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Member Report from Canada

2019 REPORT:

The Canadian Arabian Horse Registry has provided the following information. In 2017, 182 foals were registered. There were approximately 30 shows and numerous endurance events open to all breeds. In 2018, 138 foals were registered, there were 31 horses exported and 42 horses imported The number of shows and endurance competitions remained the same.


Canada reports that in the year 2007, 511 foals were registered. In the year 2008, 438 foals were registered. All foals are parent verified by DNA at first registration, they are not micro-chipped. The use of artificial insemination, transported semen both imported and exported, and embryo transfer including multiple foals per mare per year are all permitted. Passports are not issued.

Trophy Winners

SUR TEDDY’S MAGNA – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Canada

SUR TEDDY’S MAGNA, Grey Gelding, 1997 (Surokhan / HM Magna)
Breeder: Susan Fyfe, Owner: Lorraine Prowse
Strain: Seglawi Al Abd (Urfah, 1898)

The Canadian Arabian Horse Registry is pleased to announce that the winner of their 2015 WAHO Trophy is the 18-year old grey gelding, Sur Teddy’s Magna, who throughout his long career has been amateur owned, trained and shown by Lorraine Prowse. This is his citation:

Sur Teddys Magna

Sur Teddy’s Magna – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner of Canada

Lorraine Prowse wrote in her horse journal on March 25, 2001 “There isn’t much to say about the ride I had on Teddy today…he was pretty much perfect.” Sur Teddy’s Magna, fondly referred to as Teddy, was almost 4 years old. Little did anyone realize the journey that was about to begin. Lorraine first showed Teddy at a local show in Hunter Pleasure and Equitation. His first big win was the Junior Horse Championship at the Calgary Arabian Horse Show. To be fair, the winds were flapping the tent sides and roof; the other horses knew better than to approach the entrance, let alone go into the tent to compete. Lorraine and Teddy worked together showing in hunter pleasure, equitation, showmanship and began over-fences classes. As the trend towards sport horse classes began, it became apparent that Teddy had found his niche earning his first Top Five honours at the 2003 Region 17 Championships in Purebred Sport horse under saddle and in hand.
Teddy’s first Canadian National Top Ten awards were earned in 2004 in Purebred Sport Horse under Saddle, Working Hunter AAOTR and Hunter Hack. He followed this with his first National Championship in Working Hunter AAOTR and Reserve National Champion Hunter Hack the following year. He continued to add more Regional, Western Canadian Breeders, Canadian and U.S. Sport Horse titles to his record over the years. In 2011, Sur Teddy’s Magna brought home 6 Canadian National Championships. In 2012, he added another 9 National Championship titles between the Canadian Nationals and the U.S. Sport Horse Nationals including Working Hunter, Sport Horse under Saddle, Hunter Hack and both Training and First level dressage. In total, these were the most National Championship titles earned by any purebred Arabian in a single year.
Lorraine became the Arabian Horse Association High Point Adult Amateur rider in 2012 with Teddy’s amazing year, and although she has achieved success with other horses – in fact, to date, Lorraine has earned 141 National titles (including 62 Champion and Reserves) and has earned more than 200 Regional titles (including 82 Championships and 60 Reserve Championships) – one of her greatest achievements has been working with Teddy: Lorraine, as an amateur, has been his sole trainer and rider.
To this day, Teddy remains her favourite, most trusted companion. After 14 years in the show ring, Lorraine and Teddy’s journey continues. At 18 years of age, Teddy is still going strong. Whatever the show, whatever the class, this one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime horse gives it his all. Always leaving a little something for that final trot down the rail!
To date, some of Teddy’s accomplishments include:

  • A total of 88 National titles, the highest number earned by any Purebred Arabian. This includes 23 National Championships and 18 National Reserve Championships.
  • A total of 116 Regional titles including 44 Champion and 26 Reserve champion honours following the 2015 WCB show in Saskatoon.
  • 5 consecutive years on the Arabian Horse Association High Point Horse list, 2010-2014. Teddy has finished as high as second on the list in 2012.
  • Teddy has earned the 2nd highest cumulative points in the AHA Horse Achievement program since its inception in 1965. To date, he has over 2600 points with the distinction that these points have all been earned by a single rider.
  • 3 times Equine Canada Breed Sport Arabian of the year; 2012, 2013 and 2014.
  • 2014 AOTS (Amateur Owned Trained and Shown) Connection High Point Champion
  • Recipient of the Arabian Horse Association Legion of Honor, Legion of Merit, Legion of Supreme Honor, Legion of Supreme Merit and Legion of Excellence awards.
  • Recipient of both AHA Training and First Level Dressage awards.
  • Multiple winner of the Region 17 High Point Sport Horse award.

And, now, the 2015 WAHO trophy winner!

Sur Teddys Magna

WAHO Trophy Presentation at the Western Canadian Breeders show. L-R: Mr. and Mrs. Prowse, Lorraine Prowse on Sur Teddy’s Magna, and Mr. Tex Cam, President of the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry.

DAL-APOLLO – 2014 WAHO Trophy Winner – Canada

DAL-APOLLO, Chestnut Gelding, *1994 (S.E.A. Ben Ben Bilal / Rudaynah)
Breeder: Douglas Lunau. Owner: Allan Ehrlick.
Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869)

2014 WAHO Trophy Winner of Canada: Dal-Apollo

2014 WAHO Trophy Winner of Canada: Dal-Apollo

(awaiting write-up)

SHY GAYFEEN – 2013 WAHO Trophy Winner – Canada

SHY GAYFEEN, Bay Stallion, *1998 (Safeen / Gayleen RCA)
Breeder: Shyloh 1994 I Limited Partnership. Owner: Cori Wilson.
Strain: Hadban Enzahi (Venus)

2013 WAHO Trophy Winner of Canada: Shy Gayfeen

2013 WAHO Trophy Winner of Canada: Shy Gayfeen

In May 1999, Cori Wilson happened to visit a farm where twenty-six Straight Egyptian Arabian horses were being boarded in the pastures. She found out that their owner had fallen on hard times and was dispersing the herd – in fact, they were getting run through a local auction within the week. Although she wasn’t looking for another horse at that time, one colt stood out.
“He was in quite a neglected state” says Cori. “I could count his ribs, he had overgrown feet and a mane full of burrs. I knew he needed a good home, so I told the owner if I could catch him, I’d buy him.” Cori went out into the paddock full of yearling and 2-year-old colts fully expecting to never be able to get near him. The little colt wasn’t halter broke, but he calmly let Cori approach him. “All his little buddies ran away, but he stood there and waited as I gently slipped the halter over his head,” says Cori proudly. “Hugo knew I was there for him and he never looked back; he followed me out of the paddock and into the trailer.”
By the end of that summer, after a few months of care and attention, Hugo had started to grow and fill out, and the decision was made to keep him as a stallion. Cori knew he’d have to prove himself and so his show career began.
Shy Gayfeen entered his first show in the spring of 2000. Just six years later, the stallion became one of only three living Arabian stallions to receive the Legion of Excellence and Legion of Masters awards. The Canadian-bred stallion is also the first ever Straight Egyptian to receive this award, making him the most winning Straight Egyptian horse in the AHA’s history.
Over his show career, Shy Gayfeen has acquired countless wins in halter and performance as well as many high point and Horse of the Year awards. He has traveled all over Canada and the USA to compete and his temperament and trainability have allowed him to achieve these awards with several different riders and handlers.
In 2003 Shy Gayfeen was the Egyptian Event Unanimous Champion in World Class Stallions 4 & 5-year-olds. A few of his other career highlights include two Canadian National Top Tens in Hunter Pleasure Open, a Canadian National Top Ten in Hunter Pleasure AATR, and thirty-two Regional titles in Stallion Halter, Hunter Pleasure Open and Amateur, and Ladies Side Saddle English.
As a sire Shy Gayfeen proved himself to be just as successful. His first three foals shown were all unanimous Regional halter champions. His offspring have earned numerous regional and National titles, including titles in Halter, Hunter, Sport Horse In-Hand, Sport Horse Under Saddle and Western Pleasure. “Hugo is passing on his excellent temperament and trainability, great legs, hip and topline,” says Cori. “He’s producing foals that are not only great halter horses, but great performance horses as well.”

YAKXIE – 2012 WAHO Trophy Winner – Canada

YAKXIE (Selena), Bay Mare, *1998 (Masallah Arabiya / Elphina).
Breeder: Fernand Jacques. Owner: Bertrand Caron.
Strain: Seglawieh Jedranieh of Ibn Ed Derri (Basilisk, 1875)

2012 WAHO Trophy Winner of Canada: Yakxie

2012 WAHO Trophy Winner of Canada: Yakxie

Yakxie is a Canadian-bred mare with a unique set of skills and talent for extreme sports, much like her owner. She is athletic, sure footed and has a sensible, yet ‘game’ nature that makes her an ideal partner for a rider who has a love of all things exciting.

Bert Caron purchased Yakxie in 2000 as a 2 year old, out of a field of 13 other horses. She hadn’t been handled, not even to be halter trained and it took Bert a full year to help her learn to trust him and to understand the basics.

Bert competes with Yakxie in high-speed equestrian sports such as Mounted Shooting and Ski-Joring. He started to train Yakxie for mounted shooting when she was 7 yrs old, and she has become extremely good at it. Over the last several years, the pair have been very successful in competition and have travelled across North America to numerous events including the Calgary Stampede.

Mounted shooting is based on speed and accuracy. Balloon targets are placed on poles, spaced a certain distance apart and riders must navigate the course as quickly as possible and shoot as many targets as possible. Riders shoot the balloons using special black-powder-loaded blank cartridges from 45 caliber pistols. They’re not live rounds, but they sound like they are. Any horse breed or mule can be used in mounted shooting but it takes a special horse to really do well in the sport. “It’s up to your horse’s temperament and your desire to train him or her to get used to the shooting, turning and going fast” , says Bert.

Yakxie truly enjoys her job and gives Burt 110% when she’s out there. She is quick off the start as soon as she gets the cue to go and is extremely fast and accurate on the course. He describes the incredible power that the mare uses to regain speed after she decelerates to turn around the rundown barrel to be like “the feeling of having my saddle attached to a bungee cord, fully extended, that suddenly breaks. The acceleration is terrific”. There are 36 feet between each of the rundown balloons, and she covers this distance in approximately 4 seconds. “It gives me less than one second per shot with a single action revolver to hit the 5 balloons” says Bert.

The pair also participate in the winter sport of Ski-Joring. This involves a skier being towed behind a galloping horse and rider, around a course that includes several turns and a number of jumps for the skier. No matter what Bert asks of his mare, she is ready and willing to get out there and have some fun.

2012 WAHO Trophy Winner of Canada: Yakxie

2012 WAHO Trophy Winner of Canada: Yakxie

VLQ FRIENDLY FIRE – 2010 WAHO Trophy Winner – Canada

VLQ FRIENDLY FIRE, Chestnut Gelding, 1999 (Forelock’s Petja / Polka Jane).
Breeders: Vanessa and Dr. Loren Quartly Owner: Allison Mostowich.
Strain: Kehailan Haifi (Reshan, 1896).

The Canadian Arabian Horse Registry is proud to announce the selection of VLQ Friendly Fire as the recipient of the 2010 WAHO Trophy.

This twelve year old gelding, owned by Allison Mostowich, was bred by Vanessa Quartly of western Canada and has a deeply Canadian pedigree on his dam’s side. Sired by the 1981 Dutch-bred imported stallion Forelock’s Petja, he is out of the Canadian-bred mare Polka Jane, whose heritage includes generations of Canadian horses.

Fireman, as he is affectionately known, competes at both Arabian and all-breed competitions in the sport of Reining and has earned numerous Championships with his trainer and his amateur owner. In 2009, he won back to back titles in both the Amateur and Open Reining at the Canadian and US National Championships, the first purebred Arabian to accomplish this, according to A.H.A.’s records. He nearly had a repeat in 2010, with Championships in the Open and Amateur Reining in Canada and in the Amateur Reining at US Nationals, with a respectable Top Ten in the Open division last year. He has also been awarded the A.H.A.’s Legion of Honour, Legion of Supreme Honour and Legion of Excellence Awards as well as the Equine Canada Breed Sport Purebred Arabian of the Year title (2009).

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VLQ Friendly Fire and owner, Allison Mostowich,
Photo credit: Jay Goss

VLQ Friendly Fire continues to show both on the Arabian and open reining circuits and now has quite a following (numerous fans stopped by his stall at Canadian Nationals to say hi and ascertain when he was showing) and his own facebook page.

He and Allison won the 2010 US National Amateur reining class, the 2011 Scottsdale amateur reining championship, the 2011 Region 4 Arabian amateur reining champsionship and most recently the 2011 Canadian Nationals Championship in both the Amateur 18 – 39 reining and also the open reining (with LaRae Fletcher-Powell). This is the 3rd consecutive year he has won Canadian Nationals. And to top off the season, he was once again US National Amateur Reining Champion at the US Nationals (AAOTR – Adult Amateur Owner to Ride) for the 2nd year running.

Thank you very much for recognizing this special Alberta bred gelding. He is truly one of a kind and we are blessed to have him in our lives.

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R to L: Mike Steenhart (Director, Canadian Arabian Horse Registry) presenting the WAHO Trophy to Allison Mostowich (owner/rider), “The Fireman”, LaRae Fletcher Powell (trainer), Nadine Cusack (previous owner) and Vanessa Quartly (breeder).

ISLAND ELEGANCE – 2009 WAHO Trophy Winner – Canada

ISLAND ELEGANCE, Grey mare, *2003 (Couturier / Island Mist).
Breeders: Pat Simmonds and Don James. Owner: Don James.
Strain: Seglawieh Jedranieh (Urfah, 1898)

The Canadian Arabian Horse Registry is pleased to announce that Island Elegance is the recipient of the 2009 WAHO Trophy, the first time this Trophy has been awarded in the country.

Island Elegance photo: Stuart Vesty

Island Elegance
photo: Stuart Vesty

This mare is an exceptional example of Canada’s breeding programme. Bred by Pat Simmonds and Don James, of western Canada, her pedigree is deeply rooted in Canadian bloodlines, especially along each of her parent dam lines. In fact on her tail-female line, the first six generations in the pedigree of Island Elegance are all Canadian-bred mares.

She is by the Canadian-bred stallion, Couturier (Versace [US] x Evening Intrigue [CA]), and out of the Canadian-bred mare Island Mist who is out of KGB Spring Fire [CA] (by KGB Intrigue [CA] x Spring Classique [CA] by Jurafic [CA]).

Her recent accomplishments include the 2009 Canadian National Championship in Senior Mares and the US National Reserve Championship Mare title. She also represented Canadian breeding at the 2009 Scottsdale Championship and was Top Ten in the Open and Amateur to Handle classes in her age group. Her show ring accomplishments were largely credited to the training and handling of Canadian trainer John Pringle and his wife Andrea.

The CAHR selection committee feel that Island Elegance is a shining example of Canadian breeding at its best, and that she represents the high level of quality that the Arabian breeders of Canada can achieve.