PALANGA – 2008 WAHO Trophy Winner – Lithuania

PALANGA, Bay mare, *2000 (Elbrus/Persia).
Owned and bred by Vilnius Stud.
Strain: Not Recorded, family of Milordka, 1816).

The National Association of Arabian Horse Breeders is proud to announce that the 2008 WAHO Trophy was awarded to the bay mare Palanga, born and raised at Vilnius Stud.

Palanga is a very high quality broodmare, all of her offspring are good riding horses. This excellent mare was also elected Champion in the Arabian mares group of the National Arabian Horse Show that took place in Lithuania in 2008.

The Trophy was officially awarded during the annual National Arabian Horse Show in November 2008, watched by many respected guests and the audience. Mr. Stasys Svetlauskas, Director of Vilnius Stud, received the Trophy for Palanga.

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L-R: Ms. Ruta Sveistiene; Ms Nemira Stasiene; Mr. Virginijus Baltrusaitis;
Mr. Stasys Svetlauskas; Mr. Wladyslaw Guziuk, show judge from Poland.

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