PADRONS KHEN SAABI – 2008 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

PADRONS KHEN SAABI, Chestnut stallion, *1995 (Padrons Kadar/Alba).
Breeder and Owner: Mrs. Manuela Barta.
Strain: Managhi Hedruj of Ibn Sbeyel (Ferida, 1886)

Three wonderful horses were nominated for the WAHO Trophy – but only one would be able to win it! On the occasion of the Annual General Meeting of the Austrian Arab Horse Society on 23rd May 2008, the members elected the chestnut stallion Padrons Khen Saabi with a broad majority.

Manuela Barta, breeder for 22 years, recognized the talent for dressage in her exceptional stallion quite early and did not spare efforts nor costs to put him into training with notable riders, with the result, that they finally reached “dressage heaven”: On the highest level of Classical Equitation, the Prix St. George! But as if that was not enough, he also won against warmblood horses at dressage competitions of this level. This was – at least in Austria – a never before heard of phenomena.

At the presentation ceremony of the WAHO Trophy on the occasion of the National Show in Wels, Padrons Khen Saabi was presented to a big crowd in classical dressage in the most aesthetic manner by his rider Stefan Hirnboeck. Not only for the experts was this a very special moment with a touch of uniqueness – at least that’s how many spectators felt – the stallion was also a true ambassador for Austrian Arabian horse breeding at its best.

The VVOE congratulates Mrs. Manuela Barta for her success and wishes her many more years full of success with Padrons Khen Saabi.

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Photo by Erwin Escher: L-R: Manuela Barta, breeder and owner;
Padrons Khen Saabi with his rider: Stefan Hirnboeck;
right: Anne Heiloo; President, Austrian Arab Horse Society