MZ-DJAKIRAH – 2023 WAHO Trophy Winner – Switzerland

MZ-DJAKIRAH  brown mare, 2007 (Shaklan Ibn Bengali / WA Djambala) Breeder: Margot Zinniker. Owner: Dorina Karrer. Strain: Kehaileh Moradi (Sahara, 1840)

The SZAP are delighted to award the 2023 WAHO Trophy to the mare MZ-Djakirah.

Citation from the owner:

MZ Djakirah’s dam WA Djambala was bred in Switzerland by Franz Stucki. WA
Djambala has a pure Russian background and carries the well-known stallions
Kapitol, Kubinec and Balaton in her sire’s pedigree as well as the powerful mare
Her famous sire Shaklan Ibn Bengali spent a few years at stud at Lasahr Arabians in
Switzerland. He goes back on to the successful Russian stallions FS Bengali,
Kubinec and Balaton on his fathers side and on his mother’s side to the mare L.M.
Sadunga, a daughter of the famous Spanish stallion El Perfecto out of the US mare
with Egyptian lines: Spruce Tamin.

MZ-Djakirah was born in Wettingen at Margot Zinniker’s stud farm, where she spent
her first two years growing up with other foals. She was awarded a gold medal in the
foal class at the Swiss “Breeders show” (Beständeschau) in 2007. As a 2-year-old,
she left for a new home, where she was eventually broken in and trained for
endurance riding. Due to health problems of her owner, she was looking for a new
place and so she found her way to the Karrer family in the beginning of 2020. At her
new home she first was given a basic classical training and then competed in smaller
western competitions in the following year. She won the senior mare class at the
Swiss National show in 2021 with a score of 7.6 and was awarded again a gold
In 2023, Céline Karrer started riding her in dressage competitions and took her to
different horse fairs to promote the Arabians horse. The couple showed good,
consistent performances, so that MZ-Djakirah won the special prize 2023 for the best
Arabian mare at the Crystal Challenge tournament as well as the sponsorship prize
for the 2024 European Championships for Sport Arabians in Vienna.

MZ-Djakirah is a real all-rounder. She is well built and with 160 cm a tall mare with a
relatively square build. In addition to dressage, she enjoys jumping and loves to
canter extensively when hacking out in the countryside. She is a very people-oriented
mare who always greets her people with a gentle grumble.