Member Report from Slovakia

2019 REPORT:

In Slovakia in 2017, 22 foals were registered. There were no exports but 10 horses were imported. There were 3 shows and 10 endurance competitions. In 2018, 15 foals were registered and there were 5 exports and 6 imports. There was 1 endurance competition.

2017 REPORT:

In 2016, Slovakia registered 25 foals.  There were 17 horses exported to Czech Republic, Poland and Austria. 53 horses were imported from the Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden and France. There were 2 Arabian shows and 6 endurance competitions held in 2016.

2008 REPORT:

Slovakia reports that 21 foals were registered in the year 2008, with 52 broodmares and 15 stallions active in the breeding programme. 2 horses were imported in the same year. Artificial Insemination is only permitted within the country, the import or export of semen is not permitted, and neither is Embryo Transfer. There is one main Endurance ride held each year, and horses from Slovakia are also competing successfully at International Endurance events.


Narodny Zrebcin Topolcianky is the WAHO Registering Authority Member for Slovakia. The estimated number of living Arabian horses is 200. The main breeding activity takes place at the historic State Stud of Topolcianky but there are an increasing number of private owners.

In 2008, Slovakia printed and distributed their latest Stud Book Volume IV, containing their records from 1995-2007. 6 horses were exported in the year 2007. In 2005, 3 horses were imported from Hungary, in 2006 one horse was imported from Hungary and two from Poland, and in 2007, 1 horse was imported from Hungary and 1 from Russia. All horses are DNA typed and foals are parent verified prior to registration. Micro-chipping is not used. Artificial Insemination within the country and Embryo Transfer are permitted, both registration certificates and passports are issued. Each year 3 Arabian shows are held, 1 race meeting, and 2 endurance rides.

Trophy Winners

LATIF GHAZAL – 2019 WAHO Trophy winner Czech Republic

LATIF GHAZAL  Bay Stallion, 2009.  (Ghazal Imdal / Uva).  Owner and Breeder:  JK Wood-Service Team.  Strain:  Obeyan (Karima).

The Czech National Association for Purebred Arabian Horses – ACHPAK,  awarded their 2019 WAHO Trophy to the 10 year old stallion, Latif Ghazal.  The Trophy was awarded in recognition of his successful participation representing his country in international CEIO1*, CEIO2*,  CEI1* and CEI2* endurance competitions since 2016, ridden by either Petra Kokorova or Nikol Kokorova.  His pedigree is Straight Egyptian, with several generations spanning some 40 years of domestic breeding on his dam line.  He is an excellent ambassador for the Czech Republic’s Arabian horses and breeding programmes.

MAKRAM B – 2008 WAHO Trophy Winner – Slovakia

MAKRAM B, Bay stallion, *1994 (Fawor/222 Ibn Galal I).
Breeder: Babolna Stud. Owner: Joseph Gireth.
Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869).

Slovakia is very pleased to announce that the 2008 WAHO Trophy has been awarded to a privately owned stallion this year. The bay stallion of Polish and Hungarian pedigree, Makram B, has proved to be an excellent sire and his progeny have done extremely well at shows in Slovakia, including his sons Hasanabad, Jupik, Cezar, Umak; and his daughters Sahara, Hadiba, Nadherna, Umka, Cezira, Ulajka, Saman and Sima, several of which are now broodmares themselves. Umza and Cezira have garnered several championships, as have Umak, Cezar and Hasanabad. Jupik, now a breeding stallion in his own right, is also competing successfully in eventing. Makram B is proving to be a very important sire in Slovakia and is a worthy winner of the 2008 WAHO Trophy for the country.

SAMIR – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Slovakia

SAMIR, Chestnut stallion, *1984 (Hosam / Usajna)
Breeder & Owner: National Stud Farm Topolcianky.
Strain: Obeyan (Karima)

The Slovak Republic has announced their winning horse for their 2006 WAHO Trophy Award. A special commission organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic selected the veteran stallion Samir as the recipient. He was chosen on the basis of his excellent pedigree, outstanding conformation, superb movement and performance both in hand and under saddle, and for his success as a breeding stallion.

The population of purebred Arabian horses in Slovakia is quite small and this is the only reason why Samir was not also tested on the race-track. All his connections at Topolcianky are very proud of their home-bred stallion Samir, the worthy recipient of the 2006 WAHO Trophy in their country.

UNIKAT – 2005 WAHO Trophy Winner – Slovakia

UNIKAT, Grey stallion, *1989 (Hamadan / El Hamza)
Breeder and Owner: National Stud Farm Topolcianky.
Strain: Obeyan (Karima).

The historic and beautiful National Stud of Topolcianky, founded in 1921, was the proud recipient of the 2005 WAHO Trophy for their 16 year old chief sire, Unikat. The award was made on 10th November, following the decision of a special commission of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic. The number of purebred Arabians in Slovakia is relatively small, and at present they do not take part in racing.

Unikat was selected for the WAHO Trophy due to his excellent pedigree, conformation and superb and correct movement both under saddle and in hand. Tracing exclusively to horses imported to Slovakia from Egypt in the early 1970s, this fine and much-admired stallion has inherited the exceptional qualities of his ancestors and is making an important contribution to the National Stud.

Click to Enlarge - Trophy presentation to Mr. Juraj Kovalcik by Mr. Solar Dusan at Topolcianky State Stud.
Trophy presentation to Mr. Juraj Kovalcik by Mr. Solar Dusan at Topolcianky State Stud.

The golden yellow of the stud farm buildings, situated next to the famous 15th century Manor House, made a fine setting for the ceremony. The WAHO Trophy was presented to Mr. Juraj Kovalcik, Manager of Topolcianky National Stud, by Mr. Solar Dusan, for many years the country’s delegate to WAHO. More information about Topolcianky can be found at their website,

Click to Enlarge - Unikat, 2005 WAHO Trophy winner, as a young stallion
Unikat, 2005 WAHO Trophy winner, as a young stallion.