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Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen I am Brig Mohamed Naeem representing the Pakistan Subsidy of WAHO. I feel immense pleasure in expressing my gratitude to the Organizers of this conference in Amman, Jordan. WAHO has brought Arabian horse breeding, to an organized pattern in Pakistan and given the opportunity and motivation to Arab horse breeders. Equestrian activity is one of the great traditions in Pakistan and its growth & development are actively supported by the government of Pakistan. In Pakistan, people love Arab horses and in rural/urban areas, no social festive gathering is without a beautiful Arab horse. Tent pegging is the most favourite rural sport. Pure-bred Arab horses add speed and beauty to this sport. Tent Pegging and endurance races are organized under the governing bodies of the Equestrian Federation of Pakistan and Jockey Club of Pakistan. Efforts are in hand to organize exclusive Arabian horse races. The Equestrian Federation of Pakistan organizes various Tent Pegging events and endurance rides every season, and a large number of Arabian horses are participating in these events.

The Arabian Horse Breeding Stud, Remount Depot Mona, was established in 1956 by the Pakistan Army maintaining pure Arabian bloodlines, imported from USA, Poland, England, Egypt, Australia, and Jordan. The Pakistan Arabian Horse Society has been honoured with the membership of WAHO in 1997. Multiple Arab breeding studs are registered in different regions (Provinces) of Pakistan with strict administrative control through government / Military veterinary authorities. At present 766 Arabian horses have been registered with the Pakistan Arabian Horse Society (PKAHS). In the year 2021, a total of 185 foals were registered with PKAHS. This indicates a high level of equine breeder interest in breeding purebred Arab horses in Pakistan. To date, we have registered 123 imports and 35 exports, which is also an encouraging trend. 46 Arabian studs are registered with the society which has shown tremendous improvement and truly will add to the list of best-breeding studs in the world in future.

The latest Pakistan Stud Book Volume-V (2012-2021) has been published. The interest in Arabian horses in the country continues to expand with great enthusiasm shown by Arab horse owners and breeders and by a large number of Arab horses participating in endurance and showing.

The Pakistan Army established a Centre of Excellence for Equine Genetics (CEEG) at Remount Depot Mona to achieve maximum genetic potential of available breeding stock in 2021 and the first Embryo transfer foal (Polo Argentino) was born in Sep 2022. Research and development cell of CEEG has successfully started semen preservation of elite Stallions for extensive propagation of artificial insemination for the betterment of Equine breeds in the country.

This year three Purebred Arabian horse shows were organized in the country. Breeder’s conferences were also organized to interact with the Breeders of Pakistan Arabian horses Society. All matters pertaining to the latest breeding techniques and registration of new horses remained on its agenda.

I am highly thankful to the WAHO President, members of the Executive Committee and Miss Katrina Murray for organizing such a successful and informative conference for the participants/members.

In the end, I would like to pay my special thanks to HRH Princess Alia Al Hussein for the organization of such a well-managed conference and for the invitation to attend WAHO conference at Amman, Jordan.

2019 REPORT:

The Pakistan Arabian Horse Society have provided the following information. In 2017, 42 foals were registered. There were no exports but 1 horse was imported. There are 64 broodmares and 16 stallions used for breeding.

2017 REPORT:

The Pakistan Arabian Horse Society has provided the following information. In 2016 there were 43 foals registered. 4 horses were exported and 6 horses were imported.


For the year 2009, The Pakistan Arabian Horse Society reports the registration of 27 foals. There are 35 broodmares and 6 stallions currently used in the Arabian breeding programme. There were no exports or imports in 2009. The use of Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer breeding techniques are not permitted.

For the year 2008, The Pakistan Arabian Horse Society reports the registration of 10 foals. There are 23 broodmares and 3 stallions currently used in the Arabian breeding programme, which is mainly based at the Pakistan Arabian Horse Stud at the Remount Depot, Mona. There were no exports or imports in 2008. The next volume of the stud book will be published in 2009.


The current stud book is Volume 1, to 1997. The main Arabian breeding programme is at the State Stud at Mona, run by the Army, there are also some private owners and breeders.

In the year 2005, the Pakistan Arabian Horse Society reported 20 registered foals, with 28 broodmares and 4 breeding stallions. All foals are parent verified, currently by bloodtyping. They are not microchipped. There were no imports or exports in the year 2005. Artificial Insemination and transported semen are not allowed, not is Embryo Transfer. Passports are not issued. Arabian horses are mainly used for riding. At present there are no shows specially for Arabians in Pakistan.

In the year 2006, Pakistan reported 25 registered foals, and in the year 2007 they reported 19 registered foals with 35 breeding mares and 3 breeding stallions. There were no imports or exports.


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