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Member Report from Chile

2019 REPORT:

SOFO has provided the following information. In 2017, 239 foals were registered. 1 horse was exported and 16 horses were imported. There were 2 shows and 10 endurance events.


SOFO has provided the following information:  In 2016, 122 foals were registered.  In 2016, 4 horses were exported, 3 to the U.S.A. and 1 to the U.A.E. 26 horses were imported from Brazil, America and Argentina. In 2016 there were 3 Arabian shows and 10 endurance competitions.


Mr. Fernando Saenz, Chile: My name is Fernando Saenz, and together with my colleague Mr. Rodolfo Pinilla who is in charge of our Registry, we come in representation of Chile and Peru. We thank first His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani and the authorities of the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club for having us here in their beautiful country, together with WAHO’s President Dr. Hans Nagel.

The population of Arabian horses in my country is approximately 2,800 horses. In 2010 we registered 200 foals, 10% of them from Peru, and imported 25 horses. This year we registered so far 182 foals, again with 10% from Peru, and we exported 5 horses. We hold 2 annual shows with approximately 70 to 80 horses participating at each. Endurance riding is popular, a ride is held every 2 months, this sport is growing fast with the participation of 100-150 horses. We are now preparing ourselves to come to compete in Dubai this December.

We do allow artificial insemination and embryo transfer, and all foals are parent verified by DNA. Our studbook is in printing and includes from 2007 to 2010. And last, but not least, I must do a heartily remembrance of an American Arabian horse breeder that made it possible for my country to enter to the WAHO family, way back in 1982, at the Calgary meeting. His name was Douglas Marshall of Gleannloch Farms. He will be always in my heart and mind. Thank you.

2008 REPORT:

Chile reports that in the year 2008, 209 foals were registered. There are approximately 250 active broodmares and 40 active breeding stallions. No horses were exported, and 1 was imported from Brazil. Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer and multiple foals per mare per year by ET are permitted. Passports are not yet issued. Horses are not yet microchipped. The estimated number of living Arabians in Chile at present is just over 2,000. There are 2 main shows and 10 endurance rides each year.

Chile also registers the Arabian horses for Peru, in the year 2008 11 foals were born in Peru, from the farms of 3 different breeders were registered.

In 2009, The Asociacion de Criadores de Caballos Arabes del Peru (ACCAP) became an Associate (non voting) Member of WAHO. The Arabian horses of Peru are registered in a separate section of the Arabian Stud Book of Chile.


From 2007, Chile has been registering the Arabian horses of Peru.

In 2007 Chile registered 218 foals and recorded 3 exports and 8 imports.

The current published Stud book is Volume IV. In 2006 Chile had 350 registered mares and 50 breeding stallions, and 288 foals were registered. All these horses are blood-typed and we are moving to DNA typing.

2 horses were exported in 2006 – one to USA and one to the UAE, and 19 were imported from Argentina. The use of Artificial Insemination and transported semen is permitted, so is embryo transfer.

The Chilean Arabian Association organises an 2 regional shows yearly. Regarding endurance races, they are very popular and 10 are held each year. Chile has taken part several times in international and world endurance competitions, at which they have always participated with Arabian Horses. Arabian horses are also used for jumping and dressage competitions. Arabian horse breeding is flourishing in Chile, since the last few years.

Trophy Winners

LUMIAR ETHNA – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

LUMIAR ETHNA, Dark bay Mare, 2012 (RFI Maktub / Evening Star TGS)
Breeder: Antônio Carlos Rego, Haras Lumiar. Owners: The Bulnes Family, Haras Panquehue, and Herman Chadwick, Haras Aguas Claras.
Strain: Kehaileh Dajanieh (Mlecha, 1957)

Lumiar Ethna with (left to right): Mr José M. Bulnes, Mr Fernando Bulnes and Mr Herman Chadwick and their families.

Lumiar Ethna with (left to right): Mr José M. Bulnes, Mr Fernando Bulnes and Mr Herman Chadwick and their families.

The 2015 WAHO Trophy for Chile has been awarded to the successful and multi-titled young show mare, Lumiar Ethna, on the occasion of the 24th National Arab Horse Show held in Santiago in May 2016.
This mare stood out for her great beauty, with a spectacular head, handsome neck, harmonious general appearance and good movement. She was described by the judges as an individual who could win a show anywhere in the world.

HP MAHAL – 2014 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

HP MAHAL, Grey Stallion, 2007, (St Synbad / San Jose Josefina)
Breeder: Agricola y Haras Panquehue Ltda. Owner: Mr. Guido Zirotti Poseck, Haras Tunquelen
Strain: Seglawi Al Abd (Wadduda, 1899)

Chile is very pleased to announce that the excellent young stallion HP Mahal has been awarded their 2014 WAHO Trophy. This horse took part in EXPOSOFO 2014 (the 84th Farming, Stock Industrial and Commercial Show at Temuco). The jury awarded him the titles of Senior Grand Champion and Grand Champion of the Arab Breed.

HP Mahal

Photo L-R : Mr. Karol Ramirez Gutierrez, show trainer from Haras Tunquelen and Mr. Guido Zirotti Poseck, owner of HP MAHAL.

L.C. GHASSAN – 2013 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

L.C. GHASSAN, bay stallion, *2002 (Palissade / GV Kheramenka)
Breeder: Los Cedros S.A., Owner: Haras Puquelahue Ltda.
Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Gazella, ca. 1840).

Chile is delighted to announce the winner of their 2013 WAHO Trophy. This is the stallion L.C. Ghassan, who has many show wins to his credit, including Grand Champion of the Breed and Senior Grand Champion at the main Exposofo Show in 2013. He has also proved to be an excellent sire, with many top quality offspring.

Chilie 2013 Trophy winnder L.C. GHASSAN presentation

L.C. Ghassan receives his 2013 WAHO Trophy

L.L. BEAUTY DREAM – 2007 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

L.L. BEAUTY DREAM, Bay Mare, *2001 (Bey Shadow TGS / Touch A Dream).
Owner and breeder Mr. Alfredo Hasbun H.
Strain: Kehaileh Dajanieh (Mlecha, ca. 1840).

The Chilean Association of Arabian Horse Breeders is pleased to announce that they have awarded their 2007 WAHO Trophy to the outstanding mare L.L. BEAUTY DREAM, from Haras La Laguna, owned and bred by Mr. Alfredo Hasbun H.

The arguments considered in awarding this trophy were that the mare in question obtained the titles in Chile of Champion Foal 2001, National Junior Female Champion 2004, National Champion Mare 2005, and when travelling overseas to represent Chile, she was awarded the prestigious title of ‘International Champion Mare 2007’, in Las Vegas USA.

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2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

No report for 2006

SGV SALMAN EXPRESS – 2005 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

SGV SALMAN EXPRESS, Dark Bay Stallion, *2003 (Hafati Express / Bint Gaizar).
Breeder and Owner: Luis Grez, Haras SanGreVal “SGV”.
Strain: Kehailan Dajani (Dajania 1876).

The Chilean Arabian Horse Association (ACHCCA) awarded the 2005 WAHO Trophy to the dark bay Stallion SGV Salman Express. He has an impressive show record, having been the 2004 Chilean National Reserve Champion Foal and the 2005 Chilean National Junior Male Champion.

He will be competing in the Second South American National Show representing Chile, that is going to be held on December 2nd and 3rd 2006 in Santiago, Chile.

Fernando Bulnes, Vice-President of the ACHCCA presents SGV Salman Express and his owner/breeder Luis Grez with the 2005 WAHO Trophy for Chile, looking on is Jose Miguel Bulnes, Executive Director of the ACHCCA.

Fernando Bulnes, Vice-President of the ACHCCA presents SGV Salman Express and his owner/breeder Luis Grez with the 2005 WAHO Trophy for Chile, looking on is Jose Miguel Bulnes, Executive Director of the ACHCCA.