Arabians Stud and the pride […]

FAIR ORKAN – 2009 WAHO Trophy Winner – Denmark

FAIR ORKAN, Chestnut Gelding, 2001 (LM Polaris / Bint Quahir) Owners/Breeders: Family Frandsen Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869) The Danish Society of Arabian Horse Breeding (DSAH) has awarded their 2009 WAHO Trophy to the dressage gelding, Fair Orkan. Here is his story, from his owner/rider Lise Frandsen. In 2009, I was the lucky recipient of […]

MALIKAH – 2008 WAHO Trophy Winner – Denmark

MALIKAH, Bay mare, *1984 (Ibn Mohafez / Sheila). Breeder/Owner: Jean Laursen. Strain: Seglawieh Jedranieh of Ibn Soudan (Ghazieh) The recipient of the Danish WAHO trophy 2008 is Malikah (Ibn Mohafez x Sheila), and the Danish Society of the Arabian Horse has chosen to award her the trophy because they feel that it is extremely important […]

MILASTICA – 2007 WAHO Trophy Winner – Denmark

MILASTICA, Chestnut Mare, *1992 (Mikado / Tadia). Breeder: Henrik H. Knudsen. Owner: Anne Marie Rasmussen. Strain: Kehaileh Rodanieh (Rodania) The presentation of the WAHO Trophy has become a joyous recurrent event. It offers an opportunity to appreciate the versatility and great qualities of the Arabian horse. This year – 2007 – the WAHO-trophy goes to […]

WASHA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Denmark

WASHA., Chestnut Mare, 1982 (Shalom / Warissa). Breeder: PAJB-Arabians. Owner: Lisa Kiesbuy. Strain: Not Recorded (Family of Murana, 1808) The Danish Society of Arabian Horse Breeding (DSAH) has awarded the 2006 WAHO Trophy for Denmark to the mare WASHA. Now 23 years old, this beautiful mare from the so-called “Danish W” line founded by the […]

CON-TIKKI – 2005 WAHO Trophy Winner – Denmark

CON-TIKKI, Grey stallion, *1985 (Condor / Lissa of Valissa]). Breeder: Hans Peter Kragh. Owner: Sonja Van Willingen. Strain: Kehailan El Krush (Dafina 1926). The Dansk Selskab for Arabisk Hesteavl (DSAH) have awarded their 2005 WAHO Trophy to one of the best endurance horses in the country. Con-Tikki and his owner, Sonja Van Willingen, have taken […]