WAHO Memoriam

17 April 1921 – 22 January 2006
WAHO President 1972-2003
It is with great sorrow that we write to inform you that our dear friend, mentor and WAHO President Emeritus, Jay Stream, passed away after a short illness on Sunday 22nd January, 2006, at the age of 85.

Without Jay Stream, there would be no WAHO as we know it today. Everything we are, everything we do, we owe to this extraordinary man of vision. Nearly four decades ago, when he was first invited by Ian Hedley, Klaus Lewenhaupt and Ronald Kydd to work with the Steering Committee of the fledgling WAHO, Jay foresaw a future where the international world of the Arabian horse would work together as one community for the good of the breed. As WAHO’s President for over 30 years, supported by the many WAHO Executive Committee Members who became his closest friends over the following years, he made the future come true, creating this unique international community through his hard work, commitment, determination, dedication, wisdom and courage, and in so doing he held us all together in his own inimitable way.

Without Jay’s selfless efforts the modern international world of the Arabian horse would be very different.  It is hard to believe now, but in those early days there was so much suspicion between registries that many imported horses were refused registration, or only registered after lengthy investigation.  With Jay at the helm, WAHO changed all that.  Even world politics were set aside, for when Jay set his mind to resolving an issue, it got resolved.  Never resting on his laurels, Jay’s energy also ensured that WAHO moved into the 21st Century as a modern, progressive organization.  From the seven initial Member countries to over 70 today, we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to this very special, larger-than-life man. Jay called it the WAHO ‘family’ and he was so right. To this ‘family’, he was our ‘founding father’, and his passing is a great loss to us all.

Successful in business and a committed family man, it was clear to all who knew them that Jay was utterly devoted to his wife Dorothy.  Their great passion for Arabians and open-minded approach to bloodlines saw them create a well known breeding programme at Greengate Farm, which produced countless halter and ridden champions.  Horses with the prefixes Al Nahr, AN, Greengate and GG have made a major contribution to breeding programmes all over the world.  This fine Greengate legacy is continued today by Dorothy together with their daughter Linda and grand-daughter, Christie.  Jay also had many interests outside WAHO.  An energetic fundraiser, he did a great deal to promote the Arabian horse in America, being President of IAHA and instrumental in making the excellent film, “The Proud Breed”.

There are so many words one can use to describe Jay. He was truly a man of stature in every way, successful at everything he set his mind to. Clever, charismatic, kind, funny, fair-minded, strong-willed, energetic, forward-thinking, steadfast and courageous, he treated everyone he met as an equal, regardless of title or background. Sometimes outspoken and always forthright when dealing with the many issues that arose within WAHO over the years, he was never afraid to say what he felt needed to be said. Embracing the future while respecting the past, Jay always took time to talk to young people about Arabians, knowing they would be the next generation of owners and breeders.  A master raconteur with a wealth of wonderful true stories about his early life, about his travels for WAHO, about the people he knew and the horses he loved, Jay was the greatest of mentors, for he entertained, enthralled, educated, and encouraged in equal measure .

People like Jay are rare indeed, we were truly privileged to have him as WAHO’s President for three decades.  After his retirement, he remained our adviser, our mentor and our friend.  His legacy to our international world of Arabian horses is outstanding.. He was, quite simply, unique.

We will miss you, Jay. You were truly one-of-a-kind. We are eternally thankful for your years of dedicated, unwavering service to our Organization, to our Community and to the Arabian Horse.

May You Rest in Peace

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