AMAL IBN EL SHARAI – 2007 WAHO Trophy Winner – Switzerland

AMAL IBN EL SHARAI, chestnut stallion, *1987, (Bafran El Sharai / Lesilva).
Breeder: Susanne Kessler. Owner: Franziska & André Hirschi.
Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Jamila, 1927).

The Swiss Arabian Horse Society has the pleasure in announcing that they have awarded their 2007 WAHO Trophy.

For the WAHO Trophy 2007 two applications went from members of the Swiss Arab Horse Society to the SZAP Executive Committee. They had the possibility to vote for one of the two Bafran El Sharai sons, either Bafran El Shachad, 1985 (out of Libura) or Amal Ibn El Sharai, 1987 (out of Lesilva). Both are horses with a lot of successes in dressage and jumping competitions over many years.

60% of the votes were given for Amal Ibn El Sharai. Congratulation to his owners Fränzi and André Hirschi from Burgdorf. The Trophy presentation took place on the occasion of the SZAP Annual General Meeting 2008. In the picture: President of the Society Mr. Marc Gumy and owner Mrs. Franziska Hirschi.

The Swiss Arab Horse Society hope that this stallion, of Spanish, Egyptian and English bloodlines, with his big athletic ability will stay sound and continue to be active in the sport for some more years, helping to promote the Arabian breed to the public.

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Amal Ibn El Sharai
Photo: Gudrun Waiditschka

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President of SZAP, Mr. Marc Gumy and owner Mrs. Franziska Hirschi
Photo: Franja Stump.