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Member Report from Belize


I apologize in advance for the brevity of my report. My name is Christine Tupper and I am representing the Belize Arabian Stud Book.

Thirty years ago, we started by importing 7 Arabian horses from the USA. Our foundation stock was mostly based on Crabbet and Polish bloodlines. We register foals after parent verification, earlier this was by blood-typing, now by DNA typing. We use California Davis Equine Laboratory to perform the tests and keep the records. We allow Artificial Insemination with imported semen. Our records and our rules and regulations are on a database and WAHO has been sent this. In recent months a new interest in endurance and showjumping has given us cause to attempt to revitalize a dwindling breeding programme. Our neighbouring countries which are as yet without a WAHO-approved Registry have also began to look with favour and interest at the Arabian horse for their sports activities. I personally am eagerly anticipating many new experiences and valuable information to enhance my relatively recent exposure to worldwide activities regarding this ancient breed.

On behalf of Belize Arabian Stud Book I want to thank our gracious hosts His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, The Royal Court Affairs, and the Organizing Committee for inviting us to Oman and thank WAHO for their kind and encouraging guidance. Thank you very much.


Belize have only added a very small number of Arabian horses over the past few years, as very few foals are born in Belize, so they have not published any recent supplements to their stud book although they do send out rules and regulations when they are amended and put an addendum sheet in. All foals are parent verified. Artificial insemination and the use of imported transported semen are allowed. Basically, in Belize a few friends really have their horses for fun, there are no shows or competitions but are trying to introduce the breed to newcomers and encourage their use for cross-breeding as well. In 2007 a new Riding Academy has been formed and it is hoped they will use some Arabians for trail riding, dressage, and jumping, with perhaps some endurance rides in the future. Belize stays in close touch with Arabian breeders in the nearby countries of Honduras and Guatemala.

Trophy Winners

ARABI – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Belize

ARABI., Chestnut Stallion, *1991 (TS Chac / Louida).
Breeder and Owner: Mr. Abdala Bedran.
Strain: Managhi Hedruj (Haidee 1869)

Arabi was selected by the Belize Arabian Stud Book Committee as their 2006 WAHO Trophy winner. The reasons for this selection include his good conformation, good disposition, and his prepotency as a sire. Arabi has been trained for Western style riding and he is also adept at working cattle. This happy and good natured stallion loves trail-riding on jungle trails, he enjoys leading the way and is always alert and aware of his surroundings. In a country with few purebred Arabians, he certainly flies the flag as an ambassador for the breed in the best possible way.

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Arabi with his breeder/owner, Abdala Bedran.

TS BYTESH – 2005 WAHO Trophy Winner – Belize

TS BYTESH, Grey stallion, *1990 (Baqi / Shelly Ann).
Breeder and owner: Mrs. Svea Dietrich-Ward, Tree Shade Arabians.
Strain: Seglawi Jedran (Urfah 1898).

The senior Arabian stallion in Belize, TS Bytesh is a wonderful riding horse and also enjoys being driven in harness. As a breeding sire he is always ready, able and considerate with his mares. His foals prove that he is prepotent and reliable and they inherit his exceptional disposition. An attractive horse with an excellent temperament, proven by the fact that he is particularly gentle and kind with children, TS Bytesh is considered the perfect ambassador to attract new people to the Arabian breed in a country where their numbers are very small. On top of all that he has a sense of humor. He well deserves the trophy and is very proud of it – as is his owner / breeder, Svea Dietrich

TS Bytesh at home at Tree Shade Arabians, admiring his WAHO Trophy with his owner/breeder Svea Dietrich, accompanied by his good friend Buck, the German Shepherd dog

TS Bytesh at home at Tree Shade Arabians, admiring his WAHO Trophy with his owner/breeder Svea Dietrich, accompanied by his good friend Buck, the German Shepherd dog

TS Bytesh, Belize's winner of the 2005 WAHO Trophy

TS Bytesh, Belize’s winner of the 2005 WAHO Trophy