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SUR TEDDY’S MAGNA – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Canada

SUR TEDDY’S MAGNA, Grey Gelding, 1997 (Surokhan / HM Magna) Breeder: Susan Fyfe, Owner: Lorraine Prowse Strain: Seglawi Al Abd (Urfah, 1898) The Canadian Arabian Horse Registry is pleased to announce that the winner of their 2015 WAHO Trophy is the 18-year old grey gelding, Sur Teddy’s Magna, who throughout his long career has been […]

DAL-APOLLO – 2014 WAHO Trophy Winner – Canada

DAL-APOLLO, Chestnut Gelding, *1994 (S.E.A. Ben Ben Bilal / Rudaynah) Breeder: Douglas Lunau. Owner: Allan Ehrlick. Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869) (awaiting write-up)

SHY GAYFEEN – 2013 WAHO Trophy Winner – Canada

SHY GAYFEEN, Bay Stallion, *1998 (Safeen / Gayleen RCA) Breeder: Shyloh 1994 I Limited Partnership. Owner: Cori Wilson. Strain: Hadban Enzahi (Venus) In May 1999, Cori Wilson happened to visit a farm where twenty-six Straight Egyptian Arabian horses were being boarded in the pastures. She found out that their owner had fallen on hard times […]

YAKXIE – 2012 WAHO Trophy Winner – Canada

YAKXIE (Selena), Bay Mare, *1998 (Masallah Arabiya / Elphina). Breeder: Fernand Jacques. Owner: Bertrand Caron. Strain: Seglawieh Jedranieh of Ibn Ed Derri (Basilisk, 1875) Yakxie is a Canadian-bred mare with a unique set of skills and talent for extreme sports, much like her owner. She is athletic, sure footed and has a sensible, yet ‘game’ […]

VLQ FRIENDLY FIRE – 2010 WAHO Trophy Winner – Canada

VLQ FRIENDLY FIRE, Chestnut Gelding, 1999 (Forelock’s Petja / Polka Jane). Breeders: Vanessa and Dr. Loren Quartly Owner: Allison Mostowich. Strain: Kehailan Haifi (Reshan, 1896). The Canadian Arabian Horse Registry is proud to announce the selection of VLQ Friendly Fire as the recipient of the 2010 WAHO Trophy. This twelve year old gelding, owned by […]

ISLAND ELEGANCE – 2009 WAHO Trophy Winner – Canada

ISLAND ELEGANCE, Grey mare, *2003 (Couturier / Island Mist). Breeders: Pat Simmonds and Don James. Owner: Don James. Strain: Seglawieh Jedranieh (Urfah, 1898) The Canadian Arabian Horse Registry is pleased to announce that Island Elegance is the recipient of the 2009 WAHO Trophy, the first time this Trophy has been awarded in the country. This […]