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MORO TIGRE – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Argentina

MORO TIGRE, Grey stallion, 1997 (Flaming Tigre / Mora Magika Owners/breeders: Dr. Miguel & Mrs. Celina Pavlovsky, Haras San Andrés Del Moro Strain: Abeyan (Sedi, 1919) The Asociacion Argentina de Criadores de Caballos Arabes is proud to announce that the stallion Moro Tigre has been awarded Argentina’s 2015 WAHO Trophy. Moro Tigre is an outstanding […]

KLASS – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Australia

KLASS, Grey stallion, 2003 (TS Al Malik/Karmaa). Owner/Breeder: Mr. Greg Farrell, Mulawa Arabian Stud Pty. Ltd. Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869). The Arabian Horse Society of Australia has announced that their 2015 WAHO Trophy winner is the stallion Klass. Setting industry records and redefining the standard of excellence for the Arabian breed worldwide is just […]

EXQUISITE’S FANTASY – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

EXQUISITE’S FANTASY, Grey Stallion, *2002 (Gasir / Exquisite Shatana) Breeder and Owner: Susanne Werth-Hofbauer, Exquisite Arabians Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869) The Austrian Arab Horse Society has awarded their coveted 2015 Trophy to the stallion Exquisite’s Fantasy, who has truly proved to be a great ambassador for the Arabian breed. The Trophy was presented at […]

RUKBAN DIKRUHU MMN – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Belgium

RUKBAN DIKRUHU MMN, Chestnut Gelding,*1998 (Ibn Barrada / Dikra Estasha) Breeder: Mrs. Nellie Philippot-Hermanne Owner: Mrs. Rachel Jaumotte Strain: Kehailan Dajani (Mlecha, ca. 1840) The Board of the Belgian Arabian Horse Registry (BAPS) has decided to award their 2015 WAHO Trophy to the extremely successful endurance gelding, Rukban Dikruhu MMN, in recognition of his extraordinary […]

SUR TEDDY’S MAGNA – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Canada

SUR TEDDY’S MAGNA, Grey Gelding, 1997 (Surokhan / HM Magna) Breeder: Susan Fyfe, Owner: Lorraine Prowse Strain: Seglawi Al Abd (Urfah, 1898) The Canadian Arabian Horse Registry is pleased to announce that the winner of their 2015 WAHO Trophy is the 18-year old grey gelding, Sur Teddy’s Magna, who throughout his long career has been […]

LUMIAR ETHNA – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Chile

LUMIAR ETHNA, Dark bay Mare, 2012 (RFI Maktub / Evening Star TGS) Breeder: Antônio Carlos Rego, Haras Lumiar. Owners: The Bulnes Family, Haras Panquehue, and Herman Chadwick, Haras Aguas Claras. Strain: Kehaileh Dajanieh (Mlecha, 1957) The 2015 WAHO Trophy for Chile has been awarded to the successful and multi-titled young show mare, Lumiar Ethna, on […]

TUZEMEC – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Czech Republic

TUZEMEC, Grey Stallion, 2003 (Madiar / Troia) Breeder: Tersk Stud Owner: Regutec Ltd Strain: Hamdani Simri (Selma) ACHPAK members vote every year about the WAHO trophy winner, and the last awarded horse was stallion Tuzemec who was bred in Russia and imported from Norway. Due to the small number of Arabian horses bred in the […]

HEBA EL BOURINI – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Egypt

HEBA EL BOURINI, Grey Mare, *2013 (Shamel Saqr / Shahd Al Salmaniya) Owner/Breeder: Mr. Mohamed El Bourini, El Bourini Stud Strain: Dahmah Shahwanieh (El Dahma, 1879) The Egyptian Agricultural Organization has awarded Egypt’s 2015 WAHO Trophy to the charming filly Heba El Bourini. Traditionally, the EAO has presented this Trophy to the female winner of […]

PELENNOR – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Finland

PELENNOR Chestnut stallion, 2004. (Monograf/Penelope). Owner/Breeder: Tuija Sipila. Strain: Hadban Enzahi (Venus) The Finnish Arabian Horse Society has awarded their 2015 WAHO Trophy to the lovely chestnut stallion Pelennor, in recognition of his admirable achievements in the show-ring. His pedigree shows an excellent blend of the best in Russian and Polish bloodlines, he has an […]

MAHROKH – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iran

MAHROKH, Bay mare, *1990 (Fakeh / Abr) Breeder: Shahpour Shehabpour, Owner: The Shehabpour Family Strain: Nesmani (Full citation to follow)

AL EKLEEL – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Iraq

AL EKLEEL, Dark Grey stallion, *2012 (Al-Najdy /Kawakib Al-Thania) Breeder & Owner: Dr. Mohammad Al-Nujaifi Strain: Kehailan Ajuz The Iraq Arabian Horse Organization, IAHO, is pleased to announced they have selected the winner of their 2015 WAHO Trophy. Al Ekleel (his name means Crown in Arabic) was the top race horse in Iraq for 2015 […]

TORNADO BY ZUCCHELE – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Italy

TORNADO BY ZUCCHELE, Chestnut Stallion, 2012 (Zucchele / Iapomica). Breeder: Societa Agrocila Fratelli Pinna, Owner: Mr. Antonio Efisio Pinna. Strain: Not Recorded (Em-Arkoub). ANICA is pleased to announced that they have awarded Italy’s 2015 WAHO Trophy to the 4-year old stallion Tornado by Zucchele, in recognition of his excellent racing achievements to date. During the […]

KALKEN – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Kazakhstan

KALKEN, Grey Stallion, *2012 (Kair / Kamelita) Breeder: KFH Ajar Stud Farm Owner: Jazylbelkov Bulatkhan Strain: Kehailan El Krush (Dafina, 1921) The Kazakh Association of Purebred Arabian Horses is proud to announce that their prestigious WAHO Trophy for 2015 has been awarded to the attractive young grey stallion Kalken. He shows great promise and is […]

STARTAS – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Lithuania

STARTAS, Chestnut Stallion, *2000 (Bosas / Saulute) Breeder: Vilnius Stud, Owner: Olga Sivec Strain: Seglawi Jedran (Emese, 1880) The Lithuanian Horse Breeders Association is pleased to announce that their WAHO Trophy 2015 was awarded to chestnut Arabian stallion Startas, born and and raised in Vilnius Stud. The present owner is Olga Sivec. Startas has represented […]

SKAI TORONTO – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Namibia

SKAI TORONTO, Grey Stallion, *2011 (Abha Qebec / Armika Shania) Breeder: Farm Hertzog, Owner: Willem Paul Michau Strain: Seglawi (Hind, 1942) The Arab Horse Breeders Society of Namibia is pleased to announce the winner of their 2015 WAHO Trophy, Skai Toronto. For the first time since its inception, the Trophy has not been awarded to […]

ABAKANA KOSSACK – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Netherlands

ABAKANA KOSSACK, Bay Mare, *2001 (Balaton / Amunitia) Breeder & Owner: The Kossack Stud Strain: Kehaileh Moradi (Sahara, ca. 1840) The Dutch Arab Horse Society (AVS) has awarded their 2015 WAHO Trophy to the outstanding mare of ‘straight Russian’ pedigree, the lovely Abakana Kossack. She is the last daughter of the outstanding Aswan daughter Amunitia, […]

CYPRUS AL THAQIB – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – New Zealand

CYPRUS AL THAQIB, Grey Gelding, 2007 (Joda Aloof / Cyprus Alii Esperance) Breeder: Penny Buckthought, Cyprus Arabians, Owner: Liana Mikaera Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869) The New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders Society has announced that the winner of their 2015 WAHO Trophy is Cyprus Al Thaqib, a 15.3hh Purebred Arabian gelding by Joda Aloof (AU) […]

ARKAN – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Oman

ARKAN Chestnut stallion, 2011. (Sarab / Ghuzlan). Breeder: Mr. Musabah Bin Ali Al Maamari. Owner: Mr. Mohammed Bin Musaban Al Ma’mari. Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Samaria, 1882) The Royal Cavalry of Oman is pleased to announce that the 2015 winner of their WAHO Trophy has been selected. The winner is the chestnut stallion Arkan. He was […]

PALMETA – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Poland

PALMETA, Grey mare, 2001 (Ecaho / Pilica) Breeder/Owner: Janow Podlaski Stud Strain: Not Recorded (family of Szamrajowka, ca. 1810) The Polish Arabian Horse Breeders Society (PZHKA) is happy to announce that the exceptional mare Palmeta has been awarded their 2015 WAHO Trophy. Show Record: 2002 Warsaw Summer Show Junior Champion Mare & Best in Show […]

VIVAT – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Russia

VIVAT, Chestnut Stallion, 1999 (Narmat / Volshebnaia) Breeder & Owner: The Equiline Stud (formerly Lada-Konsul Stud) Strain: Kehailan Moradi (Sahara, ca. 1840) Russia awarded their 2015 WAHO Trophy to the successful show and breeding stallion, Vivat. Bred and owned by the Equiline Stud, in 2007 he won the titles of Silver Champion Stallion at both […]

FAHD AL TINHAT – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Saudi Arabia

FAHD AL TINHAT, Grey colt, *2014 (Shanghai EA / Barbarella RV) Breeder & Owner: Mr. Abdullah bin Fahad Al Haqbani, Al Tinhat Stud Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869) The King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horses Centre is pleased to announce that the winner of their 2015 WAHO Trophy is the successful show colt Fahd Al Tinhat. […]

ATHENA K – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Serbia

ATHENA K, Bay mare, 2009 (Pentagon Ibn Psytadel (DE) / Algebra (SE)) Owner and breeder: Mr. Dejan Kostadinović. Strain: Not Recorded (Family of Milordka, 1816) The Serbian Association for Purebred Arabian Horses is delighted to announce their first WAHO Trophy winner. The Trophy goes to the young bay mare Athena K, imported in utero to […]

ID EL SAAR – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Slovenia

ID EL SAAR, dark chestnut stallion, 1994 (Golden Crown / Amun Swadeschi) Breeder: Borut Mario Škulj. Strain: Abeyan Sherrak (Abeyah, 1896) The Slovenian SBA decided to grant the male horse ID EL SAAR with the 2015 WAHO Trophy. Id El Saar is the best Arabian horse bred in Slovenia to successfully compete with his owner […]

NIL ASHAL – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Switzerland

NIL ASHAL, Grey stallion, 2008 (Nil Bedouin / Nil Abiat) Breeder and Owner: Urs Aesbacher, Nile Arabians. Strain: Hamdani (Zenab) The exceptional racing stallion Nil Ashal is the well-deserved winner of Switzerland’s 2015 WAHO Trophy. His exceptional race record to date comprises 7 wins and 11 places from 23 runs. His placings include three 2nd […]

SILVERN PRINCE – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – United Kingdom

SILVERN PRINCE, Grey Stallion, *1999 (Prince Sadik / Silvern Image) Owner/Breeder: Mrs. Caroline G.E. Sussex, Binley Arabian Stud Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869) The Arab Horse Society of the United Kingdom are proud to announce that Silvern Prince has been awarded their 2015 WAHO Trophy in recognition of his outstanding achievements under saddle. Silvern Prince […]