Member Report from Austria


Petra Dries, Austria: Good Afternoon. Dear Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Executive Committee, dear Delegates.  The President of the Austrian Arabian Horse Society Mrs. Anne Heiloo is sending her best regards and is wishing the Conference a great success. My name is Petra Dries.  I would like to give you a short report about the activities of the Austrian Arab Horse Society.

The number of foals being registered, and the number of imported and exported horses stayed approximately the same over the last 10 years.  In 2018 we registered 117 foals, exported 49 and imported 44 Arabian horses.  We have done DNA parent verification since 2003 and all horses have to be microchipped.

The WAHO Trophy 2018 was awarded to Al Fakhir, a stallion bred and owned by Al Hambra Arabians, honoured for his achievements in the halter show ring.  Every year, the Austrian National Championships and an International ECAHO B Show is held in Wels during a popular horse fair, reaching a big audience.  Also last year a European Amateur Show was held in Austria, with halter classes and ridden classes, enabling the owners to present their Arabian horses themselves.

The Austrian Arab Horse Society also sponsored a Dressage Cup with multiple shows over the year, and an Endurance Cup.  The Austrian Championships and the ECAHO European Championships for Sport Arabians took place again in 2017 and 2018 in Austria.  These events, sponsored by ECAHO, are organised by the “Friends of Arabian Sport Horses”, a union of breeders and riders of Arabian Horses in Austria.  All Arabian Horses registered in ECAHO stud books are eligible to enter.  Last year, horses from 8 nations competed for the Championships in Dressage, Jumping, Reining, Trail, Western Pleasure, Classic Pleasure, Traditional Arabian Riding, Ladies Side-saddle and All-round.  Also, in 2019 we will be happy to host this event again in Austria.

Thank you for your attention, and thanks to our host country Australia for the organisation and realisation of this great Conference.

2017 REPORT:

The Verband der Vollblutaraber-Zuchter Osterreich reports that in 2016 they registered 112 foals, with the same number in 2017. In 2016, 29 horses were exported and 32 were imported. In 2017, 44 horses were imported and 50 horses were exported. 1 major Arabian Show is organized annually, and there are 20 endurance competitions each year.


Ann Heiloo, Austria: Mr. President, members of the Executive Committee, delegates, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Ann Heiloo, President of the Austrian Arab Horse Society. My co-delegate next to me is Mrs. Elisabeth Chat who has been our long-time WAHO delegate.

In 2013, 103 foals were born, 32 horses were imported and 42 horses were exported. Today we have 1,251 living Arabian horses registered. Since 2003 all our horses are DNA tested. Horse identification has been additionally done by microchipping since 1993.

We have 3 shows a year, one National Championship, one International ECAHO B Show and one International ECAHO C Show. In Sport, we have the Lower Austrian Championship and the National Championship, where this year 41 horses participated in an open competition, which was open to all ECAHO member countries. These competitions are recognized by the Austrian Equestrian Federation, so they are official Austrian titles. We also had 22 endurance riding competitions.

Every 2 years we produce a Breeders Catalogue, which we make available free of charge. Every year we have the WAHO Trophy presentation during our National Championships. Thank you for your attention.


Anne Heiloo, Austria: Dear Mr. President, members of the Executive Committee, delegates, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Anne Heiloo and I am the President of the Austrian Arab Horse Society. I would like to thank the State of Qatar for hosting the WAHO Conference 2011.

In 2010, 105 foals were born. 1,260 is the total amount of living Arabians in Austria. 24 horses were imported and 50 horses were exported. We have been microchipping since 1993 for all horses, and all horses are DNA-typed and we have a passport according to the EU requirements.

Austria has one National Championship Show and two International Shows. In sport, we have the Austrian Championship recognized by the National Equestrian Federation, of which we are very proud. Austria has 22 endurance rides a year with approximately 20 Arab horses participating, these 22 endurance rides are for all breeds. This year, an Arab horse became Austria’s Overall Endurance Champion and we are very proud of that. Thank you.


Foals registered: 126

Horses exported: 50

Horses imported: 49


My name is Elisabeth Chat from Austria, I have the pleasure to give you now the report for Austria. Our stud book is up to date, it is produced every second year, the Supplement 2007/2008 to Volume 3 is now out. We have always printed 5 generations with strains and lines in these stud books. The number of foals registered in 2008 was 105, we imported 8 horses in 2008 and exported 36. The estimated number of living Arabians belonging to members of the Association was 1,304 in 2008. This is similar to the amount in 2006, and a little less than in 2004.

We have done the DNA parentage verification for foals and breeding horses since 2003, before that we used blood-typing. The identification of breeding horses by microchipping has been in use since 1993, and from 1st January 2008 all foals will also have to be microchipped, we use the chip system: ISO-CHIP AEG. This microchipping has to be handled only by a veterinarian, who at the same time also takes the blood for DNA and does the outline drawing, description, and diagram markings issued in the EU (FEI) passport.

In 2008 the Austrian WAHO Trophy was awarded to the Reserve Champion in Dressage at the European Championships in Sports, Padrons Khen Saabi.

As regards promotion, we have shows which are the Austrian National Championships and also an International ‘A’ Show held in Wels in the end of May each year. This is run by run by VVÖ and also the Breeding Association and we see approximately 55 horses entered. These horses are also sponsored by the Austrian Breeding Association with money donations to make it more easy for the breeders to participate. In sports activities, these are very well organized in Austria, for 14 years we have held the Austrian Sports Championships under the rules of the Austrian National Riding Association, which is an FEI member and it is run by VVÖ. We have every year approximately 30 horses taking part. We will also have a Championships for Lower Austria too. The Austrian team at the European Championships for Sports shows approximately 20 horses and has been very successful.

We had approximately 15 Arabian races last year and we had 10 horses in training. The endurance rides are organized by the National Riding Association and we have 20 official endurance rides each year with approximately 20 Arabians in these rides.

Austria has been the host country for the European Championships for Sports Arabians for the last 8 years, in 2009 the dates will be July 30th to August 2nd, in the middle of Austria in the very famous riding and sport facility at Stadl Paura. The event includes all equine sports, including dressage to jumping, driving and western.

The Breeding Association has a home page on the internet which you can find at where you can get also all this information, including details of all our members and their horses together with horses for sale, free of charge for members, and a lot of information about sports and show results. Our Breeders Association has also created VVÖ Banners which are on several websites and displayed at shows and sports events to promote the Arabian horse.

Every second year we print a Breeders’ Catalogue, in which every breeder is listed together with all their horses and their contact details, this is free for anybody. We also have a library with about 150 books, which can be visited free of charge by our members, we also have a magazine called Araber Weltweit which contains a lot of information and which is free of charge for our members. The Breeders Association also founded, some years ago, a Riding Association, and this was a very good decision, membership is free for the sports competitors and they can enter our competitions free of charge as well, their entry fees are paid for by VVÖ. And as for the show horses there is a donation for every participant at the National Sports Championships as well, from the Association. Thank you for your attention.


The Austrian Arabian Horse Society Riding & Breeding Association has a total registered living stock of 1,309 horses which are in the possession of 349 members. 63 stallions and 172 mares were used for breeding in 2006. Within the two-year period of 2005 and 2006, a total of 209 foals were registered.

In 2005, 44 horses were exported and in 2006, 35 were exported. In 2005 we imported 38 horses, and in 2006 we imported 29.

Every two years a Breeders’ Directory is produced. Parentage verification of all foals is by DNA. We issue both Passports and Registration Certificates and we do use the UELN number system. Artificial insemination and embryo transfer are both accepted, although we do not allow multiple foals per mare per year by embryo transfer. Each year there are 3 Shows, 15-20 races and approximately 30 endurance rides. Arabian horses also take part in riding, driving, dressage, showjumping and western riding competitions.

In 2007 Austria registered 106 foals, they also processed 51 exports and 37 imports.

In 2008, Austria registered 105 foals, and recorded 36 exports and 8 imports. All foals are micro-chipped as of 1 January 2008, using the ISO-CHIP AEG. The main annual Shows are the Austrian National Championships and The International Show at Wels, as well as Sport Championships.

Trophy Winners

AL FAKHIR – 2018 Trophy Winner – Austria

AL FAKHIR, grey stallion, 2005 (Mahadin / Al Estrella)
Breeder/Owner: Al Hambra Arabians
Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869)

The Austrian Arabian Horse Breeder’s Association (VVÖ), is pleased to announce that the grey stallion Al Fakhir, owned and bred by Al Hambra Arabians, has been awarded their 2018 WAHO Trophy in recognition of his many excellent show results. Al Hambra Stud was founded by the Huber family in 1988 and is one of the biggest stud farms in Austria dedicated to the purebred Arabian. This is the second time one of their horses has been awarded the WAHO Trophy, which is a great achievement for any breeder.

L-R: Michael Huber, Al Fakhir, handler, Gerhard Huber, Anne Heiloo
photo: G. Waiditschka / IN THE FOCUS

These include:
2009: Senior Male Reserve Champion, Wels Austrian International A-Show; Senior Male Gold Champion, Exloo
2010: Wels Austrian International A-Show; Senior Male Gold Champion, Marbach; Class winner European Championships, Moorsele; 4th place World Championships, Paris
2011: Senior Male Gold Champion, Wels Austrian International A-Show; Senior Male Bronze Champion, All Nations Cup Aachen; 3td and Top 10 World Championships, Paris
2012: 2nd place Al Khalediah Horse Festival, Saudi Arabia
2013: Senior Male Silver Champion in both the National & International Shows, Wels.
2014: 2nd place, European AHO Championships, Chantilly

NAIN – 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

NAIN, Bay stallion, 2010 (Drug / Niya)
Breeder and Owner: Helmut & Elisabeth Chat, Chat Stud
Strain: Not Recorded, Family of Murana I (1808).

The Austrian Arab Horse Society has awarded their 2017 WAHO Trophy to the stallion Nain, in recognition of his excellent racing results in 17 races over three seasons.

Nain in May 2015 in the Dubai International Arabian Race Stakes, Duindigt

Nain started his racing career in Warsaw, Poland at the age of 3, taking part in some of the most competitive Stakes races for his age group. In 4 runs, he won his first race, was 4th in the Witez Stakes, 2nd in the Embargo Stakes and 5th in the Czort Stakes.

As a 4 year old he added a few more countries to his travels – the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. He was placed 8 times in 9 races over distances from 1300m to 2000m, including 2nd in the Duindigt Derby.

In 2015, now a 5 year old, he again raced in the Netherlands and Belgium, with 4 more runs, and was 3 times placed including in Group 3 races.

Through his dam line he is the product of several generations of breeding by the Chat Stud. His famous Tersk-bred sire, Drug, needs no introduction and his dam Niya, (by Dormane out of the home-bred Nur) whose own racing career was cut short by injury, has proved to be an excellent producer.

It is clear that this tall, good-natured and easy to handle stallion has showed his versatility, courage, speed and soundness and he is a worthy recipient of the 2017 WAHO Trophy for Austria.

Nain with Mrs. Elisabeth Chat

ESTELLA – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

ESTELLA, Bay mare, 1995 (Mezalians / Edycja)
Breeder: Rainbow Arabians
Owner: Mrs. Gabriele Wirth
Strain: Not recorded, family of Woloszka (ca. 1810)

The Austrian Arabian Horse Society awarded the 21 year old mare Estella with their WAHO Trophy for 2016.

The very talented Estella, of pure Polish bloodlines, was the ECAHO European Gold Champion in dressage in 2007, as well as winning the title of Austrian Champion in dressage several times between 2008 and 2011. She competed against other breeds up to S level and was definitely one of the most outstanding dressage Arabians in Europe. She also proved to be an excellent broodmare. Unfortunately, Estella passed away shortly before the planned public ceremony to present her with her well-deserved WAHO Trophy.

Austrian 2016 Trophy Winner Estella with rider Tina Tentschert on the way to win the Gold Medal at the European Championships 2007.
Photo: G. Waiditschka / IN THE FOCUS

Estella at the Austrian Championships where she won several titles.
Photo: Gudrun Waiditschka / IN THE FOCUS

The Austrian 2016 WAHO Trophy was awarded to the outstanding dressage horse Estella with rider Tina Tentschert.

EXQUISITE’S FANTASY – 2015 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

EXQUISITE’S FANTASY, Grey Stallion, *2002 (Gasir / Exquisite Shatana)
Breeder and Owner: Susanne Werth-Hofbauer, Exquisite Arabians
Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869)

The Austrian Arab Horse Society has awarded their coveted 2015 Trophy to the stallion Exquisite’s Fantasy, who has truly proved to be a great ambassador for the Arabian breed. The Trophy was presented at the 2015 Austrian National Championships Show in Wels, in front of an appreciative audience.

EXQUISITE'S FANTASY - WAHO Trophy Winner 2015 for Austria

EXQUISITE’S FANTASY – WAHO Trophy Winner 2015 for Austria
L-R: Breeder & owner Mrs. Susanne Werth-Hofbauer, trainer & rider Stefan Hirnböck, ringmaster at Wels Show Peter Urszovics
Photo: Doris Dobetsberger

Foaled in 2002, by Gasir (Motamid / Braken) out of Exquisite Shatana (IH Shaklan Pasha / Exquisite Design), the grey colt Exquisite’s Fantasy was the first foal born at the new premises of Exquisite Arabians, on the Klammhöhe in lower Austria. His breeder chose his good-moving sire in particular for his superb temperament, which his son has inherited. He grew into a beautiful, flamboyant and very correct young stallion and, at four years old, he won the title of Austrian National Champion Stallion in excellent company in Wels. Started under saddle that same year, this friendly and cooperative horse soon showed great promise and over the years his patient, correct and sensitive training has certainly been rewarded.

The partnership between Exquisite’s Fantasy and his rider, the talented Stefan Hirnböck, is now into its fifth year. Last year (2014) was the stallion’s most successful to date, beginning in February at the famous Stadl Paura where he impressed the evaluators and became licensed for warmblood breeding in Austria. In May he put on a brilliant show at the Pferd Wels event with excerpts from his S level dressage repertoire. (European S level is equivalent to Advanced in the UK system, and Fourth and Fifth level in the USA training scale). His performance impressed the gathered crowds who soon took him to heart as a firm favourite and, while at the event, he was also honoured by the VVÖ (Arabian Horse Association of Austria).

In August, he was presented at Styria, where the Trakehner Association approved and accepted him into their breeding books, allowing him to breed Trakehners. As Exquisite’s Fantasy is a tall Arabian at 1.60m, almost 16hh, he has a great deal to offer breeders of performance horses and his owner is delighted that he is now licensed with both breed societies.

The highlight of the year, however, came with his victory in the dressage arena at Aachen, Germany. It certainly made the long journey a worthwhile one! On the occasion of the traditional Nations Cup is a dressage event open to all breeds, as well as Arabians and part-Arabians. In the dressage M** (equivalent to Advanced Medium, or Third level), Exquisite’s Fantasy took the win with a clear 8.0 point lead over all other international competitors, be they Arabians or mixed blood horses.

EXQUISITE's FANTASY performing Dressage up to high level.

EXQUISITE’s FANTASY performing Dressage up to high level.

To end an excellent year, Stefan skilfully rode Exquisite’s Fantasy in the Horsebox Austria Cup, a high-class dressage cup for warmbloods, consisting of four competitions in the small tour S class in Austria. He placed tenth in the cup, scoring 64.211% in the first round, Prix St George, and 65.307% in the finale on the last day of the tournament in the FEI YR individual.
In the dressage world, Exquisite’s Fantasy is the big success story in the shape of a relatively small grey horse, standing between the big warmblood boys. He has such a big heart and the joy he brings to the team is indescribable. (Words by Susanne Werth-Hofbauer)

BAIKAL – 2014 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

BAIKAL, Chestnut Stallion, *1997 (Balaton / Kashmir)
Breeder: Mr. Emil Stark, Stark Arabians. Owner: Mrs. Petra Dries, Fronleitenhof Stud
Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Hagar, 1872)

BAIKAL, 2014 WAHO Trophy Winner, Austria

BAIKAL, 2014 WAHO Trophy Winner, Austria, with (left) the owner Petra Dries,
the rider Doris Pfann and daughter Leona Dries

The owner of the stallion Baikal was happy and proud about winning Austria’s WAHO Trophy for the year 2014. The award ceremony took place on the occasion of the Championships in Wels in front of a large and enthusiastic audience.

This lovely chestnut stallion of predominantly Russian bloodlines, with a touch of old English lines on the damline, has been most successful for many years in the popular discipline of western riding competitions. Between 2002 and 2009 Baikal competed every year in the European Championships, more than any other horse. This was with different riders. During that time he achieved 2 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals and 1 Bronze medal in Reining and Trail. Since 2005 has been owned by Mrs. Petra Dries of the Fronleitenhof Stud, situated in Lower Austria. He has found a most great horsewoman in his regular rider, Mrs. Doris Pfann.

He also competes in open competition against other breeds, winning the Open All Round Champion title at Wiener Neustadt in Austria in 2010 against about 100 competitors, mostly Quarter horses, which was a great achievement.

Baikal was named 2009 Arab of the Year in a survey among readers of the former German magazine ‘Araber Journal’. 25 horses have a wonderful home at the Fronleitenhof Stud, an Arabian breeding farm dedicated to the “Western Arabian”, where all the adult horses are competing in western riding competitions.

Baikal is an exceptional stallion, extremely confident and willing to perform. He enjoys his daily work, otherwise he is not happy. After three hours in the pasture, he stands at the gate wanting to be brought in to “do something” more fun. He always tries his best and particularly enjoys Reining and Trail work. Baikal now has numerous progeny in Austria and with his popularity spreading worldwide and semen even being shipped to the USA, this allows his proud owner to expect more promising foals by him in the future.

DSCHIHAD IBN MASSAFA – 2013 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

DSCHIHAD IBN MASSAFA, Chestnut gelding, *2001 (Ibn Kasr El Nile / Massafa Bint Rubina)
Breeder: Ferdinand Karpf, Karpf Arabian Stud, Owner: Ferdinand & Carmen Karpf
Strain: Kehailan Abu Argub (216 Semrie, 1896)

In 2013 this most appreciated Trophy was awarded to the gelding Dschihad Ibn Massafa. For many years this gelding has been the most successful horse in long distance riding ever bred in Austria – his parents were also bred by the Karpf family. His interesting pedigree is a classic blend of a high percentage of Egyptian lines, combined on the female line with some of the best old Polish, Marbach and Crabbet lines.

Dschihad Ibn Massafa started his athletic career on the racetrack, winning one race and placing 2nd in another, from 5 starts as a 3 and 4 year old. His training for long distance riding then started.

His major endurance achievements to date include 7 international CEI** starts in 5 countries, with 3 wins and 4 places, and several excellent results in the Young Rider competitions. His major achievements include the titles of Austrian State Champion in 2012, and Austrian Junior Champion in 2011. He has completed over 1,500 competitive kilometres without failure, and is now qualified to compete at the top level in CEI*** events. His main successes, ridden by either Sarah Maritschnig or Carmen Karpf, are as follows:

  • 2012: 2nd place CEI** Colle Umberto; 3rd place CEI** Sámorin; 1st place CEN 120km Aigen Schlägl Staatsmeister.
  • 2011 Ktn-LM Junioren: 1st place ÖM- Junioren; 3rd place CEIYR** in Babolna; 1st place CEI** 2x74km in Perugia
  • 2010: 3rd place CEIYR* Most; 3rd place CEN 80km in St.Valentin; 3rd place CEN 80km in Lienz
  • 2009: 1st place CEN 100km in Imst.

Carmen Karpf and Dschihad Ibn Massafa were presented with the WAHO Trophy at the Austrian Championships Show in Wels, in front of a great audience.

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Carmen Karpf and Dschihad Ibn Massafa

VALEROSO QAHIRA – 2012 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

VALEROSO QAHIRA, bay stallion, *2002 (L.M. Libretto / Bel Princess). Breeder and owner: Al-Qahira Stud, Martina Minhard. Strain: Hamdanieh Simrieh (Sambry, 1904)

This straight Spanish 10 year old stallion is performance tested and has 17 descendants worldwide.

This is the third WAHO-Trophy for the stud of Martina Minhard in Tirol/Austria. Since 1997, the Al-Qahira stud has been dedicated to breeding straight Spanish Arabians and is the largest stud farm with these bloodlines in Austria.

Exports and shipped semen to other countries, including overseas, bear witness to the success of this breeding programme, for many years now the most successful producer of performance Arabians within the Austrian Arabian Horse Society – VVOe

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Valeroso Qahira
Photo credit: Allesandra Sarti

DA KANDAHAR – 2011 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

DA KANDAHAR, Bay stallion, *2002 (DA Esstaan / Ravenna).
Breeder and Owner: Cornelia Kolnberger, Diamond Arabians.
Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania)

The stud was founded in 1993 with the purchase of Rawayeh. This small and refined bay mare, foaled in England in 1979, was a real stroke of luck and became the foundation mare of a successful, proven breeding programme. She is also the second dam of DA Kandahar. 44 foals have been bred by this stud up to and including 2010. At this time, there are 12 horses at the stud: one stallion, six mares, and five fillies.

DA Kandahar has been performance tested and won many championships at national and international level. He was best Austrian-bred stallion in 2004; in 2005 he was leased to Germany, where he was registered with a silver ribbon, and then leased for one season to Belgium.

The Austrian Registry offers its sincere congratulations to Diamond Arabians and hopes their breeding programme will continue to be as successful in the future as it has been so far.

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DA Kandahar

SHAMAL – 2010 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

SHAMAL, Chestnut mare, *1990 (Abha Harim (ES) / Abha Saira (ES)).
Breeder: Maria Mahl. Owner: Al-Qahira Arabian Stud.
Strain: Kehaileh Rodanieh (Rodania, 1869)

The Austrian Arabian Horse Society – VVOe – has just announced their 2010 WAHO Trophy winner, the 20 year old mare, Shamal.

This chestnut, straight Spanish mare is performance tested and has ten descendants through three generations.

Her 2000 daughter Espinosa Qahira by L.M. Libretto (winner of Austria’s WAHO Trophy 2007) is currently continuing the sports horse tradition of Martina Minhard’s breeding programme most impressively in open competition against all breeds, helping to bring the huge athletic ability and potential of the purebred Arabian to a wider audience.

Since 1997, the Al-Qahira stud has been dedicated to breeding straight Spanish Arabians. The farm currently owns 25 horses: 4 stallions and 9 mares, plus youngstock. It is the largest stud farm with these bloodlines in Austria. Exports and shipped semen to other countries, including overseas, bear witness to the success of this breeding programme, for many years now the most successful producer of performance Arabians within the Austrian Arabian Horse Society – VVOe.

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Shamal – Austia 2010 WAHO Trophy Winner

RIVA – 2009 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

RIVA, Chestnut Mare, *1993 (Narew / Rawayeh).
Breeder: Cornelia Kolnberger. Owner: Claudia Kolnberger.
Strain: Kehaileh Rodanieh (Rodania, 1869).

The VVÖ (Austrian Arabian Horse Society) is pleased to announce that the coveted WAHO Trophy for 2009 was awarded to the 16-year-old chestnut mare RIVA by Narew out of Rawayeh, bred by Cornelia Kolnberger and owned at the time of the award by Claudia Kolnberger. The Trophy was presented to Riva and her owner in a well received public ceremony at the International Show at Wels.

Cornelia Kolnberger founded her stud in 1993 with the purchase of Rawayeh, by Kais I out of Maleika, a graceful bay mare foaled in England in 1979. Rawayeh proved an exceptionally lucky find and became the foundation mare of a successful breeding programme. From 1993 to 1997, Rawayeh gave birth to four fillies and one colt. Her 8-year-old granddaughter DA Riviera continues this trend today with four foals since 2005, along with five foals out of Riva’s 1994 half sister, the brown Ravenna by Vympel. To this day, 40 foals have been born at the stud. There are now 14 horses at the farm, all descended in tail female line from the foundation mare Rawayeh, some in the fourth generation.

Riva herself is not only a treasure as a broodmare and winner of several championships in her younger years, she was also performance tested at Stadl Paura in 2003, where she was second among warmblood competitors. Riva has had ten foals since 1997, most of which have been very successful at shows and in sports. Because of her incredibly gentle disposition, she has also been used as a nurse-mare for orphaned foals.

Riva is a credit to Arabian breeding in Austria – the horses with the “DA” prefix, representing Cornelia Kolnberger’s Diamond Arabians, are known far beyond the borders of Austria and have found new homes in many countries including Ajman.

The VVÖ extends its sincere congratulations and best wishes to Riva and her owner for the future and many more successful years together.

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Anne Heiloo, VVÖ President, presents the WAHO Trophy to Claudia Kolnberger and Riva at the International Arabian Championship Show in Wels, May 2009.

PADRONS KHEN SAABI – 2008 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

PADRONS KHEN SAABI, Chestnut stallion, *1995 (Padrons Kadar/Alba).
Breeder and Owner: Mrs. Manuela Barta.
Strain: Managhi Hedruj of Ibn Sbeyel (Ferida, 1886)

Three wonderful horses were nominated for the WAHO Trophy – but only one would be able to win it! On the occasion of the Annual General Meeting of the Austrian Arab Horse Society on 23rd May 2008, the members elected the chestnut stallion Padrons Khen Saabi with a broad majority.

Manuela Barta, breeder for 22 years, recognized the talent for dressage in her exceptional stallion quite early and did not spare efforts nor costs to put him into training with notable riders, with the result, that they finally reached “dressage heaven”: On the highest level of Classical Equitation, the Prix St. George! But as if that was not enough, he also won against warmblood horses at dressage competitions of this level. This was – at least in Austria – a never before heard of phenomena.

At the presentation ceremony of the WAHO Trophy on the occasion of the National Show in Wels, Padrons Khen Saabi was presented to a big crowd in classical dressage in the most aesthetic manner by his rider Stefan Hirnboeck. Not only for the experts was this a very special moment with a touch of uniqueness – at least that’s how many spectators felt – the stallion was also a true ambassador for Austrian Arabian horse breeding at its best.

The VVOE congratulates Mrs. Manuela Barta for her success and wishes her many more years full of success with Padrons Khen Saabi.

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Photo by Erwin Escher: L-R: Manuela Barta, breeder and owner;
Padrons Khen Saabi with his rider: Stefan Hirnboeck;
right: Anne Heiloo; President, Austrian Arab Horse Society

LM LIBRETTO – 2007 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

LM LIBRETTO, Chestnut stallion, *1991 (Drago / Dadobia)
Breeder: La Movida Arabians, owner: Al-Qahira Arabians, Martina Minhard.
Strain: Not Recorded (Arabka de Pompadour).

Today, Al-Qahira Stud, founded in 1997 by Martina Minhard in Söll, Tyrol, is the largest stud for Arabians of Spanish bloodlines in Austria – it includes 25 horses: 3 stallions, 9 mares and youngstock. In only 10 years, which is a short time in breeding, Mrs Minhard managed to be awarded with the WAHO Trophy 2007 for the successes of her foundation stallion L.M. Libretto and those of his offspring.

L.M. Libretto is the sire of 15 foals and grandsire of 10 foals, among which his daughter Espinosa Qahira out of Shamal is the most successful sports horse in the stud so far, followed by GS Amorosa who has completed her performance test in racing at the Warsaw racetrack: 10 races (1/1/1/2).

To list all achievements of Espinosa Qahira and L.M. Libretto would exceed the attention of the readers – the greatest triumph of Espinosa Qahira, however, was her title of 2005 European Champion Classic All-Around at Stadl Paura. For this sensational sports result she was honoured with the cover picture of the magazine Araber Journal 8/2005.

The most important awards for L.M. Libretto are: Bronze medal Driving All-Around European Championship 2003 and European Reserve Champion Classic All-Around 2005 at Stadl Paura as well as winner of the get of sire class at the Danube Trophy 2004. He is also an excellent driving horse and he still to this day pulls the carriage or sleigh at home.

Next to L.M. Libretto himself, 3 mares and 1 stallion among his offspring are performance tested. The stallion Vendaval Qahira, born in 2002, did his performance test at Stadl Paura this year. The bay Valeroso Qahira out of Bel Princess is already a breeding stallion, he represents L.M. Libretto at shows and was awarded the National Junior Reserve Champion title in Wels 2003 and the International Junior Champion title in St. Pölten as well as placing Top 5 at shows in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. His full-brother Quirinal Qahira, born in 2004, was Reserve Champion Foal in Wels.

Until today, the stud has exported horses to Italy and Switzerland and owns at present the most horses within the Association of purebred Arabian breeders in Austria (VVÖ), who are constantly achieving the highest ranks in sports results.

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Mrs. Martina Minhard, owner and Mrs. Anne Heiloo, President of VVOE.
Photo by: Gutersohn

AL ALIHA – 2006 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

AL ALIHA, Black mare, *2000 (DWD Tabasco / Gahari).
Breeder and Owner: Gerhard & Michael Huber, Al Hambra Arabians.
Strain: Kehaileh Rodania (Rodania 1869)

The 2006 WAHO trophy was awarded for the second year by the Austrian Arabian Horse Breeder’s Association (VVÖ). The selection for this special trophy is made at the Annual General Meeting of the VVÖ, for which members receive proposals of several horses who have been successful in sports and/or shows with detailed results, and then they select their favourite in a secret ballot. This year’s winner was the mare AL ALIHA, bred and owned by Al Hambra Arabians Stud, which was founded by the Huber family in 1988 and today is the biggest stud in Austria dedicated to the purebred Arabian.

Al Aliha is the most successful national and international show mare in halter classes ever bred in Austria, she had achieved 201 points in the ECAHO life performance ranking by the time of the presentation of the trophy. To list all her successes would take too much space, but her most important wins were: European Reserve Champion Filly 2002; Top Ten Mare, World Championships 2005; Senior Reserve Champion Mare at Menton and Wels 2005.

During Austria’s 2006 show in Wels Mrs. Gabriele Hammerer who received Austria’s 2005 WAHO Trophy for TM Aikor, alongside Mrs. Anne Heiloo, President of the VVÖ, presented the WAHO Trophy for the year 2006 to Gerhard & Michael Huber, the breeders of Al Aliha.

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T.M. AIKOR – 2005 WAHO Trophy Winner – Austria

T.M. AIKOR, Chestnut stallion, *1995 (Mirok Monpelou / Aillura).
Breeder and owner Gabriele Hammerer, Ta Merij Arabians.
Strain: Kehailan Dajani (Mlecha).

On the occasion of the show in Wels with its many spectators, the VVÖ (Austrian Arab Horse Society) presented the 2005 WAHO Trophy to the most successful stallion bred in Austria. The proposal to honour this stallion was brought forward by the Board to its members at their Annual General Meeting and unanimously agreed upon.

At present, T.M. Aikor has a total of 20 offspring in Austria and others in Denmark and Germany. However, it was not his show ring successes or the number of offspring that were responsible for this distinction, but the continuous exceptional quality of his offspring and his corresponding quality as a sire. He is a highly decorated stallion at national and international shows (e.g. 1996: class winner at Wels International Show; Champion at Arabica with highest scores in all criteria; Senior Champion at the InterCup, and Champion of the Get of Sire class). Equally important, of his 20 foals five have already achieved championship titles, among them his firstborn foal T.M. Laguna (x Lady Annie), twice Austrian National Champion and named “Best Austrian-bred Mare” in 1999 and 2004. And finally, the prepotency of T.M. Aikor is even visible in his grand-get, such as T.M. Lawenda (Desant / T.M. Laguna), Champion at the InterCup 2003 and class winner at the Danube Cup 2004.

Broken to saddle and harness as a (not quite yet) three-year-old, T.M. Aikor is ridden out several times a week and not only does himself credit in that he is easy to ride, fast and absolutely reliable, he also is extremely endurable and of an unsurpassable fearlessness. Apart from that he is a very masculine, superior, but at the same time gentle stallion, who today, at the age of 10 years, does not take the show ring all that seriously anymore. The VVÖ once more congratulates Gabriele Hammerer on her stallion’s distinction, T.M. Aikor has set a high standard for awarding the WAHO trophy in Austria in the future.

Click to Enlarge - T.M. Aikor and his owner/breeder, Gabrielle Hammerer, are presented with their Trophy by Mrs. Anne Heiloo, President of the Austrian Arab Horse Society.

T.M. Aikor and his owner/breeder, Gabrielle Hammerer, are presented with their Trophy by Mrs. Anne Heiloo, President of the Austrian Arab Horse Society.