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Member Report from Serbia

2017 REPORT:

The Serbian Association for Purebred Arabian Horses has provided the following information.  In 2016, 5 Arabian foals were registered.  1 show and 4 endurance competitions were held.


Mr. Milos Stanič, Serbia: Mr. President, members of the Executive Committee, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the Serbian Association for Purebred Arabian Horses I wish to express our sincere gratitude to the Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club for their warm hospitality. My name is Milos Stanič and I am the Registrar. My co-delegate is Mr. Laszlo Annus, member of the Administrative Committee. This is our first time at a WAHO Conference and we are very happy to be here as part of the WAHO family.

The Serbian Association for Purebred Arabian Horses was formed in 2012 with the aim to improve, promote and develop the breeding and use of purebred Arabian horses in Serbia. There are currently 40 registered purebred Arabian horses in Serbia, 4 breeding stallions, 12 broodmares and 5 foals born this year. There were four registered imported fillies from Poland in 2013 and two exported horses, one to Montenegro and one to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Members of our Association promote purebred Arabians and educate members and the general public through various activities including exhibitions, educational meetings, and appearances in TV programmes. Our Association and all prominent breeders have websites with valuable information that would be useful to attract potential new owners. In regard to sport activities, 4 Purebred Arabians took part in endurance competitions in 2014.

Volume 1 of the Serbian Stud Book of Purebred Arabian Horses, covering the period from 2002 to 2013 is just published. Embryo transfer is allowed but has not yet been used. All horses foaled in Serbia are DNA typed and parentage verified and micro-chipped before registration.

And please allow me to thank the foreign stud book authorities and fellow WAHO Registry Members for their assistance in completing the required documentation for our Stud Book and my sincere gratitude to WAHO for their generous help and support during the process of approval. Thank you very much.

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