AL GHARBE – 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner – Spain

AL GHARBE, 2003 Grey Stallion (Unicornio/Gujaira)
Breeder: Pedro Afán de Ribera y Ybarra
Owner: Eduardo Sanchez Delage
Strain: Hamdani Simri (Farja I, 1902)

AECCA have announced that they have awarded Spain’s 2016 WAHO Trophy to the exceptional endurance horse, Al Gharbe. His pedigree on both sides stretches back in direct lines through generations of the breeding programme of the Ybarra family: On the sire line he traces to Ursus (1908) born in Poland, imported by the Yeguada Militar in 1912 and sold to José María de Ybarra in 1928; and on the dam line he traces to the desert-bred mare Farja I (1902), bred by the Shammar tribe, imported in 1908 by Yeguada Militar and sold in 1920 to José María de Ybarra.

The 2016 WAHO Trophy winner from Spain, Al Gharbe.

Al Gharbe was the first horse in the Spanish endurance history to win the two most important contests: the Spanish Championship and the King’s Cup in the same year.
These are just some of his main achievements in top level endurance competitions.

  • 2010: Winner of the competition for young horses organized by AECCA together with the Agriculture Ministry within the Arabian horse selection scheme. CEI* 80 kms, for Arabian horses between 4 and 7 years.
    Advanced Level Debut: 7th position in “El Viso de San Juan – Casarrubios del Monte” (Toledo). CEI** international open 120 kms.
  • 2011: Andalusian Champion And Gold Medal in “XIX Raid Las Cañadas en Puerto Real (Cádiz)”. CEI** International open 120 kms.
    First Position and Winner of the Qatar Trophy in the “LIV Raid Hípico de Badajoz”. CEI** International open 120 kms.
    Spanish Champion, Gold Medal and Best Condition Award Winner by unanimous approval, in the “III Raid de El Paular en Rascafría (Madrid)”, with 77 participants. CEI*** International open 160 kms.
    First Position and Winner of the King’s Cup, in Casarrubios del Monte (Toledo). CEI*** International open 160 kms.

At the end of the 2011 season, he held first position in the Spanish national ranking of advanced endurance horses, with 865,5 points and 216,5 more points than the second qualified. The Spanish national ranking is composed of 343 horses of all breeds. He also held first position in the F.E.I. Meydan Open Combination World Ranking with his rider at the time, Jose Luis Ruiz Hidalgo, and second position in the Meydan Open Horse World Ranking with 400 points, only 38 points behind the first qualified. . The FEI ranking is composed of 4,307 international horses of all breeds.

He went on to more successes in his endurance career, including winning the CEI** 120 kms ride at Trebujena in 2013 and the CEI** 120 kms ride at Badajoz in 2015.

The 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner Al Gharbe