WAHO Memoriam

We are extremely sad to inform you that our dear friend and Executive Committee Member, Dr. Eugene Shemarykin, was tragically killed in an automobile accident on 9th November, 2004. He is well known to you all as the long-serving Registrar for the Russian Arabian Stud Book.

A true expert and authority on Arabian horses, Eugene has been an important part of the World Arabian Horse Organization for 30 years, joining as an Individual Associate Member in 1973. He was instrumental in assisting with the WAHO investigation and acceptance of the Russian Stud Books.

Born in 1951, Eugene trained at the Moscow Agricultural Academy, qualifying with a degree in biological science with a specialty in animal genetics. After two year’s military service, he joined the All-Russian Research Institute of Horse Breeding in 1973, and devoted his working life to them from that date until his untimely death. Apart from being the Registrar for the Russian Arabian Stud Book, Eugene was also Head of the Department of Selection of Horse Breeds and, at the time of his death, was Deputy Director of the Institute. He was also the Registrar for the Tersky and Anglo-Arab Stud Books, and had an immense knowledge of the history and characteristics of all three breeds for which he was responsible. He was also regularly called on to assist with selection work with other breeds of horses, acting as an adviser to breeders and stud farms all over Russia. He published over 50 scientific works in the field of selection and genetics of horses.

After the break up of the Soviet Union, Eugene worked tirelessly to help countries such as Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, whose Arabian horses had previously been registered by the RASB, create independent stud books and gain full Registering Authority Membership of WAHO in their own right. With the high level of exports from Russia to many countries, Eugene was probably one of the best known Registrars in WAHO. He always retained an interest in the careers of Russian Arabians after their export, and delighted in their many successes all over the world.

Recognizing that Dr. Eugene Shemarykin was so highly regarded in his own country and feeling that he had a great deal to offer to WAHO, Jay Stream invited him to become a Consultant to the Executive Committee in 1983, and in 1984 he became a full and highly valued Executive Committee member. In all these years of service to our international Arabian community, his commitment to the RASB and to WAHO remained constant and true. He rarely missed a meeting and always made valid and valued contributions to the discussions. He often expressed his hopes that one day he would help organize a WAHO Conference in his homeland, to present the Russian Arabians and his country, of which he was so proud, to the WAHO family. It is very sad that he did not live to see this happen.

A man of integrity, intelligence and immense good humour with a very kind heart, his tragic death at such a young age is a great loss to all of us here at WAHO, to his colleagues and friends in Russia, and to the Arabian horse world. But it is above all a tragic loss to his family. Eugene loved his wife Larisa and their son dearly, and was never happier than when he was with them. Above all, it was clear that he was very proud of his son’s academic achievements. His hobbies included gardening and caring for his pets. His emails to the WAHO office often included news of his family life and amusing anecdotes about his pets, his warmth shone through in every word and they were a delight to read.

A man with time for everyone, whose time with us was not long enough. Our sincerest condolences are extended at this sad time to his family and to his many friends and colleagues. Dear Eugene, we will all miss you. May you rest in peace.