AREEJ – 2011 WAHO Trophy Winner – Jordan

AREEJ, Grey mare, *1995 (Jood / Atarah).
Breeder and owner: Royal Jordanian State Stud.
Strain: Hamdanieh Samerieh (Selwa I)

The charming 16 year old mare Areej is the well-deserved recipient of Jordan’s 2011 WAHO Trophy. The presentation was made during the 2011 Middle East Championships Show in Amman.

According to the citation which explains the reason that Areej won this prestigious award, she has been the most constantly patient and loving of the Arabian horses in the Growing Together project. This initiative started by the Princess Alia Foundation in Amman offers equine therapy for children on the autistic spectrum and for others with special needs. Areej, who is of predominantly ‘old Jordanian’ bloodlines with added Spanish lines, is never impatient or grumpy with the children, she has done so much not only for them and their families but also for the Arabian breed in general. Despite no special training herself she has taken to her new responsibilities with the generosity of spirit and inherent kindness that should be the hallmark of the true Arabian mare, with amazing results. She is not only helping the children, but also spreading the word of how horses can be great healers, and it is for this role as a superb representative of all that is best about the Arabian breed that she has been awarded the WAHO Trophy.

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Areej, 2011 WAHO Trophy winner, Jordan with Mr. Akbar,
Stud Groom at the Royal Jordanian State Stud.

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Areej with Mrs. Suha Eid, Secretary General, Royal Jordanian Equestrian Federation