KOWSAREH – 2012 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

KOWSAREH, Bay mare, *1987 (Dieve/Chechmeh) breeder: Mr. Kowsari. Owner: Mrs. Sharzad Amir Aslani Strain: Nesmani S. Karam.

The winner of Iran’s 2012 WAHO Trophy, chosen unanimously, is the lovely 26-year old bay mare, Kowsareh. She has quite a romantic history. No money could have bought her dam Chechmeh, who only changed hands when a big pistachio farm in the region of Kerman was promised to her owner in return. Kowsareh was bred by a famous breeder who was one of late Mrs. Mary Gharagozlou’s friends, and Mary acquired her after her breeder passed away. Her lont-time owner Sharzad Amir Aslani was able to buy her from Mary 20 years ago.

Kowsareh is of all old Iranian bloodlines, she has bred beautiful offspring who in turn are producing very well. In fact she was chosen as the WAHO Trophy winner in recognition of her achievements as a broodmare, because her daughters and granddaughters, sons and grandsons have all proven themselves, in almost every event. Amongst her offspring, her daughter Hourinaz is mother to many champions and her son Zakaria raced very well and is now being used for breeding in Khuzestan.

She also originates from the Nesmani strain, less well known in the west, which breeders in Iran value highly. She is a particularly sweet natured mare, a wonderful mother and very people oriented.

Kowsareh, centre, flanked by two of her offspring, Hourinaz and Zakaria, both by Assad.

Postscript: Sadly, Kowsareh passed away before she could attend her Trophy presentation. She is greatly missed.